Island of Langerhan episode 2




💥 Elsie’s POV 💥

I rode off to the Order and I tied my horse to the stables

I removed my mask and looked around then I went in

“Hey Elsie” Wade said as he ran towards me

Wade was one of my training partners while I was still a disciple here

“Wade” I said

“What’s up Elsie, it’s been years I saw you last” he said

“You are an instructor now” I said judging from the cloth he was wearing

“Yeah, unlike you and your friends I decided to not to leave the Order so I heard you are now working for the Queen” he said

“Where are they? My friends”

“I don’t know, they all separated and left the Order after you left” he said and I turned to leave

“Elsie! where are you going?” He yelled but I didn’t look back

I’ve gotten the information I came for so I can’t waste more time, I must find my friends

Back then at the Order, we were the best of friends and the most skilled, we were six; Leo, Erik, Kiara, Kali, Gia and I

Now everyone has gone there own way and I know where each of them will be

I climbed my horse and rode to outskirt of Midland, am off to get Leo, am certain he’s still in Midland

💥 Ice Queen’s POV 💥

“We are advancing my Queen, their defenses are getting weaker as the day pass by” Castor said

Castor is the captain of my army, he is skilled and loyal so I always keep him by my side

“But we still haven’t gotten to the heart of Midland, the Palace” I said pointing at the Palace in the map in front of us

“Their defense is strong mother” Nyla said

“But I killed their King in the battlefield, they should have surrendered by now, they have no leader” I said

“They do have a leader my Queen, I heard Queen Helga has taken charge” Castor said and I was stunned

“Helga? Why does she keep coming my way? Should I just freeze the whole Midland along with her to end this once and for all!”

“No mother, the war has just begun and we will defeat Midland soon, if you freeze the whole Midland, everyone and everything will be gone along with it, the throne that you want to sit on and the subjects that are supposed to worship and adore you, everything will be gone” Nyla said and I nodded

“You are right but with Helga in charge I can’t be at rest, that woman is cunning and I want her dead as soon as possible” I said

“She will be dead soon my Queen” Castor said

“Nyla” I called and she bowed slightly “I need you to go and spy on the Midlands army, get us any useful information”

“That won’t be a problem my Queen” Nyla said with a bow

“Castor” I called and he bowed “get our army and sorround the Midland’s army camp, I’ll see how long it takes them to surrender when there food rations runs out” I said

“Consider it done my Queen” Castor said and I walked out of the room

💥 Elsie’s POV 💥

I rode through the villages and I was met devastating sights

Commoners and warriors slaughtered around like animals

You will pay for this Ice Queen, I will make you pay

I rode into the forest to an abandoned house

Leo is strong and bold, he’s powerful but he also have a thing for money, he usually goes to the tarvens for bets but now that a war has broken out and most of the tarvens are closed, am sure he’s here cause this is where he hides all his money

I opened the door and and walked into the house

Everything was scanty and disorganized and I huffed, Leo hasn’t changed

He was never being the organized kind of person, the only thing organised about him is his skills and that’s what am after

I heard a swoosh sound and I quickly moved back as an arrow flew across my face

“You still have poor shooting skills Leo, I guess you are still only good with your axe” I said as I turned to see Leo standing in front of me pointing a bow at me

“Who are you?” He asked confused and I removed my mask


“It’s been a long time Leo, how are you?” I asked

“Well am good as you can see. After you abandoned the team everyone went their own way and trust me am doing pretty great with the money I earned from my bettings” he said lowering his bow

“Am sorry for leaving Leo” I said

“Why are you here?” He asked

“I need your help” I said

“With what? you need some money?”

“No Leo, I need you, I need your skills, the Queen sent me on an errand to the island of Langerhan to get the mystical sword and I want you to journey with me” I said and he laughed

“The Island of Langerhan? The mystical sword? You must be crazy Elsie, that place is fucking dangerous and I sure won’t waste my life following you on your impossible mission”

“Really? Is this really Leo speaking? Cause the Leo I knew was always brave and fearless or has time rendered you soft!”

“Watch your words Elsie, am still the brave Leo, but why will go with you on such a dangerous journey risking my life when there’s nothing in it for me” Leo said and I sighed

I knew this was gonna happen

“And who says there’s nothing in it for you, the Queen promised us hundreds of golds when we return and am sure that’s enough to change our lives forever” I said

“How am I sure the Queen will keep her promise?” He asked

“You have my word Leo” I said

“What if I die during the journey?” He asked

“Then the gold shall be sent to your family” I said

“I actually have enough money to sustain my family” he said

“Come on Leo, please I really need your help” I said

“Fine, but I get 50 pieces of golds” he said

“That’s not a problem, so you are in?”

“Yeah” he said

“Thanks Leo, meet me by the shore of the Misty Ocean in two days time, then we’ll set off for the journey”

“I’ll be there, I can’t let an opportunity to earn gold pass me by” he said and I smiled and walked out of the house

I climbed my horse and rode out of Midland to the Hatian Empire to get Erik

💥 Nyla’s POV 💥

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I waited for the guards to pass by and I quickly sneaked into the Midlands camp

I peaked at each tent trying to find the tent of Queen Helga, am sure mother will be happy with me if I kill her and mother is hardly happy nowadays

I went went on, taking a peak inside each tent I passed by

“Hey!” I suddenly had a voice say and I freezed

“Who are you?” The person asked but I kept quiet

“Turn around” he said and I slowly turned around

“Who are you?” He asked again

“A…. A fellow warrior” I stuttered

“What are you doing over here?” He asked

“The… the Queen sent me on an errand but am so confused that I can’t find her tent anymore since all the tents look so similar” I said

“She’s currently having a meeting with the captains and army general, she’s in that tent” he said pointing to a tent on the left

“Oh thank you so much” I said and scurried away to the tent he pointed at

I went close to the tent and looked around, no one was moving around

I went closer and peeped inside the tent

They were three in the room, 2 men and Queen Helga

“We need to act fast Queen Helga, the Ice Queen is eating through our defenses, we need to strike back” a heavily armoured man with a husky voice said

“You will do no such thing General, we need to think first, if we run into the war now we’ll be defeated again” Queen Helga said

“Am sorry my Queen, I agree with the General, I think we’ve spent too much time thinking, we need to act now” the other man said

“But captain, the warriors are tired, they need rest, they need to replenish their strength and we should get more food rations just in case” the Queen said

“We already have enough food rations Queen and a warrior is never tired, a warrior never backs out from war but I don’t expect a woman like you to understand that” the one with the husky voice, the General said

“How dare you speak to me that way General, I am your Queen” she said

“Yes, and I will accord you that respect in the palace but this is a war zone and in the King’s absence am in charge here, you wanted to be here and I granted your wish Queen, do not overstay your welcome, just sit and watch, don’t get in my way. Let’s go captain” the General said and walked out with the captain and I quickly hid behind the tent

Bunch of fools, they should’ve listen to the Queen’s suggestions and get more food rations before mother’s army sorrounds their camp

But anyway, the more stupid they are the quicker we’ll win the war

I walked back to the front of the tent and peeped in again, I’ll wait for the Queen to fall asleep then I’ll kill her

“They are so foolish, why won’t they listen to me” the Queen said “I just hope Elsie succeeds in getting the mystical sword soon”

Mystical sword? That’s the only sword that can kill mother, I must inform her of this

I walked away from the Queen’s tent and sneaked out of the Midland’s camp

💥 Elsie’s POV 💥

Among the six of us, Erik is the only one with a royal blood but he is the son of a concubine and no respect was accorded to him so his father sent him off to the Order at a young age when his mother died

Maybe it’s because of the hardship he went through but Erik is the most cultured of us all, he’s brave, intelligent and skilled especially with a sword

I rode into the Hatian Empire straight to their palace

I got down from my horse and held its reins as I walked with it towards the entrance of the palace

“State your business” the guard standing gate said

“Can I see Prince Erik” I said

“You mean the concubine’s son?” He asked and I nodded

“An who are you?” He asked

“Just tell him Elsie is asking for him” I said

“Wait here” he said as he signaled the other guard to get Erik

I waited for some minutes and soon the gate opened and Erik came

Woah, he’s changed, he looks great in his silky attire

“Elsie?” He called surprised as he walked towards me “What the hell are you doing here?” He asked

“Proper etiquettes demands you greet first before you ask questions, you are a prince, you should know that” I said

“Shut up Elsie and let’s go for a walk” he said as he held my arm and dragged me off

“What’s it?” I asked

“This place is like a slaughter house for me Elsie, if my dad knows that a girl is asking for me that will give him another reason to disgrace me in front of the palace elders” he said

“But am not a girl, am a warrior, an assassin” I said

“You are still a girl” he said and I smiled

“So about your Dad, he is still being harsh? He hasn’t changed?” I asked

“Not a bit, he is still the same harsh old man but am already used to it” he said

“It must have been hard” I said

“Not as hard as seeing the team separate, we were a team Elsie and we were the best why the hell did you leave?” He asked

“Am sorry Erik, you know I’ve always wanted to serve Queen Helga up close and when I got the offer to be her personal warrior I just couldn’t bring myself to refuse, am sorry for leaving the team” I said

“It’s okay, everyone has a dream and it’s good you went after yours. So what brings you here, am sure you aren’t here for just a normal visit” Erik said

“Midland is in danger Erik, the Ice Queen is back and she’s conquering Midland, she’s very powerful and she can only be killed by the mystical sword in the Island of Langerhan, I need your help to get that sword” I said

“Okay, I’ll go with you” he said and I was surprised

I wasn’t expecting him to agree this easily

“I said I’ll go with you” he repeated

“Do you know the Island of Langerhan? It’s filled with evil creatures and different enchantments that no one dares ventures there, you might die during the journey Erik, am asking you to risk your life” I explained in case he doesn’t understand

“I know, I already told you before Elsie, this place is like a slaughter house for me, the King is always looking for faults in me and the Queen is always coming up with plans on how to kill me in case I become a threat to her son’s enthronement in the future when Dad dies, the last time the Queen sent more than 10 assassins to my chamber to kill me while am asleep, I was lucky I escaped so rather than dying in the hands of the Queen, I’d rather die in the Island of Langerhan doing something meaningful” he said

“What about your Dad, won’t he be worried if you tell him you are off on such a dangerous journey?” I asked

“Not really, am sure they’ll all be happy that they are getting rid of me” he said

“Thanks Erik, thanks for agreeing to go with me” I said

“I should be the one thanking you for giving me a chance to escape this hell” he said and I smiled

“Meet me at the shore of the Misty Ocean in two days time, we’ll set off from there” I said

“Okay, I’ll definitely be there” he said

“Goodbye for now” I said

“Goodbye” he replied and I mounted my horse and rode off

Time to get the girls; Kiara, Kali and Gia

……… to be continued……..


Elsie should get everyone fast and start the journey cause Nyla is definitely going to tell the Ice Queen about it now

But I just hope Kiara, Kali and Gia agrees easily

I kinda pity Erik and I hope Leo doesn’t back out