Cleopatra – episode 10

~ CLEO ~
I ended the call, what could mrs.allen be calling me for? oh God i hope there’s no problem, i’m kinda scared now, i know she’s very capable of evil thing, i thought these to myself, well…maybe she has something to discuss
I woke up the following morning, my phone rang, oh it’s mrs.allen, she reminded me of our appointment, i took a quick bathe and left. We met at a restaurant, i sighted her from the edge of the french louvre, i got there
“good morning ma”i said bowing my head

“good morning you too, take your seat”she replied harshly

“ma’am y…”i said as she cuts in

“i’ll give you this genuine last warning, stay away from my son, or else, you’ll suffer in hell, and by the way, you left nigeria with your family, to work in my company?!, what a big fool you are, suffering is your portion”

I looked down with tears across my face as she left in anger. who is she to talk to me that way?, am i that low? i bursted out in tears, how could she?

I walked out of the restaurant in embarassment, i was completely lost in thought, i walked through the streets, i couldn’t board a bus coz i feel bad
My phone rang, i didn’t bother to check who it was, it kept on ringing till i checked, it was Reign 45 missed calls, it rang again but i didn’t bother to pick it

I called Cleo now, but she isn’t picking, what could be going on, she isn’t also replying to my text messages, what could be wrong, i took my car key and my jacket and left for her house
Few mins later, i got to her house, i pressed the alarm bell but noone responds

~ CLEO ~
I wonder who is at the door at this hour, i sprung up my bed to check who it was
“who’s there?!”i asked

“cleo it’s me, Reign”he said Oh it’s Reign, i’m not gonna open up
“we have no business, just get out!”i cried

“cleo please open up, i need to explain, don’t you think of what anybody might say to you”he said

I recalled what mrs.allen said that he already has a lover, i got more angry.
“Just stay away from me, or else i’ll call the cops”i yelled

“Cleo please! open up”he said

“No, i’m never gonna open up”i yelled folding my hands, leaning behind the door, then soon, rain started falling, I couldn’t hear Reign’s voice anymore, so i became worried
“Reign you OK? are you there?”i asked but no response, then i opened the door, suddenly he crushed his l-ips on mine slowly and passionately, i couldn’t resist it, i folded my hands around his neck, i jumped on him and wrapped my legs around his wa-ist, i locked the door, i gave a soft mo-n as he k-sses me through my neck, then i pushed him away
“That was a mistake”i said frowning

“well Cleo Knowles…i love you and you’re mine now”he said and gave me a the softest k-ss, i was so carried away, i didn’t know when we landed on my bed, he rubbed his hands through my wa-ist
“stop it Reign”i said

“ok ma’am”he said as we both smiled
“i guess you’re still fresh”he asked smirking

“i’m just scared to loose it”i said shyly

OMG! what charm did he use, that was a big mistake
“OK Reign, that was a mistake, it’s just a big mistake”I said

“a mistake? how?”he asked

“It is very wrong to start that type of a thing now”I said

“hahaha… you’re an adult Cleo…or don’t you trust me?”he asked

“no Reign, what we are about to do then, i’ve never done it before, and…”I said

“And what?”he asked holding my two hands

“and i don’t think s*x before marriage is a good thing”i said shyly

“psst(chuckled) ok dear, i’ll retrieve from that”he said as he stood up to my fridge

“Anything?”i asked him

“nooo!, i just wanna get chocolate juice to make me smile”he said and i giggled

“wow, check the first row”i said and he took it, he sat opposite me looking straight into my eyes with blue eye

“what?”i asked in fun

“is there anything bothering you?”he asked sipping his chocolate juice
I never grew intention of telling Reign what exactly happened btw me and his mom, i don’t want trouble, i better keep shut!
“Nothing, nothing”i stammered

“You sure?”he asked

“yes, i’m OK”i said

I went downstairs in search of Reign, but i couldn’t find him, where could he be? i asked Jada, but she ignored… who cares, My phone rang, oh it’s mitch
“hey loser”
“hey girl, the task is complete, all you need to do is to sign, then we can demolish the building”he said

“ok my dear, let’s demolish it tomorrow”I said with a big evil smile on my face
Cleo is gonna ever regret of snatching my Reignie, oh i need some fresh ventilation, i’m gonna report this to Reign’s mom, i laughed out loud and bumped into a fresh guy, oh oh
“you okay?”mason asked
“yeah i am”i said and he moved, whatever

I stood up my bed, Reign was laying on the sofa in the, i checked my phone, 14 missed calls, 10 from mom, 4 from aunt shade, i called them to confirm what’s wrong, i called them only to find out how i was faring, i’m no more a baby.
“We have a party and you are invited”Reign said, what? then his phone rang
*On The Phone*
“Hey… kylie”he said unwillingly, he minded the look on my face and puts in a loud speaker
“what?”he asked kylie on the phone

“oh my dear Reignie nothing much sweetheart, just hope you’d bring Cleo to the party”kylie said, what does she have in mind

“Thanks for your concern, i get it bye”he said as he hung the call

“Kylie, shd wants me there?!” i asked

“yeah, but never mind i’ll be with you all around”he said and i nodded reluctantly

Hahaha, can’t wait to execute my plan, Cleo, you are kinda dead now, hahaha, mrs.allen must know about this, now Cleo, you gonna know the type of person Reign is, hahahaha

I have a bad feeling i shouldn’t go to that party what, oh God held me o, please help.

I dressed up in a mini pink gown, i wore a pink hill also, cuts my hair in brunette coz i’ve wanted to cut my hair short, i took my purse and went to the, Reign was on the sofa pressing his phone, then i alerted him
“How i do i look mr.allen”i asked blissfully

“OMG! you look fab mrs.allen”he said

“what?? mrs.allen? gosh Reign, we are not even couples yet”i said and rolled my eyes

“lol, it’s no big deal calling my girlfriend my surname”he said
What? did he just call me his girlfriend? wow!
We left the house like newly married, he’s been in my house since last night, isn’t crazy, yes! it’s crazy coz, if my mom is home, i wouldn’t have this chance
We pulled in the drive-way and drove-off, i was so scared and nervous, that house was like me recalling HELL, well, wait a minute… mason, i really miss us, i’ve been snubbing his presence, whenever he calls, i will surely have an excuse, brhhh, i really miss him, well, all thanks to Jada, the match-maker, for Reign’s wisdom.
We got to the allen’s residence, it is more beautiful than before, i got down from Reign’s car, i saw different ladies and gents, they must be the rich type, i became more shy
“heyy, you OK?”Reign asked

“yeah i am, it’s just…… um never mind”i said

“oook then! shall we?”he said stretching out his arm like he’s my guest of honour or like i’m a princess

“stop it Reign”i said shyly

“ok ma’am”he said smiling

“actually what’s this party for?” i asked curiously

“well… it’s my mom’s birthday”he said

“oh… right”i said
We moved in, everywhere was designed expensively with different designs, wow, they must have spent millions of dollars on it
“you like it?”Reign asked

“yeah yeah, it’s really cool”i said

“you know what? i wanna go freshen up okay?”he said

“oh ok, you should i get it”i said and he pecked and left
Oh gosh, i really hate being alone in a place like this, i really hate it now, i need to find Jada to keep me company, everyone here are of high.
Oh, i hate beig alone on this kind of occasion, i gotta call Jada
I brought out my phone from my purse, i surfed through it, i wasn’t paying attention to my steps, then i bumped into someone, spilling wine on his white suit, he held my wa-ist pressing my butt, who could this be? mason?
“mason? how the hell did…”i asked as he bored his cute eyeballs into my pupil, i was short of words, i felt like i’ve forsaken him, he looks lonely
“hey pretty”he said smiling

“um…would you please let go of my butt?”i asked

“oh sorry, it was mistake, how have you been? are you okay”he asked, i really miss him

“fine, fine thanks”i said he was about to talk, then kylie got on stage to propose a toast

“Hey Ladies And Gentlemen, It A Graceful Delight Of Attending My Mother-in-law Birthday Party”
what? did she just say mother-in-law? who could she be dating Reign Or Mason?


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