Dream chapter 56 – 57

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Summer Gold R.

{ THE PARTY(2) }

There was total silence between them after Henry’s confession

“Say something,your silence is killing me” Henry muttered,staring deep into her eyes

“Are you crazy?” Teresa asked softly and Henry’s hand fell from her shoulder

“Crazy? You think I’m crazy? You think this is all a joke?? Why?” He asked

“Coz you’re nothing but a silly playboy you idiot! Are you trying to mess with me? Are you?!” Teresa yelled angrily and pushed his chest,Henry grabbed her tightly

“If you’re worried about that,then just give me a chance to show you how much I love you,I’m going to change…”

“I don’t care if you change or not,keep your love to yourself,I don’t like you!” Teresa snapped and Henry stared at her with sadness in his eyes

“Stay away from me” Teresa muttered and turned to leave but Henry grabbed her hand again

“You’re hurting me with your words….”

“I said I don’t give a damn” Teresa said,glaring at him

A hand suddenly pulled Henry back from her and Teresa turned to see Oliver and Xavier

“You should go sis” Xavier smiled at her

Teresa rolled her eyes and walked away,her heels making sounds while Henry stared at her until she was out of sight

Xavier and Oliver stood in front of him

“Hey,are you crazy?” Xavier asked with a frown

“Why?” Henry asked

“That’s our sister you bastard?! Does this even make any f**king sense to you?!” Oliver said loudly with an angry glare on his face

“Not my fault that I fell in love with her” Henry said bluntly and Xavier moved forward to hit him but Oliver was fast enough to pull him back

“Love? Did you just said love??” Xavier asked unbelievably

“I’m sorry okay? But I’ve tried too much to control myself,now I can’t do that anymore……”

“Are you saying,you’ve been crushing on her all along without our knowledge?” Oliver asked and Henry nodded

“Hey!!!! Do you want to die?!!!” Xavier yelled,struggling out of Oliver’s grip

“Calm down” Oliver said

“Calm down?? This fool is hitting on our big sis and you expect me to calm down?? Gosh I badly want to destroy his face” Xavier groaned and rough his hair

“I’m sorry but…..nothing can change my mind. I love her and I’m going to make her love me back,you can hit me when that happens” Henry muttered and walked away

“That motherfucker” Xavier said after Oliver released him

“Geez” He roughed his hair more and turned to Oliver who was quiet

“Why the f**k are you so silent? Shouldn’t we just kill that fool?” He asked and Oliver sighed

“He’s in love with her…”

“God forbid” Xavier cut him off

“Nothing is going to change his mind” Oliver said

“So now what? Are you saying you’re in support of that?” Xavier frowned

“No I’m not,but I think we shouldn’t get involve and allow Teresa handle it on her own” Oliver said

“She doesn’t like him,she can’t like him,she will never like him and I will not support them if ever she date him,never” Xavier said

“Why? You’ve been f**king people’s sisters too” Oliver said and Xavier gave him a playful punch which made them laugh

“This is driving me crazy,for real” Xavier muttered

“Don’t worry,I don’t think Teresa will reciprocate his feelings,he might give up later” Oliver said

“He better do,I’m going to kill him” Xavier scoffed


Jocelyn was sitting alone,she’s been looking around to see if Oliver shows up or not,she couldn’t find Tyler either since their entrance when she saw him briefly.

“Hello” She heard a voice and she looked up to see Teresa smiling at her

Jocelyn immediately got up

“Hi” She said with a short bow and Teresa smiled more

“Teresa,I don’t know if that brat said anything about me” Teresa said and Jocelyn shook her head,it’s true,Oliver never said anything about his family to her

“I knew it,I’m going to break his head” Teresa scoffed and Jocelyn chuckled

“Well I’m Teresa,the twins big sister. Your name?” She asked

“Jocelyn” Jocelyn replied

“You’re so pretty, no wonder my brothers are dying coz of you” Teresa said and they both sat down

“But now I see you finally made your choice,Oliver” She smiled and Jocelyn nodded

“I’m sorry” She muttered and Teresa chuckled

“Why? You don’t have to be sorry,my brothers broke too many hearts,Xavier deserves it” Teresa said and Jocelyn smiled

“Don’t worry,I’m sure he will get over it” Teresa winked

“Thank you,you’re so pretty” Jocelyn said

“I know,we can hang out some other time” Teresa said

“Of course,I will love that” Jocelyn said

Just then President Felix and the first lady Dorothy came into the hall with some guards behind them. Both in matching outfits looking so rich, The guests started paying their respects while they responded respectfully.

“I don’t like her” Teresa muttered,looking at Dorothy who was now greeting some ladies and Jocelyn looked at her

“Why?” She asked

“I don’t need a reason” Teresa smiled and took a glass of wine on the table,she gave Jocelyn a cute eye wink which Jocelyn understood immediately. She also picked up the second glass and they clinked their glasses together

“Finally you’re here” Gary sighed out as Henry joined him

“Yeah” Henry muttered

“Oh wow,I’m surprised your face is still okay” Gary said

“Huh?” Henry looked at him

“Xavier and Oliver didn’t touch you,they must really be in a good mood” Gary said and Henry chuckled.

There was a time when a strange guy touched Teresa disrespectfully without her permission,Oliver and Xavier gave him a crazy beat up that he was admitted in the hospital for weeks.

“Maybe I’m lucky” Henry said and they both laughed

“But,are you really in love with her?” Gary asked

“Since we were in college” Henry muttered and Gary choked on his drink

“What?!” His eyes widened and Henry nodded

“But…..we’ve been out for over four years and you never said anything about it” Gary said still looking shocked

“I was scared” Henry muttered

“So now you became bold?” Gary asked

“I just…..think I will run mad if I keep hiding it,I’ve tried enough,I can’t do that anymore” Henry said in a hurtful voice and took a long glance at Teresa who was chatting happily with Jocelyn

“She doesn’t like me tho” He said and gulped down the whole wine in his glass

“I understand how you feel,but you have to be calm with her,we all know how hard she is” Gary said

“I don’t think I can,not when that bastard decided to appear” Henry said,glaring at Joshua

Gary chuckled

“Calm down dude” He said



“Why are you so quiet?” Ariana asked Tyler and he turned to her

“Your brother is my sister’s boyfriend..”

“So what? What has that got to do with us? Who cares?” Ariana asked

“You don’t care?” Tyler asked

“I don’t,I love you and that’s what I care about” Ariana said and Tyler kept quiet

“What,are you planning to break up with me because of that…..”

“No” Tyler cut in immediately and Ariana smiled

“Then stop thinking about it,I fucked up,I shouldn’t have told my brother about you being my boyfriend” Ariana groaned and Tyler chuckled

“I know,you love me too much to hide” He said and Ariana pushed his chest

“Let’s go in” She stood up and opened her palm

Tyler placed his hand on hers and then stood up

Ariana smiled and moved but stopped when Tyler’s hand wrapped around her waist,she immediately faced him back. Tyler pressed his lips on her own and pulled her even closer to himself,he broke the kiss and kissed her neck

“You look so beautiful tonight,I can’t take my eyes off you” He said

“Tonight? What about..always?” Ariana asked

“You’re always beautiful of course,but tonight….you look so good” Tyler replied and Ariana’s cheeks turned red

“You even look more beautiful when you blush….”

He kissed her hair and they went back into the party hall together

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Oliver and Xavier were just on their way to the party hall when suddenly Savannah showed up

“Oliver!” She screamed immediately when she saw them and they both stopped

“Leave,Jocelyn is waiting” Xavier whispers to Oliver and he walked away immediately,He passed Savannah’s side but Savannah’s eyes were on Xavier who she thought is Oliver

“Hey” She smiled when she got to him

Xavier rolled his eyes and grabbed her hand

“Come with me” He said and dragged her away till they got to a more quiet place,he threw her hand off roughly and Savannah looked at him


“It’s Xavier bitch” Xavier snapped and Savannah frowned

“Why the fuck are we here then?” She asked

Xavier started moving closer to her with a cold look on his face while Savannah moved back

“I’m going to warn you just this once” Xavier said,still moving closer

“Stay away from my brother…..seriously you think he’s ever going to date you? Gosh you’re driving me nut,you should at least have some shame…you don’t even care if we once made a fool of you? Huh? Well if you don’t know,he have a girlfriend and I will advice you not to go close to them,she’s quite crazy” Xavier smiled and Savannah swallowed

“Even if she doesn’t do a thing,the next time I see you close to Oliver….” He stopped and leaned closer

“I will destroy your face” He whispers into her ear and Savannah froze

“That’s all” He winked at her and walked away

“Ahhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” Savannah screamed out



“Oh daughter,are you still going home tonight?” Mrs David asked

“Yes mom,don’t worry about me tho” Nancy said

“I will drop her home” Gustavo said

“Wow,thank you Gustavo,you’re so amazing” Mrs David said and Nancy scoffed

Soon,it was over. Gustavo opened the car door for Nancy and she entered

“Thanks” She said when Gustavo entered and drove out of the mansion

“Your mom seems to like me a lot” He said

“You’re right” Nancy chuckled

“Anyway,I saved you from the talk stress today,I deserve something in return” Gustavo said

“Saved me? How? By saying you’re my boyfriend?” Nancy asked and he nodded

“Maybe,you want something in return?” Nancy asked and Gustavo nodded

“What?” Nancy raised a brow

Gustavo immediately stopped the car

“What are you going to do?” Nancy asked

Gustavo smiled and gently cupped her cheeks before crashing his lips on her own

Nancy’s eyes widened and then went shut again,she kissed him back. It was only a short one and Gustavo broke the kiss

Nancy lick her lips and Gustavo winked at her before he started driving again.

There was silence

“You should just stop being an intern and do what your parents want” Gustavo said

“I don’t think I can handle the company” Nancy shook her head

“Why? You’re scared?” Gustavo asked

“A little” Nancy replied

“I can help if you want,you need a perfect lecturer” Gustavo said and Nancy chuckled

“Really? You’re going to help me? I’m not confident” Nancy shook her head

“Quit the internship first” Gustavo said

“Then….I will think about it” Nancy muttered and Gustavo nodded with a smile

“Are you taking me home?” Nancy suddenly asked

“Yes,or you want to go somewhere else?” Gustavo questioned

“The party” Nancy replied

“Oh…that’s right….then should we go there?” Gustavo smiled and she nodded

He immediately made a U-Turn and Nancy smiled

Minutes later,they parked the car and were directed in. The party was still going on and the house was more filled up now

Gustavo and Nancy sat down somewhere together

“I can’t see the guys” Nancy said

“Well I can see them” Gustavo muttered,his eyes on Gary who was also staring at them before looking away

Gustavo chuckled knowingly


Outside,two cars stopped at a time and the guards came out of one,they immediately opened for Rachel and she stepped down gracefully,she was looking so beautiful and the wind blew her long black shiny hair.

“They must be having a lot of fun” She smirked and pushed her hair backward before turning to Trent

“You know when the show starts” She said

“Sure boss” Trent replied and Rachel smiled before proceeding inside with Trent beside her.

The door to the party hall was opened for them and as soon as Rachel entered,eyes followed her

🗣 Whoa,who’s she?

🗣 She’s so beautiful!

🗣 Oh My God

There was a few commotion for some seconds and Rachel chuckled inwardly,she suddenly saw Tyler who was also looking at her

She smiled at him and continue walking till she was close to where the president and his wife were sitting

The president’s eyes widened when he saw her and he got up immediately,Dorothy also stood up in shock

“Ra…chel?” Felix stammered

Everyone staring at them already

Rachel had a glare on her face

Dorothy suddenly smiled out

“Oh mine!! Rachel!” She called out loudly and Rachel frowned

“Wow! It’s been a while,you didn’t tell me you will be here!” She said and hugged Rachel

“Everyone…meet my best friend. We’ve been friends from highschool…she just returned from the state” Dorothy announced loudly and the guests cheered Rachel up who also had a fake smile on her face before looking at Dorothy who released one smirk.

“Let’s talk” She muttered and left the hall..

Rachel followed her and winked at Trent who nodded.


“You’re finally back” Dorothy said as Rachel walked behind her

She stopped when they got to an empty space

“Seems you’ve been expecting me” Rachel said and Dorothy faced her

“No….I never wished for you to return” She said coldly and Rachel smiled

“I see…..You got married to him” she said

“So what? You’re still in love with him?” Dorothy asked

“No,I’m just wondering…..why you betrayed me” Rachel said and Dorothy laughed

“Betray?? Of course not,I only got what I wanted” Dorothy smiled and Rachel nodded

“Wasn’t it….twenty two years ago??” She asked

“Yes” Dorothy said

“Now I can’t understand why your first son is twenty six and your second daughter is twenty three…..did you charmed him?” Rachel smiled and Dorothy frowned

“Stay out of my business” She said

“Of course….But you can confide in me,we are best friends right?” She said and Dorothy chuckled

“Well…you’re right. Joshua and Savannah are not for Felix,but that fool will never find out coz I have him wrapped here” She raised a finger up proudly and Rachel smiled


Back in the party hall,everyone gasped out loudly.

Well right now,they are all watching Dorothy and Rachel in a large projector.

Savannah and Joshua got up with wide eyes

“You’re so smart Dorothy” Rachel said

“I know,but aren’t you the dumb one?” Dorothy smirked

“What do you mean?” Rachel asked

“Of course,you’re the one who doesn’t even know if she has kids for twenty two years now” Dorothy smirked and Rachel’s eyes widened

“I’m talking about the twins you gave birth to…twenty two years ago” Dorothy said

“They f**king died the moment I had them!” Rachel said

“Oh…such a dumb person. Died?? Well,it was all my plans,I paid the Doctors and they handed over some dead babies to you and you believed my trick” Dorothy smirked and Rachel’s eyes turned red

🗣 What the f**k?

🗣 The first lady is a devil

🗣 What type of person is she??

Savannah rushed out of the hall immediately

“So….what are you saying?” Rachel asked almost stuttering

“I’m saying they never died…they were identical twins..Two girls” Dorothy smiled

“Where…..where…where are they?” Rachel stammered breathlessly

“Well….I have no idea” Dorothy said and Rachel grabbed her

“Tell me where you kept them!!!” She screamed and Dorothy scoffed

“You don’t expect me to take care of them right???”

“Where are they?!” Rachel screamed again

“I dropped one at the orphanage” Dorothy said

“Then….the second one?” Rachel muttered,tears already rolling down her eyes endlessly

“I don’t know….I sold her off and used the money to start a business” Dorothy said and Rachel lost her consciousness immediately.

Everyone stood up at once with unbelievable shocks written on their faces.


To Be Continued