The Bet

The Bet – Episode 13

THE BET Episode 13

©Tisa Phiri

The wh0le week passed and James had not talked to Lucy. He could wake up early and prepare himself for work while she was still asleep or even ignore her whenever he was her up.

After work which was usually late, as he would come home at either 21 or later when she was asleep.

The only comfort for Lucy was that Jack was always there for her. he would wake up and greet her in the mornig before leaving for work and whenever he was back which was usually early, sometimes around 12 and 14 hours. since he was his own boss he needed not to stay late unless need be. He would help prepare meals, their house worker used to do all the cleaning in the house and cooked before knocking off.

Lucy had less to do, though she tried insisting that she cooked which Jack wouldn’t so much agree with when he was around.

One morning the maid asked Lucy why she used to sleep in a separate room from Jack her husband to be.

Lucy laughed, she looked at the maid and sighed. “who could blame her?” she thought to herself. Jack was always there for her but James never even bothered himself about her.

“Well.. to start with, am sleeping alone because we are not yet married and the man am here for is not Jack but James ” she told the maid..

“Oh no.. am sorry mam , just that I thought.. ”

“Yeah I know” Lucy cut her with a smile.

She however went to her room and cried. it was over a week and James had not even uttered a word to her. she could feel out of place if it wasn’t for Jack who stood by her like he was the one who got her pregnant. he wouldn’t let a minute pass without talking to her whenever he was around making sure she wasn’t sad. sometimes she recalled him staying and working from home and she knew he was doing it for her.

Wipping her tears, Lucy planned to call on James and had a talk with him. she knew he didn’t want her but treating her like she never existed really got to her.

Jack was just done making a large business deal and he and his partner Hilary had gone out to cerebrate their achievement.

“Hey man.. so what’s up with that hot sister in_ law to be you have.?” Hilary asked him as they relaxed after the meal.

He had seen her once when he went to Jame’s house and he had praised how beautiful Lucy was. even when Jack went on to tell him how she ended up at their house Hilarly had wondered what was wrong with James.

“Your brother is nuts Jack.. ” he had told him.

“how can he not fall in love with such a calm and beautiful girl? what the hell is your silly brother looking for ?” He had exclaimed.

“Well it’s rough man,” Jack answered leaning back on the seat in the restaurant. “my brother has barely stayed home since she came.

I really wish i had her for myself man, now you know how it is. she loves him and not me.”

“Yea she’s not lucky” Hilary chuckled.

” you my friend are a good person and a good man too. you have it all the looks and the gentleness, the money and a biggest heart I know..”

Jack sighed looking at him ” well I wish she took it that way but you know the heart wants what it wants. In fact, I intend to meet with James after work I need to try talk to him. it’s not fair how he’s treated Lucy. even if he will not listen to me I will still give him a piece of my mind.” Jack shook his head grabbing a glass of water and drinking its contents.

“You do that Jack, it’s the right thing to do. let him try supporting her until she gives birth and later on they can decide to go separate ways ” Hillary told him.

Later that evening James and Jack sat in Jame’s room where Jack had asked to meet him.

“What’s up brother ? you called for me.. ” James asked removing his shoes and pushing them away from his feet.

“Yeah I wanted to talk to you man and its about Lucy” he responded.

“What about her ? ” The unconcerned James responded.

“Well.. to start with, I have noticed you don’t even greet her or ask how she is and I don’t think it’s a good thing to treat her that way especially in her condition. Atleast you felt something for her before you lay with her, so it shouldn’t be a big issue to at least try act with a bit of care.”

“Mmmmh!” James murmured making a face.

“I see.. so you are happy am being forced to be with the person I don’t want to uh?

Tell me Jack, if it were you in my shoes what would you do?” He asked back.

“I wouldn’t treat a woman like she doesn’t exist after getting her pregnant no matter what James, come on man, you are not like that..”

“Well you and me are from the same mother but we are different, at least I don’t pretend. I call things as they are, if am not happy I say am not, if I don’t want something then I don’t. it’s that simple” James explained.

“I don’t know about pretending, all am asking is for you to show concern and make an effort to support her for the sake of the child. I don’t think that’s so hærd to do, is it? ” Jack argued

“Okay tell me what you mean by showing concern, is it greeting her? that’s what you want mmmm? ” James shifted sitting up and looking at his brother.

“That also.” Jack answered “just look at how wasted you were the last time I picked you from the lodge, not to talk about the late comings. you are affecting your life as well. if only you can turn the tables and do the right thing you wouldn’t have to go through all this. I love you Jammy and I think you can do better than this. ”

“It’s not my fault that she decided to ruin everything by getting pregnant even when I made it clear to her I wanted no commitments nor kids. she’s the reason am not even happy in my own house.” James burst out now angry.

“Don’t throw this on her Jammy. Remember where all this started from. it was all your idea and you followed her, whatever happened is not her fault but yours. She’s suffering, can’t you see ? She loves you man and all you do is treat her like s***. mom and dad will not like it if they hear you can’t even talk to her.” Jack talked raising his hands in gestures to make his brother get his point.

“You know what Jack, I think this discussion has gone over board. you started complaining I don’t greet her so I will be doing that, don’t push me to do anything else. if you think am not a responsible person you can as well be with her, after all you are the one who got to fall in love with her and not me. so now , can i get my rest?” He asked raising his hands indicating for Jack to leave his room.

Jack almost said something but James shouted.. ” please.. it’s late ! Good night! ”

“Yeah of course ” Jack shrugged leaving the room.

In the morning, Lucy also woke up early and sat on the dinning table prepared to confront James.

“Good morning..” James greeted her.

She looked at him surprised he talked to her for the first time in a week.

“Good morning. ” she answered in a low voice tone.

He moved to the coffee maker and made himself a cup of coffe and grabbed a piece of becon from the fridge.

“James, I wanted to talk to you if you dont mind.” she started, her voice almost choking her.

“Mmmh okey, I have 5 minutes” he said sitting down his eyes on the cup. he couldn’t even get to look at her face.

“What? ” He asked when Lucy stayed quite for a while.

“James am here because of you. I didn’t put myself in this condition, you made me this way. what wrong have I done for you to treat me this way? ” she asked calmly.

“What way?” James asked chewing on the pollon his face lifted up.

Lucy shook her fingers, seeing James was not even intrested in the talk.

“So according to you the way you have been acting since I came here is normal? ” She asked almost raising her voice.

“Oh please , don’t give me that Lucy. you got pregnant because you wanted to. I on the other hand , told you in a clear voice and sobber mind I wasn’t intrested. so whatever is happening to you is a result of your choice and dont tell me you know me that well to say i am not acting normal. well you wanted James! here I am” he patted gis chest.

” James Kangwa, so deal with it, this is me and don’t expect me to give you a peck for ruining my life.” He spat standing up and dropping the cup on the sink.

“Oh sorry, time up ” he chuckled looking and patting at his wrist watch before grabbing his car keys and walking out.

“Jack am out!” He shouted looking in the direction of the bedrooms.

Lucy watched him leave and she shook her head tears falling her face. nothing hurt her more than hearing she had ruined The life of the man she loved.

She sobbed silently holding her stomac.

Jack stood behind her his hands akimbo, he felt bad. he had listened to the conversation and he hated that his brother had no small sense of compasion, “how can a normal person behave that way? ” he asked himself shaking his head.

“Come here ” he whispered holding Lucy’s hands and pulling her into a hug. He held her for some time as she sobbbed tears wetting his shirt, it’s gonna be okay, please stop crying” he told her rubbing her back.

“I can’t take this anymore Jack.. it’s hærd, am trying to but I can’t ” she cried holding on to him.

“I know and don’t worry am here for you, let’s forget about Jammy for a while and concetrate on making sure you are okey and the baby too. that’s all that matters now” he added leading her to her bedroom.

Lucy nodded and wipped her tears as she sat down.

“Let me make some tea to calm you down” Jack told her helping her into the bed and pulling the cover half way her body as she lay down.He came back later with a cup of hot tea and asked her to take it while he watched in silence. .

“So how does it feel?” She asked him sipping on the tea.

“What ? ” He asked looking up.

“Being In love with someone who doesn’t love you back, I mean for a man? ” She added raising her shoulders.

“Well.. what can i say, it’s painful seeing her so close and yet so far away. it’s hærd to watch her and feel you can hold her in your arms and make her feel safe and loved. it’s even h-rder to know she can’t even notice you like she does and pays attention to someone else.

All I do when I see her is desire to run and hold her so close and assure her it’s gonna be okay, to tell her that I feel her pains and her happy moments.” Jack told her, his eyes set on hers without blinking.

“Wow! ” She sighed.. “that is deep, it’s so unfortunate that woman is not lucky. you are the almost perfect man I know, ” Lucy smiled.” a gentleman and the dream of every woman” she added.

“Yeah.. anyway such is life my dear, but now I take one day at a time. someone taught me patience pays.” He shrugged calmly.

“But why can’t you tell her how you feel about her Jack..? Let her know how you feel, you will be surprised what she has for you as well…” Lucy went on trying to ignore his soft but sad eyes.

Jack smiled..” I will one day ” he said standing up. “Now, you take care of yourself and no more crying ” he patted her shoulders and left.

She looked at him leave and shook her head.. “what a good man. It’s like the two were born from different mother’s ” she thought setting the cup aside and pulling the cover on herself again.

To be continued…

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