Dirty Game

Dirty Game (episode 9)

© Adebiyi Demola

I was physically and emotionally disturbed when I waited for her call but didn’t see her brake light, and then decided to call her while she refused to pick it up.
When it was around 8:55pm that very day, my phone started ringing and quickly looked at the screen to check if it was her, but it was an unknown number.
I picked it up without hesitation…
“hello, is this Afeez please?”
“yes, I am Afeez. Who’s this please?” I replied in an effort to recognize the voice, when he spoke out again.
“It’s me Demola, your paddy”, he muttered.
“oh oh, ,Demmy how far now?” I asked, even when I was surprised that why is he calling me at the late hours of the day and not using his number.
“Where are you?” he curiously asked.
“I’m at home right now. Any gist?” I inquired.
“You know what? You will have to vacate your house immediately in order to avoid being arrested!” he exclaimed rushing to hang up, but I quickly ask him to hold on…
“wait wait, what’s the problem, what happened?” interrupting him just before he hung up.
“Based on what I heard, Zainab was found almost lifeless in her room bleeding heavily. It was discovered that she aborted and she has been brought to my father’s clinic. And it seemed her father has ordered for your arrest”, he explained and hung up.
His last word hit me hærd which got me shocked and almost collapsed at what he just disclosed.
My mood was destabilized and I didn’t know the next line of action to seek redress.
I stood at akimbo and I didn’t know when I started crying. Suddenly, I heard a knock on the door which got me shocked and sent a cold down my spine. I started p-nting and quickly hide at the back of the door. I heard the knock again and a voice followed…
“Afeez, kilode? Silekun jare”, it was grandma which means “Afeez, what happened? Open the door”.
Then, I became calm and quickly wiped the tears and pretended as if nothing has happened. I opened the door for her and she sat on my bed asking me what the problem was. She was too precious to me and it was hærd for me to hide anything from her, so I explained everything to her.
She was highly disappointed in me and wept for my mistake. She asked me to pack immediately that very night and find somewhere to hide so as not to get arrested.
When I was ready to flee, her eyes was saturated with tears and she hugged me so tight and then dissolved into tears. I was touched and I started weeping too. I felt like staying with her, but she released me and prayed for me.
I later summoned courage like a gallant soldier and left the house without heading to any particular destination.
I called Demola’s number but it was not available and I decided to go directly to his house since it was dark and fortunately for me, I met him at home.
He asked me on how it happened which I explained to him and he counseled me to leave the town as early as possible because Zainab’s dad was very wicked and he could do anything to get me eliminated due to what has happened to his one and only child.
On hearing that, my heart started pounding heavily and had a restless night due to the challenges ahead of me.
Very early the following day at about 5:05am, I left the town for Ibadan.
When I got to Ibadan, I looked for my sister who was also struggling for survival and got her informed about the situation on ground. She seemed carefree and less concerned about me.
Then, that was when I decided to put a call to grandma…
She picked up the call but it was a man’s voice. I dropped the call so as to confirm if I have dialed the right number, and yes I was correct. Then, I re-dialed it and it was that same voice.
“Hello, who am I on to?” I asked with a great concern.
“This is sergeant Sunday from Apa police station, division 2, speaking on behalf of Iya Afeez”, he answered.
I was shocked to hear that grandma has been arrested just because of the issue.
“But what has she done to deserve that? How dare you arrest an elderly innocent woman?” I questioned aggressively.
“Hear this fool! You had better show up before it is too late for you” he said in concise way.
I was short of words and then hung up the call.
“You have landed Maami into trouble through your stupid act abi” my sister said while I looked at her with horror eyes.
She took her phone and called grandma’s number again and pleaded to the sergeant to let her speak with her and which he allowed.
She (grandma) told my sister not to let me show up, that she is ready to bear whatever comes out of it. My sister was not satisfied with her decision and hung up the call angrily.
After three days, my sister decided to go home in order to check her (grandma) and she came back to Ibadan with sad news which landed me in hospital.
“When I got home, I went straight to Zainab’s dad and pleaded to him to set Maami free and which he did by giving me a letter to the police station, but when I got there, I learnt that she has been mistakenly taken for a woman who killed her husband just because he didn’t take her out for valentine. And an attempt was made to correct the mistake, but she had been hanged to death before the correction could be made” she explained and busted into tears.
When I heard that, I slumped and fainted.
I woke up after some hours and still can’t believe grandma has gone to the land of no return. I cried bitterly not because of anything, but because I was responsible for her death.
“Yah Allah, forgive me for not letting her reap the fruits of her labour and being responsible for her death by hanging”, I prayed and asked for forgiveness.
It took me some days before I could recover.
Aftermath, I decided to put a call to Zainab, but her lines were switched off and likewise childhood friend’s (Demola) number. The life became misery because I didn’t know if she survived it or not, but I later motivated myself and learned to move on.
I started another way of life and lost my phone in the process, I got another line neglecting the former one. I applied for direct entry into a federal university and which I was admitted.
After a year, my sister got married and relocated to Osogbo while I was still schooling in Ibadan. I later joined her in Osogbo where she secured me a placement for my Industrial training (IT).
That was how I lost Zainab’s contact and met Taiwo, the banker.
It was a cool Sunday morning. I got a message from Taiwo and when I read through, it happened to be the address she promised to send and that reminds me that I have an appointment with her by 12:00 noon that very day.
I quickly engaged myself in some domestic works at home and later dressed up in line with the preparation for her house.
I appeared in my favourite colours which were white and black, a well ironed white T-shirt and a black pair of trousers with black shining shoe. I checked my dressing in a standing mirror and it was classic.
“Yeah, Afeesco, you are good to go”, I said to myself, and then informed my sister I am going out.
“Hmmm! This look is charming o. I’m very sure you are visiting your girl today. Wait, wait, let me give you a nice shot”, she said and quickly brought out her Smartphone and snapped me. I looked at the picture and, I was attracted by the picture. I left the house and trekked a bit before I could get a bike. I described where I was going for the Okada man and he claimed he knows the place and we agreed on a particular amount.
I checked at my golden wrist watch and it was almost noon, then, my phone started ringing. I looked at the screen and it was Taiwo, then I picked it up…
“Hello dear, are you not coming again?” she asked.
“Am on my way”, I replied.
“Really?” she asked anxiously.
“Yes nah. You suppose to have been hearing the sound of the bike nah”, I replied.
“Yeah! yeah! Thenks dear. Expecting you o” she said happily.
“Alright, I will soon be with you”, I said.
“I can’t wait o”, she replied.
“Ok o o o”, I said and allowed her to drop the call.
“Here I come” I said to myself, standing opposite a yellow bungalow house doing nothing but contemplating whether to go in or not because I was expecting her to wait for me outside. I stared at the window hoping to catch a glimpse of the one I was seeking but saw nothing.
Although my instinct urged me to turn back when I thought about the memory I spent with Zainab but eventually my heart couldn’t just allow me. The door bell rang melodiously when it felt my touch. I waited for a reply but I didn’t hear one until the second time when a feminine voice spoke from the in,side.
A few minutes later, when the door was opened, I was stunned by the sight I behold, the figure standing before me was that light skinned damsel with an extravagance attire. Her charming smile was so sumptuous like that of Zainab which took me to her memory lane.
The surprise on her face was enormous when she saw me; we stood staring at each other for seconds before I broke the silence. ‘Hello Taiwo, it’s nice seeing you’ I greeted.
‘Oh Abdulafeez, is this the real you? You are seriously looking good. Oh my goodness!” she shot arrows of flattering words before I was ushered in.
“How are you doing?” I asked looking into her pale face.
She ignored my question and went in,side. She came back moments later with two cups containing a bluish liquid and offered one to me which I rejected. She looked at me weirdly and rolled her eyes…
“Are you feeling shy or what? Don’t tell me you are not taking anything o”, she said.
“Don’t mind me jawe. I’m just ok for now but promise you to take something before I take my leave”, I replied.
I wondered if what I said was special when she stood up happy, sat at the edge of the chair where I was sitting and offered me a nice peck on my cheek.
The peck sent a cold down my spine and my heart melted. I wan
ted to turn to her just to look at her face when my eyes noticed that her skirt ridden up to her mid-th-gh! She was presenting me an up skirt while looking at her pale th-gh, “This lady is beautiful, I had to say and she has a body to kill. The camisole top she had over her upper half was crimson red and dropped rather low, giving me the deepest cle-vage I had ever seen” I thought in my mind and I had to quickly pull away my eyes and control myself. I finally looked at her face while she smiled and winked at me. Though, I was in love before, but didn’t know what came over me that particular moment. I frowned at her and changed my seat.
She was shocked and confused. She joined me on my new seat..
“What’s wrong? What have I done wrong? Or was it because of my attitude? I reacted that way just because am in love with you and seriously in need of you. I was expecting you to reciprocate the feelings. I’m not an unserious type and I am ready to settle down with you and deliver all my kids to you. I have been praying and waiting to see a man like you and I believed my prayer has been answered, so please and please, don’t turn me down”, she confessed out of worried, written all over her face while she was on her knees holding my hands.
In fact, the way she reacted enabled me to know how effective the power of love is. I looked into her eyes and I saw a gentle love like dove.
Love is as powerful as death; it drives people crazy while some have even lost their lives because of it.
I was convinced with her actions and words which forced me to open up to her about my past relationsh¡p with Zainab.
“Each time I remember grandma’s death, I become sad and felt like not engaging in any relationsh¡p again”, I added.
She tried to convince me further to forget about my past and try to move on.
In fact, she was really endowed because her words were so inspired.
She looked at me out of sympathy for some minutes and before I know it, her l-ips came crushing against mine. Our tongues fought the war of supremacy as we twisted, entwined and entangled it in action. I knew where it was heading to but I couldn’t stop myself. I wanted the s€× because its being long I have had it and I was no more a novice in the act. I lifted her feet as our l-ips was still enlaced in action, carrying her as we both found our way to unknown destination, dropping one piece of clothing here and there. We were almost unclad when we got to her bed.
My hands reached for her two bare bosoms, as I gently car-ssed them, sending shock waves down her spine, making her mo-n softly.
I was not a professional in the act, neither was I a V-rgin.
She carefully zipped down my trousers, making me completely unclad and took my joystick into her hands…

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