Cleopatra – episode 9

I closed my eyes as tears slid down my cheeks, jada explained how everything happened, soo, i checked wristwatch

“oh my God, i’m so late, i’m late”i cried, i sprung the soft bed in worries, mom is gonna be sooo worried and angry

“i can drive you home, if you don’t mind”reign said

“no don’t worry reign, i’m okay, very okay”i took my handbag

“or should i”mason asked

“c’mon mason, reign can take care of it”jada said
Jada is kinda like a ‘match-maker’ i’d say, she just loves seeing me and reign together

“i’ll take you home”reign said
Oh gosh mom would never like it
Reign esc-rted me to the passenger seat carefully, he drove off, there was an awkward silence btw us, i couldn’t know what to say, should i ask him how have he been or what? ok

“um… reign, how have you been?”i asked

“cool”he replied formally looking forward to driving, I have this strange feelings the way he replied me, his he angry or what?, reign i know never acted this way, or maybe he’s not in the mood.
Or his he not happy seeing me again?
I tried break out from the awkward silence, by putting up a joke

“any girlfriend?”i asked jokingly, he chuckled shyly still concentrating on driving

“yeah”he said and gave me a short glare

“oh this person must be really lucky to have a man like you”i said feeling jealous a bit, he could tell from the way i sound

“what a’ bout you”he asked

“um, not at all, it’s just complicated”i said feeling uncomfortable

“why?”he asked with a cute smile which made him look hotter, oh my, he asked me ‘why?’

“um…i… i haven’t find my taste”i said as i relaxed uncomfortably a bit

“what’s your taste?”he asked, oh God, why’s he asking, does he think i’m in a broken relationship

“um…never mind so who’s this lucky girl?”i asked expecting wordings from him

“well you don’t really wanna know”he said with a smile

“why?”i asked in confusion

“coz, it’ll shock you”he said

“nothing shocks cleo”i said

“well… dear… it’s kylie”he said, i was so shocked.
“K…K..Kylie?”I stammered

“hell yeah”he said and smirk cutely, i feel completely motionless, i couldn’t breathe

“hey! are you okay”he said waving his fingers to catch my attention

“ah, s…sorry, i really don’t know you were in love with kylie”i asked sadly

“yeah, i’ve been cheating on you before you left”he said smiling jokingly, My heart felt relieved i knew he was just joking

“don’t joke around reign” i said and he bursted out in laughter

“you got me”he said

“pheww, that was a relieve”i said wiping off my sweats

“don’t be scared i’m here”he said as he parked in front of my house

“oh…thanks for the ride”i said as i got down from his car

“err…cleo!”he called me

“sweet dreams”he said as i smiled in

“or should i say ‘hi’ to your mom?”he asked

“oh never mind, she’s quite busy”i lied, i don’t want my mom to know reign brought me home

“ok! good night”he said and turned to his car

“goodnight”i replied and he drove off
I stood outside as i saw reign pulled in the drive way, he winked at me, then i waved, i unlocked the door, i got in “wow, they slept early, i guess” refering to mom and aunt shade, i shrugged and kept my bag on the couch

“miss why the hell are you late”a voice said as i flinched, i turned back, shit! it was mom

“mom, you just scared the hell out of me”i cried

“sorry my dear, i was just worried about you, and who drove you home?”she asked curiously, folding her two hands across her chest

“urrh…that was just a friend”i lied

“a friend? anyway just be careful you don’t move closer to the allens”she said walking of my sight, i felt so bad
I got to my room, i freshened up, i took a rest, i could remember every single words reign and i discusses “oh my God, he’s getting more rom-ntic” i said happily and buried my face in the pillow, “i guess i should try to be flirty with him, reign is just f-ckINGLY HOT!, i just wish we spend the night together, i can’t resist his handsomeness.
I thought of reign as fell asleep
It was Saturday, my phone rang, and the caller ID was ‘reign’, OMG!, reign is calling me, i cleared my throat well, then i clipped the call with a smile
“hey reignie”

“hey cleo, how was your night?”he asked

“um…t’was cool, really cool”i said

“i guess you’re free today?”he asked straightly, which makes me felt like electric shock was sent to my body

“yeah…i’m free…very free”i said

“ok? can we hangout?”he asked, oh, that’s a big offer ‘hangout’

“yeah, yeah, we can, sure”i said

“Ok then, i’ll come pick you up”he said

“no no no never mind, i’ll just prefer i come to meet you at t-junction

“o…ok then, few more minutes”he said and hung the call

Oooh, what a relieve, and….we are finally getting used to each other, and wait a minute…MY OUTFIT, did i got what to where?

Hmmm…love in the air, reign is finally getting cleo’s heart, NO WAY!, not while i still breathe on this planet.
I heard reign and cleo’s conversation, i heard them all, and this is never gonna happen, mrs.allen must be my weapon to get rid of cleo and her miserable family
I drove off to mrs.allen’s office, i got in and sat on the mini-sofa

“hey mrs.allen”i greeted her

“oh my dear future daughter-in-law, how have you been? i’m quite busy now but it’s you, i’ll sacrifice my precious time to you kylie, and what is it? did reign misbehaves again?”she asked anxiously

“yes mrs.allen, reign likes cleo, and i really need you to get rid of her”i said loudly

“oh calm down kylie, and by the way, who’s cleo?”she asked in confusion

“cleo knowles, the girl you drove out from your house ten years ago, the daughter of theresa knowles”i said

“ohh! yeah i can remember now, so you mean she’s back here in london?”she asked furiously

“yes mrs.allen she’s back few month ago, and she’s ready to steal reign from me”i stormed

“then i need to get rid of her”she said smirking devilishly

~ CLEO ~
I surfed through my closet, i searched for my best outfit, i really need to look cool today, well, it’s not a date, it’s just an outting with some freaky hot ass.
I heard the door of my room unlocked, oh it’s mom
“hey mom”i said applying my makeup sets

“off to somewhere?”she asked sitting on my bed

“hmm…not really it’s just for fun”i said looking at my beauty mirror

“well, i’m afraid it’s not a date”she said

“oh mom, i really need to go, bye! luv ya!”i said pecking her cheek
I got to the t-junction, i saw Reign’s car approaching, he got down from it. OMG, is this reign, he’s so handsome, he wore a white bodyhug polo with a knicker that reached his knee’s top, his sunglasses glitters publicly
“hey Cleo!”he said

“hey Reign, you look so..”i stuttered

“hot, thanks, let’s just move on”he cuts in, he didn’t even let me complete my statement, he’s so full of himself, but…hot
We got to a big lux shopping mail, it’s a complex for different affairs.
We did alot of shopping, it’s practically a date but i never took it out. We arrived at a snack cafe
“two chicken pie, with a strawberry creamed milk quartered with a chocolate for two please”Reign ordered, we were served i cut my pie as we ate, i knew Reign had something to tell me, i pretended everything was fine, but not comfortable
“oh God, my am i sweating, the chicken pie is badly hot”i said fanning myself with my fingers

“maybe it’s becoz, you have something to tell me”he said and winked at me as he threw a crumb of pie in his mouth

“well nothing… everything is fine, i’d say”i said

“Ten years ago…”he paused
Oh he’s trying to recall back the past
“…you told me you love me”he said randomly

“umm…yeah, i…”i stammered

“never mind, i just…w.ant you to know that i’m still waiting”he said as he drinks

“oh yeah, i’ll look into that, sir”i said shyly

I picked up my phone and dialed an unknown number
“did you find them?”i asked

“yes madam”said unknown voice.
~ CLEO ~
We took our leave, it was quite a great day, i bumped into reign’s car feeling tired, he got in and pulled in the drive way
“you OK?”he asked

“yes i am, thanks”i said looking outside the window, every moments with him is always awkward

“why are you still a spinste?”he asked as he drives
What! why will he asked that type of question?

“um…it’s just that, i’m…”i stammered

“oh sorry i must have bothered you”he said

“no no you never, it’s just that whenever i’m around you, i feel safe, despite the fact that it’s not safe”i said, he was speechless, he parked his car i found out that i’m home, i got down from the car and went straight then turned back, i bowed my head saying: “thanks for today”, he moved closer to me, his broad chest was touching mine, he moved hir head closer, our lips is centimeters apart, i could feel his breathe, then my phone rang making me change the direction of my head
“hello jada”
“is my brother there? tell him we got a problem”

“Oh gosh, jada i’m on my way, now”reign said as he hung the call

“are you okay?”i asked

“yes yes i’m fine it’s just some minor things i need to take care of, i’ll call you, i promise”he said and drove off, i hope it’s not a bad thing
I sighed and thought of the last moment, i covered my mouth, what if he has done it?
I walked in and saw mom in the sitting room, resting on top of the couch, i put down my bag and m-ssaged her feet, then she woke up
“hey mom”

“oh cleo, i should be the one doing that to you, how was your day? and date?”she asked smiling

“oh mom, stop that, lol, it’s not a date”i said jokingly

I got down from my car, jada approached me hurriedly
“kylie has really gotten drunk, she said if she doesn’t see you, she’s gonna committ suicide by jumping off the roof”jada said as we both headed to the roof, Oh God, kylie is really giving me a hard time
I got to the roof, she was standing by the extreme edge of the roof, she was holding a cup.
She was holding a cup of wine, she was barefooted
“oh my dear reignie, you are here?”she said drunkily

“what the hell are you doing there kylie”i asked

“oh, me? lol, just having fun, i really want to you tell me Reign Allen, do you love me?”she asked, oh gosh, what the hell is this, why is she doing this

“look kylie, we’ll discuss about that later,just please come down, please”i pleaded

“oh really, if you don’t wanna answer my question, then you’ll have to k-ss me first”she said, oh no no, what’s all this

“kylie, please stop this”i pleaded, then an idea got in me

“k-ss me Reign Allen, k-ss me”she winced

“ok let me move closer to you”i said and moved closer to her, my lips almost touched hers’ but i grabbed her down

“what do you think you are gonna do?”i asked her and drove her in

“let me go Reign Allen, lnt go of me!”she said and snatched her hands from me
“is it becoz of that slutty-wh-re cleo? ugh?”she asked roughly

“stop this kylie, please stop this” i said.

“answer me Reign Allen, no answer? is it becoz of that girl?”she cried

“kylie i guess you drank much”jada said taking her hands but she just slipped it away

“Reign Allen, remember i’m your FIRST LOVE and your SOULMATE, i’m irreplaceable in your heart”kylie cried

“fine…i love someone else, that’s final”i yelled

“WHO? Reign Allen answer me, who? cleo? YOU ARE A GODDAMN FOOL”kylie said and ran out of his sight

“oh dear Lord, kylie?”reign called

~ CLEO ~
I woke up the following morning, mom and aunt shade had to pay a short visit to nigeria today, i’ll be the only one left
Few Hours Past, there flight departed. Now i’m all alone in this house, what should i do? invite jada? huh, i can’t it’s like i’ve betrayed mom, huuuuh, i yawned i’m so tired
Few mins later, my phone rang, the number was unknown, who could it be?
“helo cleo, do you know who’s on the line?”
“sorry i have no idea”

“it’s mrs.allen, Reignie’s precious mom”
“oh mrs.allen”

“just keep shut let’s meet”


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