My Heartbeat

My heartbeat episode 24 – 25


(Rhythm of love❤️ )
Gwennie’s POV
The noise from the crowd quickly made me block my my ears.
I looked over at Hailey who was in smiles.
“Wow’s damn crazy!” she yelled at me against the blaring noise.
“It’s obvi” I said and scanned the hall.
Blue, red and green light splashed on the walls and made the hall look more beautiful…and a fvcking club.
The hall was filled with people with some were shaking their bodies while other just kept shouting like some psychic..

“Here..over there, there’s some empty seats” Hailey yelled pointing to a part which had about six empty seat..

we moved to the direction and sat beside Hailey, Hailey beside Guy and Guy beside Justin.
“Is this how it has always been?” I yelled at Hailey.

“I guess about Alex!” she yelled back..

those crazy annoying noise.

And he this popular.
Suddenly everywhere calmed down.


the lights went out and everywhere became really dark..

what’s going on..

The lights came on again and lots of screams followed..I looked for Hailey and also saw her yelling and waving her hand with smiles.
I looked up at the stage and saw him..


He looked hot, crazy and damn s£xy..

He was putting on not clothes except a little unbuttoned jacket, his hair was dyed crazily in purple and tints of grey..he pant we’re torn in several places and his leg had white sneakers.

“We love you Alexxxxxxxxx!!”

the noise came again and I sighed.
is this some baddies club or something.

“Who’s ready to go crazy toni’t?” I heard him speak and I stood up..

the noise came and I plopped back on the chair..

OK won’t they stop.

I can’t believe this was the same concert hall I once visited..
it’s been totally transformed to a disco hall.

“Who’s in for some crazy shits tonight?” his voice came again and I quickly blocked my ear to prevent the noise but I still heard them..

“If you’re in for something chill can I hear your voice people!!” his voice came again and I blocked my ear.


was silence for a while then the instruments went on..bringing loud beats and noise that was crazy..

everyone screamed again.

The beat went on for a while then he took over..

“She owns my heart’ he voice came like a song.
“My beautiful bad sassy gal’
“Giving a ride like a gallo’in’ horse..
“Making me ask for nothing but more..
“My fvcking bad bitch.
“Those eloquent tips just gimme a hard on
i feel like fvckin somethin, i feel like fvckin somethin really w€t..hard as pork..
The D’s dangling on it’s deck waiting to s-..

I hit my head in frustration.
seriously is this even a song..I could hardly pick his words except for the ‘bad ass’, ‘bitch’, ‘hard on’ and ‘fvcking’…


is bullshit..a song that you can’t even properly get the lyrics..
Well it wasn’t like I expected more..he’s really a bad boy, a big time freak, a player..

I can’t believe girls go crazy for this..

I mean this is totally stupid and disgusting..

Looking at how the girls kept yelling and dancing made me wonder if they actually loved the music, beat or him..


I watched as Hailey joined the crew on dancing and yelling..also getting naughty, I shook the thought to interrupt her and picked up my bag and purse..

Moving through the naughty pews I got to the door and quickly pulled the glassy door to one side then moved out..the school was empty from this floor..and it was slightly dark..

I heard my phone ringing and I opened my purse then took it out..
It was mom..

I sighed as I watched it stop..
oh my..8 missed calls from mom and then 2 from dad and one from Jerold.

I didn’t even inform them I’ll be coming home late.

I slipped the phone back in my phone back into my purse..I’ll have so many explanations to give when I get home..and what would I say, that I stayed out late coz I went to the most stupid and craziest concert I’ve never seen and that it was led by a so called senior.

I sighed and moved to the stairs..running down I inhaled the air once my shoe touched the concrete floor..

“Gwen…wait up”

I faced back and my brows narrowed.


I stopped and watched as he ran to me then stopped in front of me taking in a deep breath he looked at me.
“I didn’t know you were leaving” he said.

“Was I supposed to ask for your permission first?” I asked.


it was damn hard trying to talk harshly to him..hurt him and make him feel bad..
but I just feel like he still need the cold shoulders..

Talking this way to him wasn’t what I wanted and believe me it was damn hard..I don’t even know where I grew such courage from.

“’s just that I had to search really hard for you after Hailey said she doesn’t know where you were a-

“How’s that my business?” I asked and almost punched myself.

he totes didn’t deserve that one.

“Gee Gwen it’s obvious you’re still mad at me, I mean you should but can you please give me a chance to apologize” he said.

I shrugged.

“Listen I know I really loosed control back then, I just spat words that I shouldn’t have said to you because i-i..I don’t know Gwen but I’m really sorry..I’m sorry about everything” he said.

my legs felt wobbly.

“You told me not to care plainly told me to stop acting, that’s what I’m doing..trying to show you who you think I really am it’s-

“Gwen please, those words came on it’s own..I had issues and I took it out on you..I just lost control Gwen..I’m sorry” he said.

“You’re sorry?” I asked.

“I really am” he said.

“I don’t believe you..not even a bit” I said.

OK , why..I can’t even believe what I’m saying right now.

“But Gwen-

my phone started ringing..I sighed and took it out..

“Dad” it read.

I pressed the volume button then slipped it back into my purse and zipped it.

“I really have to go now..please tell Hailey and Guy I had something really serious to attend I had to leave” I said wanting to go but his grip stopped me.

That touch almost made me lose those feelings that followed… So sensational.

“Gwen i-

I slowly pulled away.

“I really have to go..we might talk tomorrow, goodnight”

I ran to the open gate before he could say another word then head to the bus station.

it was almost seven and the bus leaves by seven..I really hope I meet it.

And Justin..he really should try’s not like I don’t wanna forgive him..I just really wants him to feel it.

but somehow I think he has paid enough..he’s really sober..
maybe he really didn’t mean those words.

maybe he just took out something painful on me coz before I approached him that day I knew something was on his mind.
maybe I should just forgive him
Or stay this way for a while.

(Rhythm of love ❤)
Solely dedicated to Wf Gbolar Moore
Gwennie’s POV
I could still feel the ache at the edge of my lips when I got to school the next day…the previous night was pretty tiring and frustrating since I had so many explanations to do/apologies…
Everyone were damn worried about me especially whom I never even thought would blink an eye at my disappearance ‘Jerold’…he scolded me more then angrily went to his room… Or rather stomped.

I rubbed my palm on my hair as I arrived at school, getting to my class which seem slightly scanty I sighted Hailey on her new seat going through something on her phone with Guy, I moved towards them with a smile.
“Hey peeps” I greeted resting my upper butt on the desk in front of them.

“Oh, hey Gwen..’sup?” Guy greeted first with a friendly smile.

“I’m good..Hailey?” I called when I noticed her eyes were still on the phone..acting like she never heard me.

“Hailey?” I called again when she still didn’t look up.

OK she’s really doing this on purpose..

no response.

I exchanged glances with Guy who had a confused look.. Obviously he also seem to be flabbergasted.

“ something wrong?” I asked gently shaking her..

She looked up with a frown.

“No Gwen..nothing’s wrong,I’m just still surprised that my bestie left me at a concert without my knowledge” she said and I secretly rolled my eyes then put up a sober look.

“But I told Jay to inform you that I’d be leaving..didn’t he tell you?” I asked..

“Yeah..of course he did..coz my friend who sat right beside me couldn’ could you do that Gwen?” she asked.

“I’m so sorry best..I just didn’t want to disturb you, seeing how much fun you were having..coupled with the loud music I didn’t want to ruin it up..I’m sorry” I said.

She pouted with a frown.

“Come-on Hailey..I apologized” I pushed her gently.

“Hailey..just forgive me OK, I promise not to do it again” I said and she raised her head up.

“Pinky swears?” she raised her little finger.

“Pinky swears” I said and clutched it with hers.

“Seriously are you girls eleven or what?” Guy said and got a poke from both I and Hailey.

“Ouch! What was that for?” He cried and earn two more pokes as response.

“OK can as well pluck out my eyes” he said gently rubbing his palm.

“An idea for next time” Hailey said and we chuckled.

“Catch ya guys later” I said and walked to my seat.
Settling down beside Justin who eyes were on me I brought out my phone.

“Hi” he said and I faced him then look away.

“Hi” I replied.

going through my gallery’s then clicking on a photo album.

“Crew captains submit your attendance list to the fourth teacher quarters room upstairs” a student a announced interrupting Justin’s sentence.

I shrugged and stood up then looked around..the remaining two partners in my crew were yet to arrive..guess I’ll have to wait for some more minutes..

if they don’t arrive few minute before lunch time then I’ll assume they’ll be absent for the day.

“Roman and Julie are yet to arrive” Justin said.

“I can see that” I said more like yanked.

“You’re still mad at me huh?”

I rolled my eyes

“Don’t go there now Jay..I’ve got more important things on my mind” I said.

wait..did I just say that..
more important things??
really Gwen..???

I faced him and saw a look that I could describe as hurt in his eyes.

“It’s OK, I get don’t have to say anything” he said looking elsewhere.

“Jay I’m-

“I get it Gwen.. Really I do” he said lowly.

Geez..that was rude… And really he didn’t deserve that..

Geez knows I didn’t mean it that way..

I opened my mouth to say something but shut it back when I lost courage and focus on my phone which now happens to be the last thing on my mind.

“Good day class” a teacher walked in..

“Good day ma’am..


“Good day Mrs Jacob” we corrected.

“So we’ll be going straight to practicals and notes..time’s not on our side” she took out a long note from her bag “Everyone bring out your instruments”

Two hour to break the two remaining members of the crew arrived..I quickly took the attendance in a full scalp sheet and waited until break to do the submission to whoever.
“Good day class and crew captains remember to submit the team assignment first thing tomorrow morning” she said, packed her notes and walked out.

Students trooped out I’m twos and trios to the cafeteria..I walked to Hailey.

“I’ve gotta submit the attendance..will you please get me two hams on your way back” I said to her.
“And a chocolate smoothie”

“Sure..I will, go ahead” she said..I muttered a word of thanks then ran through the hallway and to the stairs..

getting to the second floor..I took the stairs two at a time to the next floor then I turned and head to the staff’s quarters, getting there I moved toward the fourth floor.
“Alexander J. McCormick” I read the inscription on the door and sighed.

the stupid freak.
Like yesterday’s shit wasn’t enough..

I took a deep breath and knocked, it took a while before I heard a rustled come in..

But thinking of it now I guess might not remember’s been days since we last met or rather saw.

taking in another deep breath and placing a palm on my forehead, I turned the knob, pulled the door in and took a step forward…seeing his face bent on a book I fully entered the room and closed the door behind me..a strong scent of manly Cologne hit me, it was like a mixture of fruits..

I stood there gazing confusedly at him and waiting for him to look up, he raised his head up at me, took it back to the paperwork then sharply raised them again in some kinda alarm.

His eyes studied me and a smirk appeared on his lips .

“Long time no see..softie” he said..more like mocked coz I saw the stupid smirk on his face.

That was so informal.

He does remember me..this jerk.

“It’s Gwen..and we’re not friends that we should see all the time” I said.

“Oops, it’s not nice to say ‘Not friends’ I once advised you remember?” he said and my lips twitched.

“And I still regret ever giving a try”

“And why are you here?” he asked.

“I was told to submit the attendance to you”

“’re a crew captain?” he asked with his brow narrowed for a while.

“What does it look like?”

“ ‘a captain’?”

“As you can see” I said rather sarcastically.

“I thought crew members were chosen from how full up there is” he said and I scoffed.

Does he seriously thinks I’m dumb or something.

“Too bad I happen to be much more intelligent than you imagined” I said walking toward his table.

He smirked.

“wasn’t talking about brains nor intelligence…I meant what’s up there” he said and nudged his head toward the upper part of my body..

I traced his eyes and it landed on my chest..
My [email protected]
Really.. Alexander McCormick.. Really?

This freak.

“I mean you’re more like a toddler” he mockingly added then smirked..

I felt that urge to punch his too curly fallen hair.

“I’d take that as a compliment..your words no longer have those crazy effects on me” I said setting down the pad which had the attendance.

“We both know they moment you act a saint, next you follow some crazy advise” he face to his paperwork

“Crazy freak!” I yanked then took a breath “I’ll be on my way now” I said and head to the door..


The sharp noise stopped me and I slowly faced back.

“fvck..dang it!” Alex slowly muttered under his breath.

I looked over at the direction Where the sound came and my eyes landed on so many scattered paperwork on the floor close to a shelf.
My eyes went back to him and our eyes met.
I ruffled my hair a little.

“Pick it up” he suckled on his lower lips for a while “And set it accordingly back on it’s shelf” he said shifting some strands of hair off his face..

I scoffed then gave him a straight glare..

“Last time I checked I was still a student here not some cleaner” I said.

“And last time I checked you were still one of my students who should literally obey what I say” I eyed him “five minutes to do the picking” he faced back at his paperwork.

I eyed him with twitched lips.
And one minute to ruin those stupid curly hair on his ugly head…I muttered to my subconscious.

He raised up his head with some alarm..making me wonder if I actually said those words aloud..

Wait..did I..
He narrowed his eyes.

“Countdown is still on..

Duh.. Who cares.

I rolled my eyes then dragged my feet toward the paperwork..getting there I bent towards it..

“Don’t forget..I want it packed and placed according to it’s serials” he said and I twisted my face at him a scary glare.

“Dummy” he muttered then laughed.

I concentrated on the work, taking a handful of paperworks I carefully arranged them on another separate place on the floor then put them on top each other according to the lowest number on them..

“I saw you at my concert..didn’t know you were a fan of me” he said and I looked up at him then back at the work.

“Actually I’m not, I didn’t even plan friend practically dragged me there” I said..

“Cheap lie..well I’m not surprised, I mean I’ve got lot of fans..especially from the ladies, but I really didn’t think you’d come” he flipped through a page “as a fan” he added.

“I’m not a fan..OK, I’m really not some girls that are literally obsessed with you” I defended..peeking a quick glance at him.

“Then why were you there?”

“Haven’t you been listening..I said Hailey insisted I follow her”

“Hailey?” He asked.

“she’s my friend” I said.

“Oh” he breathed “way more bigger than you, huh?” He added more like mocked..

I shook my head at his comment and kept mute..picking another handful of paperwork.

“I’ll take that as a ‘yes’ ”
I sighed.

“So tell enjoyed my show?”

I scoffed..
Enjoyed what
That piece of shit..

“So much that I had to leave…honestly man, you were horrible” I eyed him.
“Lamest concert ever” I wryly added.

I felt his eyes on me then a slight chuckle followed.

“Everyone liked it..” he paused “they always have” He shrugged.

What obsession does..

“ much for inner blindness”

“That’s a thing?”
He raised a brow.

“I don’t care..but seriously, I’m really surprised that most people enjoyed that wasn’t even up to what my lil bro could put up” I said.

“An indirect compliment…mmmm”

“It’s not a compliment” I set a stack of paperwork on the lower shelf. “I was surprised at everyone’s reaction”

“So, you can do more better?”

“Much, more better..” i paused to look at him “I wonder what they’ll do when they get to listen to reality” I focused back on the on hand work.

He laughed.

“I’ve been the best right before you even knew Sheppard’s…what makes you think they’ll pick you over me..a genius”

“Well, for starters I guess they will once they get to realize that my song’s true music..from the heart..not some random butt, b00b, fvck, s£x song” I set another stack of book on the lower shelf.

“You’re so sure of yourself ain’t you?”

“Damn well”

He set the paperwork aside and shifted his chair toward my direction..

“Wanna prescribe a little to me?”

“Don’t think so…piracy’s one thing I detest”

“ think I’ll steal your work?” He yanked.

“Didn’t say that sire..was only trying to be extra careful”

“Seriously..I’m not that type of person” he said.

“Yeah..there are still so many things I never thought you could do..but you did, so let’s say I don’t believe that”

He chuckled.

I completed the first stack then tiptoed when my hand couldn’t reach the upper shelf..

I groaned as I stretched more..trying effortlessly to get there..

I looked at him and found him staring at me in some sort of amusement.

I feel back on my feet, taking in a deep breath and adjusting myself once more I stretched to the upper shelf with the stack raised above me..

I missed a step and was about falling when I felt a strong arm on my waist..keeping me in place and slowly lifting me to the shelf..

I swallowed and looked behind me..
Seeing his blue eyes on mine and his raised brows I reached the shelf and dumped the book..

He slowly lowered me to the ground but his hand didn’t leave my waist..

I faced him confusingly and he smiled then lowered me making my back to rest on an arm..

My face was in his direction and I noticed a smile across his lips..I gulped as I took in the awkward scene..


I was about asking but stopped when I saw his face coming down to mine..

Our lips were only few inches when his lips went to my neck..
Slowly wiping it with his nose tip.

“How about we place a bet.. A mash-up music challenge?” He asked..

I shut my eyes then took in a deep breath..
Opening them back I gulped.

“Um..i-i-i don’t understand” I said taking another breath.

His nose went to my ear and he nuzzle it around.

“A and I” he whispered “let’s see who gat more music spirit” he said.

“Uh-huh?” I asked..unsure.

“You in?” He asked..

I gulped.


“Why..scared huh?”

“No..can you stop doing that?” I asked when I felt his warm breath on my ear.


“Just let go off me” I whispered.

His face came to mine..

“ want something else..?” He paused “more electrifying”

“No..please no, let me go”

He chuckled mockingly.

“Why?” He asked “you’d take the bet?”

“Yes..I mean, no,no..

What the fvck is this guy doing to me..
And why the heck am I stuttering?!!

“Get off me” I whispered biting my lower lip..

His gaze went to my lip…
He used his free hand and traced my lower lip..reaching its edge he touched the upper one and traced it..
Then bent his head.

“What d-doing?”

“Trying to kiss you”


“” I breathed out.

“I want to..” his lip was almost on mine “kiss you”

He finally let his lip get down to mine—–
How’d you see this chapter??

Your suspense author decided to stop here..

Gimme something different.. I’ll pay back..

Solely dedicated to Wf Gbolar Moore ♥♥♥

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