My Husband's Dark Request

My Husband's Dark Request – episode 6


Don’t worry, I’ll be quick… I almost had a hærd-on staring at you in church and if I don’t relieve myself right now, I’m bound to have blue balls.” While saying all these, he never tried to stop from getting under my skirt.

When I protested the more, scared of being caught by Susan, in case she decided to come looking for her son herself, Jude simply turned my chest to the wall, got my undies out of the way and humped away. It was while it was it that we heard the loud screeching of a car outside and an exclamation from someone, startled by the sound, Jude ej×c×lated in,side of me, tucked himself back into his p-nts and hurried off to see what had happened.

I got myself together too and went out just in time to see Susan and my husband rushing outside the house and we found Jude on his knees, weeping with his bloodied son in his arms. We were soon gathered by a growing crowd. Susan refused to be consoled as she rolled on the ground, tearing her scarf off her head and wailing helplessly.

 An onlooker told us that the child had been chasing one or the rabbits which we kept in the compound and often let them roam about. The rabbit must have escaped from the compound and in a bid to capture it, the boy had been knocked down by a car whose driver quickly zoomed off from fear of being lynched.

My husband grabbed his car keys, started the car and soon, we were on our way to the hospital. When the doctor examined the boy, he said immediate blood transfusion was needed. While Susan panicked about her son’s life and at the same time about her secret, Jude was tested but much to our dismay, his blood didn’t match. Desperate to save the boy’s life, my husband offered and surprisingly his blood did and while we were excused from the Ward so that the boy could be treated, I was already waiting for my husband with questions.

“How is it possible that your blood matched his?” I demanded and my husband stammered, unable to meet my eyes.

Jude who had been fuming suddenly attacked him, shoving him to the floor and repeatedly punching his face. Susan and I tried to separate them but Jude roughly shrugged us away and continued to pummel my husband who was unable to defend himself.

Several orderlies rushed to break up the fight and when Jude yelled these words at my husband, my heart sank: “You frigging bastard! You think you can get away with it, right?! I have been waiting for this very day! You thought I had no idea that you screwed my wife while I was out of town! I had my suspicions but I just needed something like this to confirm that you had really gotten down with my wife! You conceited assh-le! Always thinking your damn money would get you anything you want!”

“What!” my l-ips quivered as I glanced from Susan to my husband in shock. “Is it true? Are you David’s father? How? When?” I asked, my voice teary. I had had my suspicions about the boy. He had a striking resemblance to my husband but I had waved the thought off because I trusted my husband and Susan didn’t seem like his kind of woman.

Bleeding, my husband managed to say. “It happened seven years ago and I never intended for such to happen. I went to check on Susan during one of Jude’s many trips like he asked me to. I was a bit tipsy because I had just returned from the club. Susan hit on me, I can’t really recall but I woke up next to her, unclad. It was only that once!” he pleased.

I turned to look at Susan who had a mixture of angry and guilty look on her face. “Susan, why?” I inquired. “You knew he was my fiance and we were planning to wed the next year. Why would you do that to me?! I thought we were friends!”

“Just shut your trap and stop acting the saint!” she spat and I was stunned by her reply. “Are you not also sleeping with my husband?! Here I was being a fool and confiding in you about my husband’s adulterous ways, not knowing that you were the culprit! You betrayal! You make me sick!” she indignantly spat in disgust.

I swallowed hærd now. “What do you mean?” I nervously asked.

“You think I didn’t see you both digging it through the window behind the house? You should have seen your face?! You stupid barren bitch!”

My husband frowned in confusion as he stared at me unable to believe his ears. “You are still sleeping with Jude?”

To Be Continued

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