Sequelea of souls episode 7



🖤Souls🖤 (Skoll and Hati)

Episode 7

✍created and written by. Madu Shedrack


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And they stares at each others face closely and Skoll was just about to shake his head when Gaia grabbed him on his head and started kissing him.

Which Skoll as well grabbed her two as they keep kissing each other.

While Gaia quickly grab Skoll’s shirt and started unbuttoning it.

She started from the up and unbuttoned it to the last one as she grabbed his head.

And again gives him a very deep kiss that made a slight sound.

“Easy…! Easy…!” A voice sounded on their back which made Gaia to turned back so quick.

Just for her to look at her back she saw two young men watching them.

Skoll can of course recognize one of them which is Hati his twin brother.

And for Dino? He totally doesn’t know who he is and where he came from.

Besides immediately Gaia turned and saw Hati and Dino standing besides them with a gun.

She quickly gets up on top of Skoll and set her hand readily at Hati.

The first thing that Hati sighted was the hand that she set for him.

His eyes was shown as it stares closely at that fingers of Gaia as he nods his head silently.

Which means that he has already read the highest move of Gaia’s magical powers.

And Besides when Skoll sighted them and saw that it was Hati he just felt more relaxed on the ground.

Although he know that Hati have come to do nothing but to blame him rather which he obviously deserves to be blamed.

“Who are you and what do you want?” Gaia said to Skoll as she is already setting her magic attacks.

“Wo ho… Look at those hands” Hati said with a smile as he looks around.

Then he first of all get to the window of this room and looks at outside.

And just for him to discover that they are upstairs.

They are very far away from ground, they are at the last story of the building.

So while he stares at it he then turned back and took a chair and sat down properly while Dino was standing besides him.

So while he was sitting he looks at Gaia’s hand again as he gives out a smirk.

“Wow… Nice attack! I like your style” Hati said while Gaia was staring at him with a confused face.

Because with the way she is looking at Hati he looks so harmless.

But what she is beginning to be afraid off is that he looks exactly like Skoll.

It was just like as if they made his clown with magic to attack them.

So she slowly brings her hand down as she arranges her hair backwards.

“What do you want?” Gaia asked.

“Like you did not notice our face?” Skoll asked as he gently gets up from the ground where he was laying.

And then slowly walks to Gaia and stand besides her.

“His my twin brother” He whispered to her in her ear which made Gaia to stare at him in shock with her eyes widely opened.

But then Skoll left her behind and steps forward to meet up with Hati.

“Hey… Am Glad you found us” Skoll said to Hati and Hati gives out a brief cough.

As he fold his fingers and used it to cover his mouth and after the cough.

He then continued looking at Skoll who doesn’t know how to assert himself.

“I know that you are aware that something has taking off, something very bad” Skoll said as he places his right hand on top of the chair that is closed to him.

And then he blinks his eyes and looks at the ground in a sorrowful and painful way.

But still yet Hati did not utter a word to him but instead looking at him silently.

“We have to do something…” Skoll was still saying then Hati interrupted angrily.


“Shut the fuck up you fool! You are so stupid and useless at the same time!” Hati said to Skoll.

And then Skoll placed his two hands inside his pocket and watches Hati with a dangerous look on his face.

He gives out a brief smiled as he turns to look at Gaia who was busy looking at the two of them.

When he looks at Gaia, Gaia flapped her shoulder at him which means that she had nothing to say.

After all this is a family matter, although she is trying to help but she had not to interrupt this one.

After he looked at her and she flapped her shoulder at her he then turned back to Hati.

And placed his right hand on his chest as he takes a breathe.

“With all this thing that you said? Are you actually referring….” Skoll was still asking but by then Hati interrupted again.

“Oh yes I mean you! Am referring to you!” Hati said as he angrily stands up from his seating position and points Skoll on his face.

And even ended up pushing Skoll backward in anger.

“Yes you! You are dumb!” Hati said with a loud voice.

“Hati you need to calm down! This is not time for this!” Skoll said in a loud voice too.

“Oh yes I will not, why did you not make use of the best opportunity you have and bring her home safely!”

“You lost her to the enemy!”

Hati said as he angrily used his leg and kick the chair.

Which crashes out of the glass window with force and that means that it broke the glass window into pieces.

And then Gaia gives out a silently clap as she jams her hand slowly.

Because she is beginning to notice something amazing about Hati.

“You lost her because you were foolish and senseless at a time” Hati said out of anger.

But this very word from him really went inside Skoll and unleashed his beast anger.

So while he stares at Hati silently he offers out a smirk as he steps closer to him.

“I spent years squatting and of course living with you”

“Trying to bring the best out of us together, but I never knew that I spent my life living with a dumb ass as a twin brother !” Skoll said angrily.

And this word from him too rippled Hati’s heart too but he is just managing himself not to face Skoll in a combat.

“Father chased us away because of your foolishness! you don’t what leading this family!”

Skoll continues saying as Hati’s heart continues glowing with anger.

“Just too dumb to lead us! Iris doesn’t deserve you…” Skoll was still saying but then Hati got highly angered.

And forcefully punched him on his stomach sending him backward as he crashes through chairs.

“You are the one that doesn’t deserve her!” Hati said as he bites his lip.

Immediately Skoll hits on the wall and fall down Gaia rushed him with the hope that he is dead.

“Skoll… Sk…” She was still calling on his name but to her greater surprise Skoll got back to his feet without complaining of pain.

“You lost her and yet it didn’t bother you, here you are enjoying yourself with a stranger, fool!” Hati still referred to Skoll.

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But Skoll silently spites saliva out of his mouth and used his hand to clean his mouth just for him to see blood in his mouth.

“Hmm” Skoll groaned as he stares at his hand and then looks up to Hati.

And gives out a smirk as he clenched his fists which veins was shown on his hand.

“Interesting! ” Dino said as he was watching the game while Gaia was just a little bit afraid for Skoll.

Because she really thought that he is as weak as a normal human.

“Okay… Let’s finish this!” Skoll said as he quickly reaped out of the ground.

And tried to punch Hati but Hati quenched his punch with his right hand.

But Skoll kicked him with his leg sending him backwards.

And just as Hati was about flying away with the force of the kick.

Skoll grabbed him on his shirt and swiveled him around and then fling him away.

And Hati crashes through the window as Dino covered his mouth with his two hands.

Because it all looks somehow that Skoll would push his one brother to fall down from a sky scrapper and die.

So as Skoll fling Hati out of the window everywhere goes silent.

As everyone’s eyes was on the window trying to see if Hati could show up.

2, 3, 4, 5 seconds, he didn’t show up which made Dino to run to the window and looks down.

And discovered that there is no one that showed up, he rather saw the body of Skoll laying like ant at the ground.

Besides they are too far from the ground, he is no aware if he crashed into pieces or not.

So while he checked for Hati and saw no one he turned to look at Skoll and silently waves his head.

Which made Skoll to as well rushed the window and looks down too and saw the body of Hati at the ground on top of a car.

And he has really broken the car into pieces because he fell on top of it.

So while Skoll looks down and there was no given sign that Hati is alive.

He then looks at Gaia with a watery and pitiful eyes like he is about to cry.

Gaia quickly come to him at the window and looks at the ground too.

But then she discovered that she has no choice than to console Skoll.

Because it is obvious that Hati is dead, there is no magic about that again.

“Come…!” Gaia said as she grabs Skoll on his head softly and keeps his head on top of his chest.

“Come on… Everything is going to be okay” She whispered in his ear.

“It is not your fault, you were trying to protect yourself”

“You still have someone there for you, which we should be going for now” Gaia said as smokes flies around from nowhere.

And before Dino could know what is happening Gaia and Skoll is gone.

And he looks so stranded because he doesn’t even know how to get down from the peak of the mansion.

But then his eyes met on the lifter so he joined it and set it to stop at the last number down.

And while he was doing this, he is not aware that the reason while Gaia took Skoll and run away was because agents of Shadow are already around.

…To Be Continued…

Is Hati really dead?

Which of them deserves Iris more.

Skoll or Hati?