My arranged marriage episode 41 – 42




(He is arrogant and mean)


By, Authoress Fãvy💫


Emmeth moved her hands as they rested on his back

She ached herself up even the more as she enjoys her first kiss from the man whom she has always wanted to have her first kiss

The kiss went slow and steady for two minutes

Jasper doesn’t wanna release her lips

Her lips are the most sweetest he has ever tasted

He later released her lips because he noticed the way emmeth was kissing him that she isn’t experienced

Could it be is her first kiss?

No It can’t be ?

He waved off the thought from his head

He Held her cheeks with his two hands looking deep into her eyes but emmeth couldn’t hold the burning gaze

She just lowered her head feeling shy

Jasper smiled at her as he said

“Look at me”

Emmeth shrugged as she slowly raised up her face but she did her very best to avoid his eyes

Jasper smiled at her cuteness as he moved and kissed her forehead

As he drewed her into his embrace, hugging her so gently while rubbing her hair

Her scent was a sweet one which made him to close his eyes enjoying her in his arms the more

She was like a trophy which needs to be protected by him



I slowly opened my eyes realising is already morning

I cursed inwardly as I shut them close again holding my pillow so damn tight

I have been really lazy this past few days after my kidnap incident

I haven’t gone to the office since then and even my early morning exercise I also was scared to do it again

But I never missed my diet, I still maintained them

Is like I will soon hit the gym so that I won’t go back to the old emmeth

But that’s not possible

That’s what one doctor said that if I missed my early morning exercise that nothing will happen to me as far as am maintaining my diet

Am even used to my diet

So I will soon hit the gym immediately I start leaving this damn prison again

I Have suggested to resume office but my parents refused saying that is still dangerous because Jerry is not yet been sentence to jail

I can’t wait to see him rot in jail

If he had have his way with me I don’t think I would have survived it thanks to Jasper

Talking of Jasper things are really getting spicy between us

O.M.G we kissed!

He kissed me!

I won’t deny it but it was such a remarkable day for me

I got my very first kiss behind the ocean while the snow fall on us

O.M.G it was such a romantic and awesome experience

I haven’t felt this complete before

But I don’t know if I did the right thing by giving Jasper my first kiss

Well I couldn’t resist him!

I couldn’t control myself!

Do I still like him?

That feelings are still in me

I know it,,,they are still intact in me

Despite the way am rejecting it

Gosh! I can’t just resist it

Does Jasper also feel the same way I do for him

Is he after me now because I have changed from the old emmeth

If am still the old emmeth. Would he have said his heart beats for me

Will he?!!

Is he playing games with me!!

Is he trying to hurt and abandon me!!

Jasper I know is a jack who uses and dump women the way he wants

Is he trying to use the same tactics with me!!?

Emmeth you have to open your eyes and be smart

Don’t allow him to play with your head!!


Can I do this?,,,will I be able to resist him??

Oh No ooo!

Jasper what have you done to me!?

Bella said he loves me that’s why he is acting in such a manner towards me

I flicked my eyes open… thinking even the more

Just then my stomach growled snapping me out of my many thoughts

I yawned as I struggled to get up from the bed

I walked pass my mirror but I immediately stopped as I stood before the mirror observing myself

My mind flashed back to the time I always check myself out in the mirror

I chuckled inwardly

This world is such a funny and entertaining place

Who would have thought that one day I will stop checking myself out in the mirror every morning to see if there is changes in my figure

Something I called my early morning rituals

I smiled as I walked pass the mirror

I lazily walked into the bathroom

I applied my tooth paste on my brush

I raised up head as I stared myself on the mirror

I was about to brush up when I halted on my quest

My hands touched on my lips as I gaze at it

A shy smile played on my face as I remembered the kiss I and Jasper shared yesterday

After I was done freshening up I changed my nightie in other to go downstairs and eat because my stomach needs attention despite what it consumed yesterday

Well after me and Jasper left the area we shared our first kiss

He took me to a nice restaurant with a nice loads of delicacies

We ate and we also had alot of conversations

I observed from the time we spent together that Jasper is actually a nice carefree person despite his arrogance he is such an interesting fellow

I really enjoyed his company yesterday

I felt so filled and happy and this may sound funny but I never wanted the moment to end

Hahahaha, am going crazy right!!?

I went towards my door and pulled it open

There stood Jasper all dressed up for work looking as hot as always

My heart beat accelerated immediately dancing and singing at the Greek god that stood before me

We stared at each other as he smiled at me

Oh my Gosh!!!

A smile that pierced through my body and soul

Emmeth get yourself together before you regret this!!

“Hi” I said averting my gaze away from his face

“Good morning pretty” he smiled again

Oh is now pretty no more Elephant!

Men really have their tricks

“Good morning” I replied

“How was your night?” He touched my cheeks which made me almost shudder

“It…it was awesome”

I looked at his face as our eyes met then my eyes stared on his lips making the memory of our first kiss flash through my mind

Gosh emmeth what are you thinking about!!

But this is not only me his eyes was also on my lips

Just then he started leaning towards my face

Oh my God!

Is happening again!

He is gonna kiss me again!

Our faces was inches away from each other. I closed my eyes waiting for his lips to touch mine but what happened was something I never expected

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He planted a soft kiss on my forehead

“Am glad it was good” he whispered to my face

I flicked my eyes open as I nearly hit myself cursing inwardly for my dirty mindset

“Hm” I hummed blinking my eyes feeling embarrassed

“Were you expecting something else,,,you silly Elephant” Jasper chuckled as he poked my forehead with his index finger

Gosh I just want to disapear

“Ex… expecting something…I …I wasn’t expecting anything” I stammered looking down

“Such a red bunny a.k.a Elephant” he chuckled

“You” I rolled my eyes at him

“Breakfast is ready” he held my hand as we decended the stairs to have our breakfast

While eating we would sometime stare at each other and smile


“What do you think you have done?” Mr Watson asked his son who had his head lowered down

But he got know reply from the young man

“What led you into committing such an attrosity?…” He trailed off as he Exhales

“If I haven’t seen this with my own eyes I couldn’t have believed you did it,,, you were such a respected young man son,,,what happened?”

“I didn’t Know what came over me,,, I loved her father,,,I really do love her” Jerry said his head still lowered

Although he is looking like someone who isn’t imprisoned because they aren’t treating him bad as the son of the Watson’s, one of the most prominent men in the city

But someone who doesn’t have freedom. who is under the custody of the police,,,Jerry looked blood drained with bruises on his face which he obtained from Jasper and Eric’s attack

“A married woman?” Mr Watson asked confused on why his son is interested on a married woman

“Yes father,,,I couldn’t resist the feelings” Jerry said

“What do you mean?,,,you have hundreds of young beautiful girls seeking for your attention even models but rather you gave your attention to a married woman, resulting to you kidnapping her” Mr Watson said

“Please father get me a lawyer or even please get me out of here,,,this place sucks” he rubbed his hands

“Don’t you have a lawyer and do you think you can escape this place because this is an attempted rape”

“But i didn’t rape her dad,,, please get me out of here or do you want to see your son rot in jail,,,I was never like this father and you know that,,, please give me another chance” Jerry begged

Mr Watson was in his car going back to the office

His head was leaned back

His eyes were closed

‘Should I leave him to face his crimes,,, but my son was never like this, what truely came over him,,,how am I gonna save him because he falled into the hands of my competitor, the Cullen’s of all peoples’ he thought

Just then his phone started ringing

📞Hello honey” A feminine voice said

📞 Elizabeth love how are you?” Mr Watson asked

📞Am fine,,, Guess what?” She said

📞You of all people should know am not good at guessing” Mr Watson said

📞Gosh,,,when will you change,,,well am at the airport come pick me up” Elizabeth said

📞What!!?, Are you okay?,,, I thought you said you are returning next month?” Mr Watson sat up immediately with a slightly widened eyes

📞Just wanna surprise you” Elizabeth said

📞Gosh!!, Am coming right there now,,,are you okay?” He asked

📞Am fine love,,,I disguised myself,,, am really a pro nobody recognized me” Elizabeth laughed

📞Am coming there now” Mr Watson hanged up the phone

“Revise back,,,we are going to the airport now” Mr Watson said to his driver

“Yes sir” yes sir

An hour later

A woman in her 50s was sitting beside mr Watson

Her head was placed on his shoulder, despite her age she was looking as young as ever

She had a scalf wrapped around her face with a black sun shade on

She is the famous Elizabeth Watson the hot model who had retired but was couching the young aspiring models

Although she has retired but her name still reigns and also she is always seen on magazines because she is a very beautiful woman with nice figure

“I missed you” she kissed her husband’s cheeks

“I missed you more,,,hope you won’t leave again?” Mr Watson asked

“No am back for good” she smiled

Mr Watson smile as they stayed at their position without saying other thing

Few seconds later

“I want my son to be released,,,I can’t handle the feelings of seeing my innocent son been locked up in a cell,,,I know what he did was wrong but we have to get him out” she said with a low voice

Mr Watson inhaled deeply

Yes he has to do anything he can to get Jerry out of the cell prison

Now that his lovely wife have come back to live with them in full


Jasper and his father stood before a grave block which had the imprint of ‘MRS NAOMI CULLENS’

Although Jasper never got to see his mother but his heart is always heavy whenever he came at her grave

He has seen her in the pictures his father has shown him,, his mother was a beautiful lovely woman

His father will always tell him of the many stories about her

His father loved her very much

He never wanted to take a second wife but because of whom will take care of the young Jasper he decided to take in another wife

“Do you think she will be happy?” Mr Cullen’s asked

“Do you think your mother will be Happy whereever she is knowing fully well that her son is falling for her enemy?”

Mr Cullen’s walked and stood before Jasper his eyes were filled up with tears

Jasper looked at his father as sorrow filled his heart

He has never seen his father in such a mood before

Despite the fact they always visit his mother’s grave but Jasper has never seen his father shed tears before him

“They put her in there”

“They deprived you of a mother’s love”

“They made your mother leave us,,,they refused to help me Jasper!!”

“You have to avenge for her,,,you have to make them teast the pains we teasted”

“Why try to make their daughter happy when your heart is bleeding for a mother’s love”

“Open your eyes Jasper,,,they are our enemy,,,you have to clear your eyes and take revenge for your mother!”

Jasper gritted his teeth in anger and sorrow

He cleanched his fists

He wanted to hit something so that he can calm himself down

He walked away from his father immediately

He walked inside a bush as he hit his on a tree making his hands bleed

He continued hitting his hand on the tree not minding the pains it was causing him because his heart bleeds the most

How can he?

He wanted to give his heart to a woman whose father deprived him of a mother’s love

He cursed Himself for his foolishness


This is 11pm in the night and Jasper isn’t back from work

This is unlike him

I don’t know but am literally worried here

I have tried calling him but his line isn’t going

I have tried to sleep but I couldn’t get myself to shut my eyes closed

Am really restless

Just then I heard a car horn

“Thank goodness,,,he is back” I sighed feeling a bit relaxed

But i have to pretend as If have slept off already

I don’t want him to think that I have been up waiting for him all day

I closed my eyes as I heard footsteps accending the stairs

I flicked my eyes open immediately

Gosh I can’t do this !

Let me just take a peep

I walked towards my door as I slightly opened it small enough for me to see outside

But what met my eyes was something I never expected

Jasper had two women in his two hands as they laughed and kissed strolling towards his room

I immediately flipped the door wide open so that he can see me in full

My hands were literally shaking as hot tears were forming in my eyes

But he walked passed me with the girls as if I never existed

“Jas… Jasper” I called with a shaking voice

He halted turning backward as he gave me a cold look that I have never seen before even the ladies that are with him rolled their eyes at me

He turned away as he unlocked his door entering inside with the women but not without giving them a deep kiss on their lips

My eyes couldn’t believe what I saw

My knees became weak

I didn’t know when tears dropped down my eyes

“You” I hit my head with my hands

“You…you should have known he was a player” I hit my head again

“But…but why does it hurt so much” I held my heart as tears flowed down my eyes



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