Musical Fairytale episode 7

🌹🌹🌹 Musical Fairytale 🌹🌹🌹
🎸 New student 🎸

🎙️ Emily’s POV 🎙️

We drove back to the school in silence as different thoughts ran through my mind

The music fairies dropped me off right in front of the girls dorm

“We’ll talk later” Jason said as I got down from the Van and I smiled

I walked slowly to the dorm

Will I really be featuring in their music video?

Why’s my life changing so fast?!

It’s hasn’t been long since I came to this school and I got involved with the music fairies also going on Live interview, and now I might be featured in a music video

I don’t know how am supposed to feel

Should I be happy?
Or should I be sad

I walked into my room and met Mia and Lucy together

They have been hanging out a lot lately, they look so good together as friends

“Emmy, we watched the interview, what do they mean by you’ll be in their music video?” Lucy asked as I sat down on the bed

“I don’t know Lucy, we never planned that, it just cropped up in the interview and there was nothing we could do”

“So you’ll be in their music video?” Mia asked

“I really don’t know, should I?” I asked

“Do it Emmy, this is a good thing for you, if you appear in that music video you are going to become popular and trust me, your career after school will be set too. If they are doing this just to clean up the mess they caused then don’t let them just use you, gain something from this too” Lucy said

She’s probably right

I just don’t know why I feel uneasy

My phone rang and it was my dad calling

“Hello Dad”

🗨️”We saw you on TV Emmy, with the music fairies!!” Kevin yelled from the phone

🗨️”Calm down Kevin, you should greet your sister first” I heard Dad say

🗨️”Forget about greeting, she was just on TV as a childhood friend of one of the music fairies, I need to know what’s happening” Mom said over the phone

“Calm down guys, this all started as a little misunderstanding, now it’s getting very complicated” I said

🗨️”What happened princess?” Dad asked and I told them everything that happened, including how I first met Aiden and how rude he was

🗨️”How could you call a big time celebrity a rude brat, you’ve got some nerve Emmy” Kevin said over the phone

🗨️”Will you shut up Kevin, don’t mind your little brother dear, you know how he is” Mom said

“I know Mom , i’m confused, what do you guys want me to do, should I feature in their music video or should I opt out?”

🗨️”You’ve always made me proud princess, you never stay down and you have always been so brave, make the decision yourself, do whatever you want, we’ll support you” Dad said and I smiled

“Thanks Dad”

🗨️”Take a picture with Aiden and send it to me, I need to show it to my classmates!” Kevin said over the phone and I scoffed

“Why must it be Aiden, there’s someone more cute than Aiden in the band”

🗨️”It seems you need glasses Emmy, Aiden is definitely the most handsome” Kevin said and I shook my head

This boy doesn’t know what he’s saying

🎙️ Aiden’s POV 🎙️

I sat on the couch with a glass of cold juice trying to cool off my head

Michael and Jason are here too and am sure we are all thinking about the same thing

“You are the one making this a big deal Aiden, I see no problem if she appears in our music video” Michael said

“Why should she be in our music video, she’s not part of our band” I said

“Come on Aiden, stop getting worked up over this, it’s just going to be once, just this once” Jason said

My phone ranged and I saw the caller and I hissed as I dropped the phone

“Who was it?” Jason asked

“Naty, am not really in the mood to hear her nagging today”

“Naty! Is she coming here? If she is then goodnight y’all” Michael said as he quickly went into his room and I scoffed

“Is she really coming here?” Jason asked and I shrugged

I heard footsteps outside and the door suddenly opened as Naty barged in

“What was that about huh!!” She yelled “you said you won’t have anything to do with her after the interview but what’s all this talk about her featuring in your music video?!!” She yelled

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“Gimme a break Naty, am not in the mood for your nagging” I said

“Really, so you finally admit that you see me as a nagging girlfriend too” she said and I scoffed

She should just go, I really don’t wanna talk to her right now

“Do you love her?” She asked

Unbelievable! How can she think that

“Of course I don’t”

“Then why will she be in your music video!!” She yelled

“If you aren’t so dumb you’ll know that I have no choice in this!!” I yelled back

“What! You called me dumb? Because of that stupid girl?”

“Just leave Naty, go away” I said

“Fine, I’ll go but don’t blame me for anything I do to that girl” she said

“Do whatever you want, I don’t care, just leave” I said and she walked out angrily

“Wow, I was just like a ghost, she didn’t even notice I was here” Jason said

“But honestly dude, do you really love that girl? Cause sometimes I get the feeling that you don’t love her” Jason said and I sighed

“I don’t know, we’ll talk tomorrow, am off to bed” I said as I stood up and walked to my room

Naty and I have been friends since we were little

I had a pretty messed up family and whenever things got hard for me, Naty was always there for me

Was I too harsh on her?

I sighed again as I laid on my bed

What a day!


🎙️ Emily’s POV 🎙️

I ran out of the dorm with my books as i tried not to stumble on the stairs

Damn, why did I have to sleep off like that

Now am late for my music composition class

Music composition is one of my core classes and the teacher is very strict

I ran as I found my way to the class

Gosh, the teacher is already in

I took a deep breath before opening the door to the class

Immediately I entered everyone turned to look at me and I felt really uncomfortable

And it just got worse
The music fairies are here!!

The three of them were seating in the front row

I feel more embarrassed right now that Jason is seeing me like this

“Miss….” The teacher said looking at me

“Emily Brown” I completed

“Why are you late?” He asked “Am sure you know I hate lateness in my class, even our celebrities managed to come early so what’s your reason for lateness”

I kept quiet as I didn’t know what to say

I can’t say I woke up late, that will be more embarrassing

“She was at the Chancellor’s office to get her textbooks that’s why she’s late” a boy at the back of the class said as he stood up

This is weird, I don’t even know him

“And how do you know that?” The teacher asked

“I was also in the Chancellor’s office this morning to get my accommodation papers , i’m a new student, I saw her going into the office while I was leaving” the boy said with a smile

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Who is he?
Why is he lying for me?

“Okay Miss Emily, you can go have your seat” the teacher said

I sat on an empty chair still taken aback

Who’s that guy?

The class continued and ended about an hour later

Immediately the teacher went out, almost all the students rushed to the music fairies to get an autograph and I scoffed

“Hi” someone said beside me and I turned to look

Oh, it’s the guy that saved me

“Ummm…..hi” I replied

“My name’s Isaac, am a new student” he said as he brought out he’s hand for a handshake and I we shook hands


“Emily” he completed

“I guess you heard the teacher say my name” I said and he shook his head

“I knew your name before today” he said and I surprised

“Really? How?”

“You are pretty popular now Emily, you were on TV yesterday” he said and I smiled

“Anyway, thanks for helping me out earlier”

“It’s nothing, I’d be happy to do it again cause you inspire me Emily” Isaac said

“Really? How?” I asked again

“I like how brave you are, no one usually has the nerve to stand up to Aiden but you did, I admire you for that”

“I didn’t stand up to him, just like on the interview yesterday we are actually childhood friends” I said and he chuckled

“You don’t need to lie to me, I know the interview yesterday was all a facade” he said leaving me in surprise again

Who is this guy?!

“Hey dummy” someone called as he walked up to my seat and I immediately knew who it was

The devil, Aiden

“It’s the rude brat” I said faking a smile and he scoffed

“It seems you are getting popular thanks to me, you even got a stranger to help you out this morning” he said and I rolled my eyes

“His name is Isaac” I said as I turned to introduce Isaac but he was no longer there

“Come to the band’s apartment by 4, make sure not to get lost this time dummy” he said and walked away

Wow, that guy deserves a degree in rudeness

“Are you okay?” Isaac asked as he tapped me from behind

“Where did you go? I turned but I couldn’t see you” I said

“Sorry, I went to my seat to get my backpack” he said as he showed me his backpack

“Oh, okay” I said

“He’s still the same, hasn’t changed a bit” Isaac said

“Who?” I asked

“Aiden” he replied

“Are you acquainted with him?”

“We’ll talk later Emily, I have another class now” he said as he walked out

Who’s he?
How does he know Aiden?


It’s 4pm and I found my way to the music fairies’ apartment

It was easy to find cause the place is really popular within the school

I knocked on the door and someone came to open it for me

It’s Jason!

“Hi” I said with a smile and he smiled back

“Come on in Emily” he said with a smile and my heart melted again

Gosh, why does this guy have to be so nice unlike a certain devil

Aiden, Michael and Bryan were already seated in the couch and I sat beside Jason

“Welcome Emily” Bryan said and I smiled

“You must be really happy right? You are in the music fairies’ apartment after all, that’s a huge honor” Aiden said and I scoffed

“I can leave right now if you want, it’s not like I want to be here” I said and Jason held my hand and a cold chill ran through my body as I felt like my heart was gonna explode

🎙️ Aiden’s POV 🎙️

“Don’t mind Aiden, he’s always rude” Jason said as he held the dummy’s hand and she suddenly had a funny look

She was suddenly stiff and she kept staring at Jason

What’s wrong with her?

How can she react that way just because Jason touched her

Wait a minute, she’s not just Jason’s fan, she loves him!

I couldn’t help as I laughed out loud

“Are you okay Aiden?” Michael asked and I quickly composed myself

“Am fine, I just thought of something funny” I said

“Wow, you must really be in a good mood Aiden” Bryan said sarcastically and I scoffed

He’s such a mood killer

“Anyway” Bryan continued “I called you all here cause of the music video, I got an exit permit from the Chancellor for you all, we’ll start the filming of the music video tomorrow”

“Will I really be in it?” The dummy asked and I scoffed

As if she doesn’t want to be in the music video

“Of course Emily, you have to be in it” Bryan said

“But…..but…” The dummy stuttered

“Come on Emily please, please help us again” Jason pleaded and Emily quickly nodded

Wow, she must really love Jason

“Thanks Emily, so the concept of the music video is friendship and Emily you’ll definitely be paired up with Aiden, you both are childhood friends afterall and Jason will be with Michael, the music video is going to be a combination of two friendship stories, Aiden and Emily, Michael and Jason. The filming will start 4pm everyday, so you’ll have to come here everyday Emily. Bryan said

“Okay” Emily agreed

“So please be here before 4pm tomorrow, we’ve already announced the filming of the music video, we can’t afford to waste anymore time or the anticipation will die down” Bryan concluded

I guess I’ll be seeing more of the dummy from now on but I think it’s gonna be fun now that I know her little secret

Am going to torment you dummy

…….to be continued……