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The Diamonds – S2 Episode 24


(He’s Cold – hearted, but he’s mine)

Episode 24

By: Faith Lucky

Nina’s Pov:
Thank goodness I was able to get away from Diane. I can’t believe she almost delayed me.

I got out to the garbage site, but couldn’t find the truck yet.
[email protected] it! Don’t tell me they’ve left already. Or they were yet to arrive?

I moved to an empty and quiet corner and brought my phone out of my bag.

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Oh! There was actually a missed call from him.

I quickly dialed it and thankfully, he picked at the second beep.

“Hey! Where the h*ell did you keep your phone?” He asked grumpily.

“It was on silent, okay? Where are you, Davis? I’m on track already” I said impatiently.
“Yeah, stay put. The truck is already on its way. As soon as its putting the dirt in, you jump in as well”

“Okay. But…how close are they? I really need to get out of here already. It won’t be long before they discover Cali’s missing and they might trace investigate and discover I had a hand in it. I really need to get out of here, please” I said desperately.
I was [email protected] so scared and nervous.

“Don’t worry, okay? They’ll be there soon” he said and ended the call.

I quickly fixed the phone into my bag and took in a deep breath.

Oh! Please, I really hope this works. I just wanna leave this place.

“Nina?” I suddenly heard my name and froze at the spot.

I turned and caught Diane standing and staring at me with a confused look.

Oh my God!

“You?” She shirked.
Authoress Chi Pov✍️
There was chaos in the big hall as the board of directors held the meeting.

“How the h*ell did things go wrong??? Miquel was our back up plan. What happened to him?” The manager asked after hitting the table angrily.

“Neither of us have any idea, sir. He just seemed to vanish and hasn’t returned to the institute either” one of the female directors replied.
The tension in the room was just excess.

“Could he be in danger? Its so unusual for Miquel to abandon the mission. He’d never do that”

“Yeah….So, where the f**k is he?? We lost another mission to those animals. What’s happening???” The manager yelled and kicked the table this time around.

Suddenly, a staff came running in.

“Sir! Sir!” She panted heavily and all eyes darted to her direction.

She panted like a lizard being chased.

“What is it, Mona?” One of the female directors asked.

“Its…..its Miquel. He’s back! He just arrived” she stated heavily and all eyes beamed.

Without hesitation, they ran out to him – including the overall manager. It was more like the return of Christ.

They rushed after the staff who were taking them to the location and finally, they got there and found him beside a car, his hand over his tummy.

He looked weak.

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“Miquel!!” One of the female directors called and ran to hold him.

Students had gathered all over like a crusade was taking place. Although, they maintained a good distance.
“Miquel! Miquel! Hey; are you alright? What happened to you?” The female director holding him asked.
The others had gotten close as well.

“I’m fine” he said in deep breaths.
‘I need to go to my room first’.

He tried walking away, but was held back by the director.

“Are you after the banshee?” She asked and he stopped to look and nod.

“She’s nowhere in the institute” the manager said and his eyes dropped open in shock.
Cali’s Pov:
I wept on the bed with my hands and legs huddled together; the bedhseet was drawn to cover my legs, although I still had my skirt on.

Mykel stood emotionlessly in front of the mirror as he fixed his buttons.

He acted like nothing had happened and there wasn’t a lady crying on his bed.

When he was done with the buttons, he brushed his hair, then turned to look at me.

“Will you stop quivering already? Its not like you’re dead or something” he said with an eye roll as he started coming closer to me.

I kept sniveling as the pains were unbearable. I still couldn’t believe he raped me.

He got to the bed and leaned in front of me.

“You’re a monster” I whimpered, tears dripping from my eyes which were staring at the floor.

He scoffed.

“I love it when I’m a monster, you know?” He said with pride, making my anger increase.

He lifted his hand to my face and waved the strands of hair that rested on it.

“The real fun’s yet to begin” he muttered.

I moved my face away from his hand.

“You’ll pay for this” I said loathefully and he chuckled and left the bed.

“See you when I’m back” he winked at me and walked out of the room.

I buried my face on my legs and wept more bitterly.
How could this happen to me? How? What have I done to deserve this?

More agonizing tears streaked my face, recalling how he used me. I felt like ripping my own body off to get rid of his touch.

Shortly, I heard the door open and panicked, wondering why he was back so soon.

I lifted my head to have a look and my heart skipped when I discovered it was Nina.



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