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The halo breed episode 74




When Sena woke up, a deafening noise met him!

The citizens of Densua had poured out into the streets and were still jubiliating wildly!

The windows were open and sunlight illuminated the room. He could hear loud singing, drumming and blowing of horns! There were also a lot of musical instruments in the background.

It seemed to him that there was a carnival going on in the city of Densua. He yawned luxuriously and stretched. He still felt tired, and the bed was so comfortable that he felt like sleeping in it forever!

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There was a gentle knock on the door, and then it cracked open a bit and Kobby Obeng stuck his head around it, saw that Sena was awake, and then his face broke into a wide grin even as tears of joy bubbled in his eyes. He looked over his shoulder and spoke excitedly.

“He’s awake, he’s awake!”

The door was pushed open and Mavis Tease rushed in, followed by Sarai, Kharisa and, reluctantly, Grace.

Mavis came to a startled stop and whirled around sharply with a funny expression on her face.

“Turn around, turn around, he is [email protected]!”

They were all laughing as they turned around.

“You should stop these things, Sena Kukah!” Sarai said with embarrassment. “Your father is a fine gentleman, but you behave like a caveman!”

Kobby Obeng rushed in, laughing, and threw open the gigantic wardrobe.

“There might be something here that can at least cover your [email protected]!” he cried. “Later, we’ll let the royal tailor fit you garments!”

He selected black slacks and a huge bulbous morning gown with a belt, and then helped Sena to get dressed.

“Tight around the shoulders, too big around the stomach!” Sena said with indignation. “And the bottoms are too big but too short!”

“Would have to do!” Kobby said with a laugh. “Ladies, you can turn around now!”

The giggling ladies turned around, and then they flew at Sena and hugged him warmly, one at a time, except Grace who stayed back apprehensively. Kharisa held him tightly for a long moment as she rested her face on his chest.

“Thank you, my Prince!” she whispered. “We’re back home! The red mist has cleared, the barriers are gone, the Hadesians are gone, the Hunter and Hazies changed back after we gave them some of the water from the Root of Densua to drink! Oh, thank you so much!”

Sena put his hand under her chin and lifted her face up, and then he kissed her deeply and sensuously, much to the chagrin of Grace who looked away sharply.

“Oh, I found my mother again!” Kobby said with a broad smile as he hugged Sena next. “Thank you! Thank you!”

“But is it really over?” Mavis Tease asked, her smile worried. “Are we really free from these Hadesians? From Lord Lastor?”

There was silence in the room for a moment, and Grace replied softly.

“I don’t think it is over,” she said with dread. “The red mist has left the sky, but I went down to the Tenements this morning, and it is filled with the red mist. It didn’t go back inside the Hades. It is dense and thick in the Tenements, as if waiting to come back!”

They looked at each other with fear, and then they looked at Sena.

The Halo Breed walked towards Grace and peered into her face.

“You were in the Tenements?” he asked, and she nodded.

“Yes, my Prince, I was, this morning.”

“And why was that?” Sena growled. “I couldn’t enter!”

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“She’s a royal of Densua, Breed of the Halos,” came the calm voice of the Sage of the Spirits from behind, and Sena turned around sharply and saw him sitting on the edge of the bed. “I’m visible, so you can all see me. Yes, Grace entered to the Tenements because she is royal!”

“Then, surely, I can go with her after Lord Lastor!” Sena said, but the Sage shook his head.

“He’s not the head of the throne,” he said softly.

“Did the Spirits give a reply to our queries?” Sena asked.

Prosper Freeman nodded.

“Aye, indeed, they did.”

“And what did they say?”

Prosper sighed.

“Well, as long as you’re here in Densua, with the GET inside your forehead, Lastor will not dare come back to Densua. But, remember Lastor is immortal inside the Hades, and he can wait, my prince. You’re not immortal, my prince, and you will eventually grow old and die!”

“And the moment Sena dies, Lastor will come back, because only Sena is ordained to kill him!”

“Yes, and that is why his mist of red waits inside the Tenements, as a cruel reminder,” the Sage said softly.

“Then what’s the solution to that?” Sena asked. “Surely, there are solutions!”

“Yes, my Lord,” the Sage said. “You will have to find a way to get the king out of that statue, and go with him to the Tenements, and perhaps into Hades itself to defeat Lord Lastor.”

Sena sighed and walked slowly out of the room and then to the balcony and stared across the forecourt. The gates to the palace were wide open, and he could see the people of Densua who had survived the ordeal.

They were drumming and singing and screaming!

The sky was clear, devoid of the red mist, and the sun shone in glory. Coloured powder, graffiti and other decorations were being thrown into the air. The jubilant people were hugging each other, chanting, celebrating, happy once more…

Densua, for the time being, was at peace!

Sena sighed again and turned.

“And how do I get the king out of the statue?” Sena growled. “Do you have a way?”

“No, I do not, but there will surely be a way, and we have to find it!” the Sage said thoughtfully. “But there is a shorter, faster way to get inside the Tenements, and to Hades.”

“And what is this faster way you’re keeping to yourself?”

The Sage’s eyes fell on Grace.

“You marry the princess,” he said finally. “That will make you get the royal bloodlines, and then you can go to the Tenements!”

“No!” Kharisa cried with horror. “Oh, no! Do not hurt me so!”

Sena scowled darkly.

“Is that all?” he asked coldly. “Then I marry her, and Kharisa too. One fair, one dark, and that shall suffice for me!”

“No!” Grace and Kharisa shouted at the same time.


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