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High School Badass Episode 32 – 33

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Written by Div!ne Purpose

High school romance

Leo walked to Mj’s house and packed all h¡s load and took a cab [email protected]¢k to h¡s house

“What are you do!ng h£re? ” h¡s fath£r asked as h£ entered

“What do you mean? Th¡s is my house ” h£ replied and dragged h¡s box to h¡s room while h¡s fath£r followed

“What th£ h£ll are you do!ng? You promised to stay with Mj because h£ is your friend ” h¡s dad said and h£ scoffed

“h£ is no m©r£ my friend” h£ said ,arrang!ng h¡s cloth£s [email protected]¢k !n h¡s closet

“Do you not ¢ar£ if I kill h¡m or not? ” h¡s fath£r asked and Leo kept quiet for a while

“Leo ” h¡s fath£r called

“Do whatever you want, I don’t ¢ar£ ” h£ said and was ab©vt to leave h¡s room wh£n h£ stopped

“Dad ” h£ called and h¡s fath£r looked at h¡m

“someone else is gett!ng puni$h£d for your s!ns ” h£ said and h¡s fath£r arch£d h¡s brow

“What do you mean?”

“Th£ man who was accused of Murder !nstead of you five years ago is Irene’s fath£r ” h£ said and h¡s fath£r [email protected]

“What? ”

“Tell me, Who is that person threaten!ng you? ” Leo asked and h¡s fath£r sigh£d

“Leo, I…… ”

” I know you wouldn’t want to tell me who it is” h£ cuts !n

“I will f!nd ©vt who that person is myself ” h£ said and walked ©vt of th£ room


Mj and Irene both walked home and Irene ran to Leo’s room

$h£ came [email protected]¢k after some m!nutes and sigh£d

“h£’s gone ” $h£ said and Mj clench£d h¡s fist

“What do we do? ” Irene asked

” I will go to h¡s house, you wait h£re ” Mj said and was ab©vt to leave but Irene grabb£d h¡s [email protected]

“Don’t get !nto a fight with Leo ” $h£ said and Mj nod as h£ s1©wly rem©v£d h£r [email protected]


Mj drove to Leo’s house and knocked on th£ door

Leo opened th£ door and wh£n h£ saw that it was Mj, h£ wanted to close th£ door but Mj was f*st enough to hold th£ door

“What are you do!ng? Let go of th£ door ” h£ said and Mj ₱v||ed h¡m closer

“What is wrong with you? ” h£ asked and Leo smirked

“You are gett!ng on my nerves ” h£ said and ₱u$h£d Mj ©vt

“You’ve been act!ng weird ” Mj said and Leo ₱v||ed h¡m by th£ collar of h¡s cloth

“you are mess!ng with me! If you mess with me one m©r£ time, i won’t let you get away with it!! ” h£ yelled at Mj and ₱u$h£d h¡m away

Mj smirked and glared at h¡m

“Are you do!ng th¡s because of Irene? ” h£ asked and Leo scoffed

“What did you say? ”

“if you are do!ng th¡s because of Irene, you can’t get h£r because th£re is j√$t one Irene !n th¡s world ” mj said as th£y both cont!nued to glare at each oth£r


Mj walked [email protected]¢k home and collapsed on h¡s b£d

h£ recalled Leo and sigh£d

“h£ is really act!ng weird ” h£ said and Irene entered

“You are [email protected]¢k ” $h£ said and Mj nod

“I’m sorry ” $h£ said star!ng at th£ ground

“For what? ”

“I th!nk Leo is tak!ng ©vt h¡s anger on you because of me ” Irene said and Mj smiled

“So what? ” h£ said and Irene looked at h¡m

h£ stood up and hugged h£r

“Why are you feel!ng sorry, I like you, I want to love you ” h£ said and Irene smiled

“Really? ” Irene asked and h£ nod


Th£ next day…..

Leo sat !n th£ school cafeteria eat!ng alone wh£n Mj sat beside h¡m with h¡s food

” I know we are not !n good terms but I th!nk we should settle our misunderstand!ngs” Mj said but Leo ignored h¡m

“I’m talk!ng to you ” Mj said and Leo stopped eat!ng

“Get lost ” h£ said and Mj scoffed

“Do you choose to be a loner ” Mj said

“No, but I do not want to hang ©vt with someone who should be dead ” Leo said and Mj arch£d h¡s brow

“What did you j√$t say? ”

“j√$t get lost, don’t even try to get close with me because I’m not your friend ” Leo said and stood up with h¡s food

“You seems to know a lot ab©vt me, Someone who should be dead? ” Mj said and stood up

“So tell me, Who is try!ng to kill me? ” h£ asked and Leo smirked

“What are you go!ng to do if I tell you who it is ”

“I will be a murderer because of that person ” Mj said glar!ng at h¡m

“Really? ”

“Of course, I don’t ¢ar£ even if th£ person is a friend, I j√$t hope it’s not you Leo ” h£ said and Leo punch£d h¡m

“Do what you want ” h£ said with anger and Mj scoffed

h£ stood up and punch£d Leo too as th£ir nose both started bleed!ng and th£y glared at each oth£r with frustration


Irene walked to th£ school library and took a book

$h£ was ab©vt to sit wh£n $h£ saw Ella, sitt!ng at th£ first table

$h£ walked up to h£r and sat !n front of h£r

“What are you do!ng h£re? ” Ella said, h£r gaze was fixed on th£ book $h£ was read!ng

“You’ve been avoid!ng me ” Irene said and Ella scoffed

“You need to be avoided ” $h£ said and stood up

“I’m leav!ng ” $h£ walked ©vt of th£ library while Irene followed h£r

“Ella ” $h£ called and stood !n front of h£r

“©vt of my way ” Ella glared at h£r

“Really? Why are you all act!ng weird and strange? ” Irene said

” I was rejected by Leo ” Ella said and looked at Irene

“What? ”

“Leo said h£ likes you, so I was rejected ” Ella said and scoffed

“You are not even beautiful than i am, so why does h£ like you? ” Ella added

“That’s a question you should be ask!ng Leo not me” Irene said and walked away while Ella clench£d h£r fist


Riele walked to Mj’s dad office

“What is it you wanted to say? ” $h£ asked and sat d©wΠ

“I’m gett!ng married ” Mj dad said and Riele scoffed

“You have no conscience, You are plann!ng to get married after kill!ng your wife ” $h£ said

“You said that like it’s a big deal “h¡s fath£r said and smirked

“How do you th!nk Mj will feel if h£ f!nds ©vt that h¡s fath£r whom h£ trusts so much is try!ng to kill h¡m ” Riele said and Mj’s dad stood up, walk!ng @r0vnd th£ office

“Mj was born with h£art disease, h£ will soon die anyway but I don’t want h¡m to die of that disease ” h£ said

“So? ” Riele asked

“I told Leo’s dad to kill h¡m but h£ is h£sitat!ng” h£ said and m©v£d closer to Riele

“You should carry ©vt th£ task togeth£r with Leo’s fath£r ” h£ said and Riele smirked

“You’ve lost your m!nd, do i look like a murderer”

“Your moth£r is !n a critical condition at th£ hospital , if you fail to do it………. You know what I mean right? ” h£ said and Riele scoffed aga!n

“You are really good at threaten!ng people, You are try!ng to kill your own son ” $h£ said and glared at h¡m

“Mj shouldn’t have been born, h£ is even rich£r than h¡s own fath£r ” h£ said and Riele sigh£d with frustration

“Don’t tell me you want to kill h¡m so you can have all h¡s money ” Riele asked and h£ smiled

“Poor Mj, h£ doesn’t know h¡s fath£r is a [email protected]¢k stabber ” Riele said and shook h£r h£ad


Mj sat !n th£ school garden and used h¡s drugs

“What are you do!ng h£re? I have been look!ng for you ” Irene said and sat beside h¡m

“I’m not a baby, why were you look!ng for me ” h£ said and Irene looked at h¡m

“Are you sick? You don’t look too good ” $h£ said

“I’m not sure too, I have to visit th£ hospital after school ” h£ said and Irene nod

“But…….. Was your h£art disease !nh£rited?” $h£ asked and Mj gr!nned

“Yes, my mom had it too ” h£ said and Irene couldn’t say anyth!ng aga!n

$h£ j√$t stared at th£ ground

Mj smiled and placed h¡s h£ad on h£r shoulder

“But you know, wh£never I’m with you, i am always okay ” h£ said and Irene smiled

“You are mak!ng me cr!nge ” Irene said

Leo was pa$$!ng by wh£n h£ saw th£m, h£ scoffed and clench£d h¡s fist

“That bas***d ” h£ muttered


Mj drove to th£ hospital and walked to th£ doctor’s office

“Isn’t that Mj? ” A nurse asked h£r friend

“I th!nk ” th£ friend replied

“But what is h£ do!ng at th£ hospital ” $h£ asked and h£r friend glared at h£r

“Is th¡s your first time see!ng h¡m h£re? h£ is a regular customer and accord!ng to th£ doctor , h£ will soon die ”

“What? h£ is an actor, h£ can’t j√$t die like that”

“Who said Actors can not die? ” th£ nurse said and shook h£r h£ad


Th£ doctor looked at Mj and sigh£d

“What is it doctor? Tell me, I’m okay ” Mj said and faked a smile

“Mj, i didn’t want to say th¡s but th£ disease is now worse than ever, even th£ drugs won’t work for you, be prepared, it could be anytime from now ” th£ doctor said and Mj sigh£d

“Alright, thanks doctor ” h£ said and walked ©vt of th£ hospital

Once h£ got |ns!de th£ car, tears dripped from h¡s eyes

h¡s phone started to r!ng and h£ picked it up

“h£llo? ” Irene said on th£ oth£r side of th£ phone

“Irene, do you remember th£ first day we met? ” h£ asked and Irene smiled

“Of course, you were such a jerk th£n ” $h£ said and Mj h£ld h¡s tears

“Don’t you ever forget that moment ” h£ said and Irene nod

“Alright, but why are you talk!ng as if you are say!ng farewell ” Irene said and h£ sniffed [email protected]¢k h¡s tears

“No, I’m not say!ng farewell ”

“Are you cry!ng? ” Irene asked

“No. Irene do you want to go on a date with me ” h£ said and Irene nod

“Of course, wh£n? ”

“Now ”

“Really? Th£n I will be wait!ng for you at home” $h£ said and hanged up

Mj looked at Irene’s picture and smiled

“Th¡s may be our first and last date ” h£ said


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