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My life in royal hill high school episode 55


My life in Royal Hill High School
Episode 55
Written by Humble Smith
Jeremy’s POV
I sat quietly in the plane with my heart heavy, Sophia was sitting beside me and I felt like crying, I just wish she would turn to Anne in a twinkle of am eye, I wish I would just wake up from and find out all these happening were dreams,
We sat gently with our face thrown away from each other..
“Finally we failed??” Sophia broke the silence, I took a deep breath and faced the window, the past days with Anne came replaying through my memory, starting from that day I met her selling fruit, I had never knew i would have anything to do with her, we even hurl insult to each other that day, she had been the only lady that had talked back at me and the funny part was that I did not felt angry, I just wanted to act like I was angry and that was why I pushed off her tray.. I never knew she would cry, I never knew I would feel sorry but it just happened.. Her cry touched the deepest part of my heart, her tears caused streaks of pain in my heart, I was surprised at what I felt, I had thought I would never see her, I had thought she was gone after that moment, I was really praying to see her again then without knowing why, words can’t explain how my heart leaped for joy when I saw her in the school, when she was admitted into the school, I suddenly never wanted to go back to America..
All these led to our love live, our love was pure and I need no soothsayer to know she was my soulmate.. The best I wanted to do for her is to act the scene with her because it would make her very rich and would really became a celebrity, her life would change totally..
Tears rolled down as I turned to my side praying I would see Anne only to see Sophia,
“Anne I’m sorry” I muttered remembering that her fate lies in the hand of Jaden, I felt guilt surge into me for not being able to save her, I was the one who put her into these trouble, now I had just left her to suffer all alone..
“Sophia, I would disappear immediately we get to America, I don’t mind jumping into the ocean, I don’t think I would forgive myself if I leave Anne all alone in your father’s care, who knows of she is dead already, I can’t go and act any scene when my love is back there passing through a lot..” I said and she smiled
“You don’t have to do that, I’m Jaden’s daughter, all through my life had been hell with him, I have no right on my own, i does his wish without hesitation, he uses me any how he wants, I have passed through many pain from him, I want him to feel a little pain , I would be the one to vanish, all he planned for would be shattered by me just the same way he shatters my joy, when I disappears, he would know that I can not be his slave forever…” She poured out emotionally with tear falling freely..
I drew her head and rested it on my chest feeling her pains, I know how heartbreaking it is to be controlled by someone else, when you can’t do things on your own depending on the command of someone else..
“I’m sorry for what you are going through, I am sure we would still pass through this” I soothed
“Would you propose to me after the scene?” She asked and I arched my brow bringing her face to my view..
“Propose?” I asked confused
“You promised the viewers that in the next scene you would…”
“Shhhh..” I hushed placing my index finger across his lips
“I don’t want to think about that..” I breathed feeling my heart burdened..
“Well I would shock my dad with what I’m going to do!” She said..
“Don’t you think he may even kill you for that?” I asked and she shrugged
“Its better he kills me!” She muttered..
I took a deep breath and turned my gaze back to the window in deep thought of no other person than Anne..
I felt useless, how couldn’t I save her when she needed me most?
What kind of boyfriend am i?
I just pray a miracle should happen,
I just pray some wah some how, Anne would appear to me in America and act that scene,
I pray it happens even though of seems totally impossible..
💔Richard’s POV💔
I stood at the airport gazing at the space, I don’t actually know what to do.. The press of the school had came not long ago asking about Anne and Jeremy which I lied that they had gone for the scene registration, I couldn’t just bear the shame of telling them that Anne my daughter would not act the scene with Jeremy, everyone knows she is the one, they had given her great respect for being Jeremy’s girlfriend and someone to become a popular celebrity.. I can’t just tell them now that Anne would not act, it would bring scorn on me especially when they sees Sophia acting Jeremy, many people will laugh at Anne, it would look like she has been dumped, they would believe Anne was nothing to Jeremy.. I would not be able to take the shame of my child being called a cheap whore or a desperate slut.. Everyone is very anxious to see what would happen, it has been trending that Jeremy has dumped Anne but many couldn’t believe because the scene has not been acted, there was no doubt they would draw their conclusion the very moment they sees Jeremy with Sophia on the stage..
My heart is restless and troubled, I had came to the airport to inspect the airplane which would be used to transport the student tomorrow, i had finished the inspection but couldn’t leave, the fact that every other student would attend the competition excluding my own daughter really made me go gaga..
“Sir is there any problem?” One of my guard said and I breathed feeling guilt, if I can’t save my only daughter I’m I worthy to be called a father?
I picked up my phone and dialed George’s number, it was switched off, that alone made my heart heavy,
“I have lost! I’m not worthy to be called a father!” I snorted to myself before stomping to my car, I am just so angry right now!!!
Just as I made to enter my car, my phone rang, it was George, I sighed jn relief before picking it..
“Hello what is it? What do you want?..say it out and it would be given to you, all I just need is for you to bring back my daughter before tomorrow, I need to send her to America , she needs to act with Jeremy, please don’t let me be laughed at, don’t let me be scorned at, please George, this is the only favour I had asked from you..help me for helping you even if it is this once” I said soberly..
“I would not only make sure your daughter acts with Anne, I would also present the corpse of Jaden to the world after I had made his true identity known, I would make sure I destroy him, I don’t care if I die, I must fight him to the last!” George said with the most stern voice I had ever heard, I could sense pain and anguish in his voice..
“When will I see my daughter? when!!!!” I shouted in emotions..
“She will act that scene with Jeremy, just trust me” he said and cut the call..
“Ohh shit!!! What if he fails? I haven’t seen any improvement so far!! This is getting me crazy!!” I grunted and slumped on the seat of the car..
💖George’s POV💖
“I feel sorry for Richard” I said after dropping the call
“Why??” Lara asked
“He is being overstressed for Anne, he couldn’t have rest because he wants to ensure Anne is safe, how would he feels hearing that Anne is not his daughter, I think he may faint, it would really be a big blow to him..” I purred and she sighed
“I think we shouldn’t tell him, he doesn’t need to hear it, if we keep the secret, no one would know and everything would go fine..” She said and I flopped down on the couch,
“What if Jaden finds out?” I asked and she arched her brow
“I pray he doesn’t before his death” she breathed
“He wouldn’t get to know because I would make life miserable for him, I would give him a slow death that would make him understand how it feels to be pained!” I growled
“So he is meeting you at the address tomorrow right?” She asked and I shook my head
“He is meeting the cops and not me” I said with a lopsided smile
“What if he doesn’t come? Don’t you think he may see this as a trap and stay back” she inquired
“I would make my number traceable, my phone would be left in that area making him think I’m there, the cops would be there to keep them busy as we embark on the release of Anne and Steve” I said and she nodded with a smile..
“I trust you”
“Hey dude, what do you want from me??” A text popped in my email..
“Give me your personal number, we need to talk on a serious issue” I typed and send it..
“That’s my number, don’t try tracking it because it would be a waste of time because it is strongly protected” his message came in..
“That would actually serve as one of the reason for you to be called a hardened criminal” I send
“What do you mean?” He send
“If you are just a business tycoon, I don’t think it would be necessary protecting your number” I send
“You are a fool, it’s normal, my enemy may they finding my location so as to kill me” he send making me laugh..
“If I shows you my ID card as an agent working for the country, would you allow me get access” I send
“You are stupid, I don’t thinking I have time talking with you, go ahead and do your worst!!!” He send..
I quickly dialed his number which he picked immediately..
“What do you want you little brat!!!” He fired, I laughed
“Hey dude so happy hearing your voice, I would also love seeing you” I said and he growled
“You may succeed seeing me but it would be the last time you would see my face because I would make sure I plant a bullet into those empty skull of your!!” He thundered..
“The day I would see your face is the day you will go to hell, you would not want to see me because I would send you to your grave!” I huffed
“Wow I love this! You are threatening me? You don’t really know who I am” he scoffed breathing heavily
“I know you as a murderer, I know you as a rapist, I know you as a kidnapper..I know you as that man who wants to do anything to protect his reputation even when he is evil, you want the world to see you as a good man..but..I promise you, I would destroy those dreams, I would make the world knows who you are, I would make sure the world turn against you, I would kill you the same way you killed my parent!!!!!” I shouted emotionally as the scene of their death flashed through my mind..
“Uhm..I don’t know you really..but know this.. I would trace you and get you, I would kill you the same way i killed your good for nothing parent..” He spited and I felt my heart heavy..
I was really fuming, this words really got me, I was really close to tears..
The fact that I was speaking with the man who assembled his men and slaughtered my parent really made my leg grow weak that I felt like falling..
“Are you still there little boy?” I heard Jaden’s voice from my phone’s speaker..
“That boy you call a little boy is now a full grown man who had became very strong ready to fight his enemy, he was kept alive so he can take revenge and he is coming for you!” I snorted and hung the call..
“Let go catch some sleep, you know tomorrow would really be a big day” Lara said holding me palm..
“Okay..I can’t even wait for tomorrow to come” I said as we head to the room..
💖Jaden’s POV💖
I am really fuming now, I feel insulted, how could I be threatened by a little punk out there, it is really depressing..
I would meet this man tomorrow but one thing is assured, he won’t stay alive after that our meeting..
I lay on the bed staring at the ceiling, I couldn’t help the smile that escaped my lips as I saw how far I had gone and how close I am to my long time dream, after many years of planning, after many year of setting strategies, I’m now close to the end..
Jeremy’s father would be totally shocked at what would befall him, this would be the greatest betrayal he would ever experience, who knows he may die of high blood pressure when he gets to know what I’m going to do..
I laughed out loud as I viewed him crying bitterly in my mind..
When the tie is strongly connected through the marriage of my daughter and Jeremy, my plans would never have a hitch, it would be very easy..
I can’t just wait!!
I quickly put a call to one of my bodyguard who was with Jeremy and Sophia..
“Have you guys gotten there?” I asked
“Yeah, we are heading to the hall” he said
“Give the phone to Jeremy, I want to speak with him!” I instructed and it was carried out immediately..
“I don’t want to speak with you, your voice irks me” I heard Jeremy’s voice sob and I smiled
“Hey dude, I just want to inform you that on no account should your father know all that happened here, you should keep those mouth of yours shut!” I blurted and he chuckled.
“Guess you are afraid my father may nab you?” He sneered
“Think what ever you like, my guards are watching you, I swear, I would kill Anne if I gets to hear that you told your father anything bad about me, I promise you, I would kill her!” I warned sternly,
I could see how tensed he became, he couldn’t say any word again and I was very happy I got him, I would never allow Anne to slip away from my hand because with her, I can control Jeremy..
“Take care!” I said and hung the call..
I let out a wide grin and closed my eyes waiting for sleep to come, just then, my mind flashed back to that caller, I shivered a little knowing that he has a video clip that can tarnish my good fame,
I can really clear my name but it would take some time and I don’t just have the time to start answering questions from investigators, I don’t have time to start going from one station to another, I have a lot to do with my time and that’s why I wants to comply, he said he needs money, I would give him any amount provided that he deletes the video, after I’m sure he has delete it, I would send my men to kill him, I just don’t want that video to come out..
“I will meet be meeting you tomorrow, let’s talk like men” I typed and send it..
I flung my phone away and closed my eyes to sleep,
The guy said I killed his parent, I don’t even know which one actually because I have taken many lives, any one who had dared me always end in their grave and I’m sure this guys case wouldn’t be different.
I woke up the next day very early, I need to meet this man before heading to America to witness my daughter and Jeremy act on stage, I had been able to change our time of meeting to 5:00 which he had agreed without hesitation,
I quickly called him..
“Hey guy are you coming?” His voice sounded and I fumed
“I would but I’m afraid you may not be there” I said
“Okay, I think I would turn on my location so you can trace me with my phone..” He said with a short laugh..
“We would keep talking on phone till I reach there so I would be sure you are with uoir phone” I said with a smirk as I know he wouldn’t agree because that would make me get him..
“Yes I agree, when you start coming, you let me know” he said and I was left dumbfounded at what he said, I couldn’t believe he was really serious to meet me even when he knows I wouldn’t spare him, he is a single man who can’t get many cops at a time, I guess he doesn’t know how dangerous I am..
I couldn’t help ggs laugh that escaped met lips, I can’t wait to see the brave guy who would meet his grave today..
“Come to my room right now” I said into a device I was holding.
Just immediately, my chief security rushed in..
“Get my best men prepared, we are going to get someone, tell my computer gurus to keep a track on this number, let them tell me when it changes direction” I said and he bowed taking the number..
He left and I laughed again, how can someone who is weeping over his dead parent try fighting the killer without knowing that the killer can equally kill him..
Oh God!
This is really funny..
I checked the time and it was 4:36am, the day has really brightened up..
I quickly got prepared, I can’t wait to see him, I’m too curious to see this guy who seeks for my presence..
“Have you gotten the location?” I asked my computer who was operating the system.
“Yea, check it out” he said handing a device to me..
The address of the phone was exactly at the address the guy sent to me..
I arched my brow and out a call to him immediately.
” Hello guy, you are there already right?” I asked with a smirk
“Yeah, I don’t want to lose this opportunity to meet you” he said and I nodded
“I’ll be there in a jiffy, can’t wait to see you” I said and dropped the call..
“Someone wants to meet me” I said with laughter.
“Seriously?” He exclaimed
“A poor boy who want to revenge his parent death without knowing that hw would be going there with them..” I laughed and walk outside to my car..
💕George’s POV💕
“Omg! How could you do that? You were talking to him from this place and your location is showing another address” Lara exclaimed surprisedly
“That is what a secret agent like me can do, let’s start going” I said and carried the bag of filled with guns and ammunitions..
“We have just an hour to finish up, Jaden would find out all our tricks immediately he gets there, we have to finish up before he notice anything” I said as we drove off..
His call came in again and I smiled
“I’m driving there now so, keep the call going” he said
“Okay” I replied and turned off the sound from the surrounding so he wouldn’t hear us drive..
We reached the road that leads into the building, I parked the car and pick out the some guns and gases while Lara did the same..
“Can you really use a gun?” I asked with concern..
“I’m good at that, don’t worry” she said and pecked my lips, I was lost for few seconds, the peck was short and sweet that I wish I can start kissing her but I would be a dead meat if I should waste time..
We got prepared and dash into the route which was silent and void of human, we walked deeper and deeper till we finally got to the building..
“Hey are you still there? I’m still driving” I heard Jaden’s voice from the earpiece I plunged in my ear..
“I’m waiting patiently” I replied and glanced at the building which doesn’t look like a place anyone was living,
We quickly wore our face mask and ran in..
“We have to secret get to their control room and switch off every connections so Jaden would not be informed of our attack” I said and she nodded..
I reached the porch of the building and saw a security guard watching us..
“Hey who are you?” He asked as he saw us..
“Jaden sent me to bring this to the computer engineer” I said and he scrutinized me with his eyes
“You are well armed to attack how..”
“Ohh we were chased my the cops on our way here, so we have to be this way to bring down anyone wjk tries to attack us..” I said
I kept my gaze on him and I saw him try informing the other guard, I quickly fired a quick shot into his chest with a silencer..
In word his uniform in a jiffy then took Lara by the hand as we both walked into the building..
“Who are you?” The guards kept asking but would nod their head whenever I shows them my ID card as a guard , I had forged it yesterday after seeing it being held by one of the guard in the video of the rape..
I finally got to the control room after much effort..
“Hey who are you?” The man operating the system questioned immediately..
“Calm down, just comply, switch off all communication now!!” I thundered and he raised his brow at me..
I pointed the gun to his head but he wasn’t afraid..
“I don’t care if you kill me, om not doing it” he said with finality..
I cockes the gin but still yet he wasn’t moved..
This made me mad and I fired three shot into his belly..
“Lara go to the door, make sure no one comes in here” I said and she nodded and walked away..
I sat on the seat and started operating the system which has almost everything encrypted, I kept on breaking in from one to another, it took a very long time than I expected,
Just then I heard Jaden’s voice..
“I’m already there, hope you are in that building?” He asked, his question freezed me and for some time I don’t know what to say,
“Ohh are you afraid I may kill you, oh no, we are only going to talk” he said
“I’m waiting” I said and he laughed..
I put a call to my fellow agent which I had assembled
“He is there right now, attack him!” I said and returned back to the system, after some time, i was able to disconnect it..
“Its time!” I said to Lara and we both proceed out..
We started firing bullet bringing down many of the men, it was easy as none of them was trained enough to stand me, I qaa even surprised at Lara’s skill, we were able to bring many of the guard in some minutes..
“Where is Anne and Steve? I questioned one of the guard who was writhing in pain due to the bullets in his belly..
“I..I..” He kept stuttering in fear and I pushed the gun into his mouth making him muffle in horror..
“Room..room..” He couldn’t finish his word before dying .
“Shit!!!” I cursed and head to the hallway..
I started going into many room, there were kids who were kidnapped, they were adults who were kidnapped, they were some who were already dead, these are the people o kept seeing in each room, my heart was broken, the kids were looking at me innocently and I felt like saving them but I couldn’t, I finally got to a room and saw Steve lying helplessly there..
Oh God..
I called Lara but she wasn’t picking, guess she would be in a fist battle with someone, I left Steve and rush to the other room, it was locked but I used some of my techniques to open it,
There was Anne sitting on the bed with tears all over her face, she was shivering and hadn’t even glance at me thinking I came to hurt her..
“Anne get dressed” I shouted and she cringed and stared at me..
“Who are you??” She asked totally befuddled..
“That isn’t necessary now, if you want to be with Jeremy, just get dressed and follow me” I said and she sprang up immediately,
She pulled off her dress without minding I was there, I could see how anxious she was, she rushed to the bathroom and in a few minute she was out n@ked,
Omg, this girl really love Jeremy..
She wore her undies and put on a pink classy gown that really adorned her body..
“Let’s go” she said and held my hand..
We both ran off forgetting Steve..
“Lara where are you?” I asked
“I’m at the gate, come let’s go!” She said and just as I made to reach the gate, I remembered Steve..
“Oh shit!!!” I cursed
“Let’s go!!” Lara shouted
“I have forgotten Steve, he is there in the building!” I exclaimed
“I just read a message that came into your phone, one of your men says Jaden is coming here, he said someone informed him of our attack” she said and my eyes widened
“Should I leave Steve?” I asked myself
“Let’s go! I don’t want to leave you!!” Lara squealed with tears..
“I can’t leave him.. I..I..”
“Let’s go please” she pleaded with tears, she held my hand but i detached it immediately..
“I’ll not forgive myself if I leave him there” I said..
“Please save Steve, he is the reason why I’m alive, he risked his life to save me” Anne spoke up for the first time..
“I’ll do that dear, you can leave with Lara, take her to my house!” I instructed but Lara stood still without moving..
“If you die in the hand of Jaden, I would never forgive my self, I would kill myself, Jaden has taken a lot from me, I don’t want to lose you to him, you are the one I have” she purred with tears rolling down freely
“I’ll be safe” I muttered even when it doesn’t seem to be true..
“George I love you” she cried
“I love you too” I replied
“I wish we can leave, that would make us safe” she sobbed
“But someone would die, Steve doesn’t have to die, he got his parent, he got his siblings, he got Sophia his girlfriend, Sophia would be heartbroken to hear of his death” I said and she hugged me tightly
“I pray you are safe” she mumbled
“Start going!!” I shouted and they both entered the car and zoomed off while I ran into the building .
💕Lara’s POV💕
Just as we got out of the route, I sighted Jaden and his men sped in..
My heart hitched..
Oh no…
To be continued..
George is dead!!!
Let me start crying..

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