Love Lies And Divorce – episode 28


‘I think we should leave now, the earlier the better’ Amaka grabbed her car keys.
‘Not without me’ Femi walked towards the trio.
‘Wow… Look who’s here.’ Amaka forced a smile
‘Hello husband of the year’ Edima winked at him
‘How do you feel now?’ Femi waved at the girls
‘I feel relieved, I hope I feel better after talking to Zee’ Lola sighed hopefully.
‘You will honey, you will’
‘Who is she?’ Faruk had told her someone had been staring at her.
‘Abdul’s wife.’ Farida looked away briefly then her phone buzzed and she knew he must be around somewhere.
‘Abdul is calling,’ Farida showed her cousin the phone
‘Don’t pick that. What does he want to talk about now?’ Her cousin grabbed the phone angrily from her.
‘I hate myself right now,’ she whispered.
‘Let’s go and tell his wife the situation of things. I think it’s good she knows about the pregnancy,’ Faruk suggested.
‘To what end? Please let’s forget about this wh0le thing, I feel sick already,’ She rubbed her tommy gently.
‘No, you aren’t sick, you’re just scared but I really don’t need your opinion. Abdul had all the time in the world to make up his mind, his wife needs to know the kind of husband she married.’ He grabbed the photos he’d taken the night he s₱0tted Abdul with some lady.
‘No Faruk, come back, this isn’t the right place for this.’ Tears welled up in her eyes.
‘I am doing this for you Fafa,’ he ignored her pleas.
‘Salam, Good afternoon Madam…’ he smiled at her….
‘Salam, please do I know you’? Zainab recognized he was the young man that had been with Farida, her husband’s secretary….

‘not really…this isn’t about me at all, it’s about my cousin over there…’ he pointed to where Farida stayed….
‘oh? Farida’? Zainab was lost? Where was Abdul and why did it take him so long to get back….
‘yes, I have something very important to tell you and you must believe me….’ He had no time to mice words…
‘I am not getting you at all…I think I have to leave…I don’t talk to strangers….’ She became uncomfortable…
‘Farida is pregnant for your husband….’ Faruk blurted out….
‘what’? her knees went weak…maybe she hadn’t heard right….
‘you lie….why didn’t the girl tell me herself’? Zee replied….

‘I don’t know….but just know Abdul has impregnated my cousin and he has to take responsibility…meanwhile she isn’t the only one he’s been having an affair with…have this…’ he dropped the package on the table….
‘No….’ Zee pressed her hands to her chest to help her stay calm at the restaurant. This wasn’t true, this betrayal was sharper than a knife.
‘I’m here baby’ Abdul returned, tired of waiting for Farida. He would talk to her later but he came up with something to get Zainab out of that place.
‘Take me home Abdulrasaq,’ she couldn’t face him now.
‘Is something wrong Zee?’ He panicked and searched for Farida but she wasn’t there.
‘You hear me? Take me home!’ Her voice was darkened by an emotion he hærdly knew. She was angry.

‘I’m happy you took out time from your busy schedule to do all these for me….’ June relaxed on the cool grass….
The scenery was perfect for her birthday, he’d taken her to a park….there was a pool nearby and flamingoes floated on it….
The fragrance from the water lilies and other flowers filled the air, the sun wasn’t able to penetrate the canopy of tall trees…so the atmosphere remained cool…
‘it’s so beautiful here, I wanted you to have the best….’Omale watched as kids ran around with balloons….he wished for this, to start his own family…
‘thanks dear….’June saw the way he watched the kids play… her heart ached at his ignorance….what if she told him about her feelings? Of what gain was it to hide them from him?
‘so …how old are you today’? he leaned forward and tickled her….she reeled with laughter…he knew women hated talking about their ages …he wanted getting on her nerves…
‘stop it Omale….’ She shifted closer to him and their faces met that instant….eyes to eyes, the world stopped ….
There was this tension that had built while they stared at each other quietly, she decided to take a bold step…she knew this could change their friendsh¡p together but she was willing to test the waters….
She leaned closer and pressed her l-ips to his, her heart throbbed with joy as he reciprocated her action….
‘don’t move, you two are perfect for each other…’ a man captured them with a camera….
The voice brought Omale back to reality and he suddenly pulled back and left her shaken and vulnerable…
‘June’? he drawled her name, why had she k-ssed him?…. he searched her eyes for answers, for the truth behind the sudden k-ss….then it dawned on him that she had feelings for him….
‘I’m sorry June…but you know me….’ He rubbed his head and looked away…
‘it’s okay Omale….i’m sorry I k-ssed you…I don’t know what I was thinking….’ She felt sick at his rejection….
‘do you want to talk about it’? he asked gently…..
‘I’ve been in love with you since the day I saw you with Ene, I am not going to lie…I don’t know I feel stupid…’ she rose to her feet and began packing her bags….
‘no don’t say that…’ so she had feelings for him?
‘I am Omale…there’s nothing you can offer me…I let my feelings blind me into doing something stupid which you’ll probably hate me for…’ she bit her lip…obviously he had no affection for her…she had to tell him the truth…
‘I always dissuaded you from going after Edima because I was jealous…but now I’ve seen it myself…you really love her…’ she knew he would hate her for what she was about to say…
‘I understand….i’m sorry June…maybe you should’ve told me this earlier…before Edima came along, maybe we would’ve tried something’ he wished his words could soother her, could heal her pain…
‘if you really care about me…I have something to confess, I did something terrible…promise to forgive me…’she begged…
‘what did you do?’ he wondered….
‘i….i told Edima to keep off you that you had a woman in your life and I deleted her number after that…’ she struggled for words…
‘my God June….how could you be so callous? You’ve ruined my chances with her completely….’she irritated him right then….
‘I’m sorry, I was just jealous…I know you wouldn’t understand…but please forgive me…if this will help have it…I wrote out the number …’ she searched her purse and brought out a piece of paper where she’d written out Edima’s number for future use…

‘I’m disappointed in you June….you knew how much she meant to me…what if she has found someone else’?
‘I am sorry….’ She sobbed but Omale walked away angrily…
‘here’s your picture ma’am’ the photographer returned…
She wiped her face and settled on the grass…this was all she wanted, everything had seemed so beautiful …
She car-ssed the picture, without second thoughts tore them to shreds….
Love had abandoned her…there was nothing left for her.

…. To Be Continued

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