Love And S£x

Love And s*x – episode 15

Love and s€×
Episode 15

Ade pov
I didn’t care I was so filled with pleasure, I was f-ckimg her while using my hands to pinch her n-pple I guess she liked it because she was mo-ning even loudly, I kept f-cking her face to face for like 25 minutes then we changed position we did the dog style which I was f-cking her for the back while hitting her buttock from time to time, it was so sweet qnd we stayed in that position for like 30 minutes.
After that we entered the missionary style which lasted for 15 minutes and then the cowgirl style it was our last style and it lasted for 8 minutes.
After that we both collapsed on the bed patting heavy, by this time my body and my bed were already filled with her c-m while her bidy was filled with my sp**m.
After a while she started laughing then I joined her even though I didn’t know why she as laughing. She continued laughing but then stopped after a bit, she looked at me and said
She:do u no y am laughing
Me:(nodding my head negatively) no
Me:why were u laughing
She:I was just laughing because you are the only guy who have been able to fulfill my s€×ual urges fully and its really funny because I have met a lot of guys still you are the first to make such sweet pleasure to me thanks
Me: no p
She:you must be a pro I would how many girls you had bleep in your place before you came to unilag damn you are awesome
Me:no am not like that I hærdly bleeped any girl
She:please stop lieing, the way you handle me wasn’t the way of an amateur it was that of a pro so you must have bleeped a lot of girl
Me: (thinking: if only she knew that I have never bleeped any girl infact she was the one who disV-rgin me while as for my expertise she was talking about it all thanks to my friends back home they got me hooked up with p-rn videos back home, we would all download different p-rn video and talk about it in school but they got to use the technique they learnt on their girlfriends while I wasnt) how I wish I could tell her but I just have

Ade pov
I agreed to what she said although it wasnt true (big boy stuff na you suppose understand) we had a little discussion where we got to know a little bit about each other.
I told her who i was, the only son of my parents and also told her the kind of job my parents do (she was shocked to find out that my dad has his own company she asked me the name and when i told her she was shocked i guess she knew about it who can blame her my dad’s company is famous all over the country) i got to know that she was the only daughter of her parents just like me, her dad was a businessman while her mom has a small mall, i asked her the name of the mall and she told me that i wouldnt no it that its nit that famous but still she told me the name was veros shopping mall i told her i knew the place she thought i was lieing untill i describe the place for her and the address (the place was were i buy gift from people especially on their birthdays they had nice times).
They were wealth but not as much as mine, after our discussion we had another round of s€× this time cow girl style.
I lied down on the bed while she was on top of me, it was awesome her massive and beautiful b-obs were staring right towards me.
She took my d*ck and guided it into her p*ssy and started bouncing on it while i was busy s-cking and pinching her n-pples , she loved it so much especially when i would use my teeth to playfully bite her n-pples and she would mo-n out sweetlyand loudly saying yes baby yes i love it dont stop u are awesome yes s-ck it bite it bite my n-pples more more s-ck it pls.
With every word she said i was getting encouraged to go faster,
After she f-cked me by her self for fifteen minutes, her speed decreased so as her strength and mo-ns (she was getting tired i knew that ) so i expertly turned her over this time i was on top off her and i was f-cking the day light out of her, i was f-cking her faster than before and with that her mo-ns day were silently heard before grew louder (it was now like she was scre-ming) she was holding me tightly and her fingers were piercing into my soft skin still i didnt care i kept pouncing into her faster and faster and her mo-ns grew very very loud.
After f-cking like that for like twenty five minutes, she started jerking off and she spilled her hot c-mmed all over my body and my bed and she fell on my bed weakly at this moment her c-m was over my bed and my body but mostly my body but i didnt care instead i used…


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