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High School Badass Episode 30 – 31

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Written by div!ne purpose

High school romance

Mj dragged irene away !n th£ ra!n

Th£ ra!n stopped and h£ also stopped walk!ng and released Irene’s [email protected]

“You!! ” h£ half yelled and glared at h£r while Irene scratch£d th£ [email protected]¢k of h£r neck

“What? It’s not like it was my fault ” $h£ said and looked at h¡m

“But what’s with your reaction? Are jealous right now? ” $h£ said and Mj cough£d

“of course I’m jealous, I never even had th£ chance to klzz you !n th£ ra!n ” h£ said and Irene scoffed

“Was that why you punch£d your best friend ”

“I never punch£d h¡m ”

“You j√$t did ” Irene said and folded h£r arms

“I will go alone, make sure you br!ng Leo with you ” $h£ said and walked away

“What? Wait! I can’t do that! ” h£ yelled after h£r but Irene didn’t look [email protected]¢k


Leo walked |ns!de a bar and sigh£d

h£ touch£d h¡s l¡ps and saw blood on h¡s [email protected]

h£ recalled how Mj punch£d h¡m and dragged irene away

“What are you do!ng h£re? ” h£ h£ard Mj’s voice beh!nd h¡m

“Ugh? ”

“What are you do!ng? ” Mj asked aga!n and sat beside h¡m

“Noth!ng ” Leo replied star!ng at h¡s cup of alcohol

“I’m sorry ” Mj said and Leo looked at h¡m

“What are you look!ng at? It took me some courage to say th£ word ‘Sorry ‘” h£ said and Leo snickered

“Did you j√$t laugh? ” Mj said and h£ looked away

“Why Irene? ” Mj asked

“I like h£r ” Leo replied

“Why h£r? ” Mj asked aga!n

“Because $h£’s fundamentally different from oth£r girls ” h£ said and Mj was quiet for a while

Leo drank th£ alcohol !n h¡s cup and stood up

“Let’s go, $h£ told you to br!ng me [email protected]¢k right?” h£ said and walked ©vtside

“Wait up ” Mj said and ran after h¡m


Leo sat !n front th£ mirror and tried to apply some balms on h¡s bleed!ng l¡ps but h£ couldn’t do it

“Why is th¡s so [email protected]? ” h£ [email protected]

Irene walked !n and collected it from h¡m

“Let me h£lp ” $h£ said and applied th£ balm on h¡s l¡ps

“I’m sorry ” $h£ said

“For what? ”

“You got hurt because of me, I’m sorry ab©vt that ” $h£ said and Leo nod

“Is that all you are sorry ab©vt? ” h£ asked and Irene looked at h¡m

“Ugh? ”

“I will do it myself, good night ” h£ collected th£ balm and laid on th£ b£d

Irene stared at h¡m for a while before walk!ng ©vt

$h£ bumped !nto Ella on h£r way ©vt

“Ella, I didn’t know you were……” $h£ didn’t complete h£r statement before Ella walked ©vt on h£r

“Why is everyone so weird today? ” Irene asked h£rself and shrugged


On h¡s way to school, Leo saw h¡s fath£r lean!ng on a car

h£ walked to h¡m and sigh£d

“What th£ h£ll are you do!ng h£re? ”

“i came to see you ” h¡s fath£r said

“Why? ”

“Because i missed you ”

Leo looked at h¡s fath£r with shock

h£ never said that word to h¡m before

“What are you up to th¡s time? ” h£ asked

“Leo listen up, if I do not kill mj, you will die !nstead ” h£ said and Leo scoffed

“Is someone threaten!ng you? ” h£ asked and h¡s fath£r stared at th£ ground

h£ smirked before walk!ng away

h£ walked to school angrily and saw Mj sitt!ng with h¡s h£adphone on, h£ walked up to h¡m and rem©v£d th£ h£adphone

“Leo….” Mj called and h£ ₱v||ed Mj by th£ collar of h¡s cloth and everyone [email protected]

Irene and Ella stared with shock

“What’s go!ng on? ” Sophia [email protected]

“Did you say you are go!ng to kill anyone beh!nd your moth£r’s death?” Leo said angrily and Mj arch£d h¡s brow

“Do whatever you want, kill that person if you want to because I do not ¢ar£ anym©r£ ” h£ said as tears gath£red !n h¡s eyes and Mj cont!nued to stare at h¡m


Irene walked to th£m and rem©v£d Leo’s [email protected] from Mj’s cloth

“What’s wrong with th£ both of you? ” $h£ asked and Mj scoffed

“That’s exactly what I was ab©vt to ask, What’s wrong with you Leo? ” Mj asked and th£ P. E teach£r entered

“Alright everyone, I’m sorry but I won’t be able to take th£ cla$$ today ” h£ said and everyone yelled ©vt with excitement

“Why are you guys so happy? Leo, I want you to coord!nate th£ cla$$, everyone should ₱|@y basketball ” h£ said and Leo nod

“Okay ”

“That’s all I have to say” th£ teach£r said and walked ©vt of th£ cla$$

Leo looked at mj and Irene before walk!ng ©vt of th£ cla$$

“What’s wrong with h¡m? Is h£ go!ng through ₱vberty or what? ” mj asked and Irene shrugged


Mj sat !n a corner !n th£ basketball court watch!ng oth£r students ₱|@y!ng

“Why aren’t you ₱|@y!ng? ” Irene asked as $h£ walked up to h¡m

“I can’t ₱|@y with©vt us!ng my drugs first but I do not have th£m With me” h£ said

“Gosh, you are so clumsy and ¢ar£less ” $h£ said and smiled

Mj also smiled

Sophia and sage stood with th£ir arms folded watch!ng th£ both of th£m

“Is $h£ flirt!ng with My Mj aga!n? ” Sage asked and sophia looked at h£r

“S!nce wh£n was Mj yours? ” $h£ said

“s!nce today ” Sage replied

“You are crazy ” Sophia said


Leo walked up to th£m and threw a ball at mj

“Let’s ₱|@y togeth£r, j√$t me and you ” h£ said and Mj looked at h¡m

“What? ”

“Leo, h£ said h£ can’t ₱|@y with©vt us!ng h¡s drugs ” Irene said but $h£ noticed Leo glar!ng at Mj

“What’s wrong with h¡m? ” $h£ thought to h£rself

“Alright, let’s ₱|@y ” Mj said and stood up

“Mj, you can’t ” Irene said and grab h¡s [email protected]

“I’m okay ” h£ said and s1©wly rem©v£d Irene’s [email protected]

Th£y both started ₱|@y!ng th£ basketball but Leo kept throw!ng th£ ball at Mj

“am I th£ only one who notices Leo’s strrange behaviour? ” Zoey wh¡spered to Irene

“h£’s gett!ng so aggressive ” $h£ added and Irene sigh£d


Leo kept hitt!ng Mj with th£ ball and everyone [email protected]

“What’s wrong with Leo? ” Sage said

h£ hit th£ ball on Mj’s ch£st and Mj fell

“Mj, are you okay “Irene said as $h£ ran to h¡m

“I’m okay ” h£ said and sat up

Th£y all looked at Leo

“Leo, what !n th£ world is wrong with you,?” Irene asked

“m©v£, we are not done ₱|@y!ng ” h£ said and threw th£ ball but Irene hugged Mj

Th£ ball met Irene and mj stood up

“h£y, are you crazy? Th¡s is basketball not dodge ball, you are expected to throw th£ ball |ns!de th£ basket ” Mj half yelled but Leo cont!nued to glare at h¡m

“You are really ©vt of your m!nd ” Mj said before walk!ng ©vt of th£ cla$$

“I can’t believe th¡s, are th£y fight!ng ” Zoey said

Leo walked ©vt of th£ cla$$ too and Irene followed h¡m

“Leo ” $h£ called and h£ stopped

“Why are you do!ng th¡s to Mj? ” $h£ asked and Leo looked at h£r

“What do you mean? ”

“You’ve been act!ng weird and I am worried” $h£ said and Leo clench£d h¡s fist

“Why are you always worry!ng ab©vt me wh£n you don’t ¢ar£ ab©vt my feel!ngs ”

“What? ”

” I like you, are my words empty to you ” h£ said and Irene sigh£d

“No ,th£y are not empty words….” $h£ paused and looked at h¡m

“But I made up my m!nd, I like someone else ” $h£ said and Leo scoffed

“Don’t tell me that person is Mj? ” h£ asked but Irene kept quiet

“You aren’t say!ng No, it’s not Mj right?? ” h£ asked aga!n

“if it’s Mj, i won’t go easy on h¡m ” h£ said

“I won’t go easy on you too ” Th£y h£ard Mj’s voice beh!nd th£m as th£y both turned to look at h¡m

“What did you j√$t say? ” Leo asked and Mj smirked

” I said I won’t go easy on you ” h£ repeated


Some statements that will be said !n episode 32

“h£ is no m©r£ my friend ”

“I like you, I want to love you ”

“If you mess with me one m©r£ time, I won’t let you get away with it ”

“Do you not ¢ar£ if I kill h¡m or not? ”

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