The Inner Gate

The Inner Gate – Episode 15

Diego and his girlfriend were locked up in a cell as instructed by captain Joe before all went back to their positions except Kacee who remained outside that night reflecting why captain Joe said nobody should know about the decendants of Beshia as believed. He looked up in the sky to get an answer to his suspicions but couldn’t get it. He exhaled deeply then looked at the direction of the cell where Diego and Elizabeth were locked. “Could it be that Olivia and Dave are right about captain’s suspicious life? I must get to the end of this” he concluded in thought.
On the other hand, Captain Joe had already became restless thinking of how to get rid of his prisoners without the knowledge of anyone who would suspect in any way that he would be the one to do it coz if Kacee should discover, his secrets would lick the more. So he moved tro and fro in his room with a finger in his mouth. “I must do something.. yes I must, I’ll starve them then gave them poison to eat. On that way, nobody will know what killed them” he smiled in conclusion.
He wasn’t worried about Rose anymore but the problem that was greater than her case, for it is written that he who sees what is greater than a farm, sells his ban.
Same night, Mrs Serah was summoned by Dave to Olivia’s residence to see her daughter. She became overwhelmed when she set her eyes on her. She embraced and k-ssed her forehead with tears in her eyes thereby moving Rose emotionally too. She embraced her warmly also shedding tears.
However, Dave and Olivia stood at a corner watching them silently. Suddenly, both glanced at each other in a way that shows: THEY DON’T KNOW THE WORST IS YET TO HAPPEN.
Of course, the worst was on the way. Rose would definitely die as custom demands and she had no idea of it neither did the mother.
Mrs. Serah held her daughter’s hand. “Where did you run to, my child?”
“I’m sorry for running, mother. I couldn’t stand captain Joe and his..”
“Isn’t it better to marry him and save yourself from problems?” she interrupted.
“No, mother I can’t”
“You have to go back to your house, ma’am” Olivia interfered by approaching to them while Dave stayed behind. “Respect your daughter’s wish and don’t disclose her presence here to anyone. Very soon breeze will blow open the butt of a fowl and everything in,side it will become visible. Just go and remain calm until this internal war is fought and defeated”
Mrs. Serah remained quiet for sometime staring at all of them one by one before proceeding to the door without saying a word. Just then, the daughter called her and said, “I love you, mother”
She became overjoyed to hear that from her daughter for the first time. Even Rose didn’t know why she said it. Would it be because she was going to die? She had no idea.
“I love you too dear” the mother replied and went out.
Just then, Dave came closer to her. He held her on the wa-ist and said, “C’mon, you need to have some rest”
Olivia took over from him and led her to her room where she laid for the night.
There were rumors in the village about the presence of strangers on the land but nobody had the guts to meet captain Joe for that, but this rumors had not gotten to the ear of Olivia and Dave. Rose was so carried away the previous night, therefore didn’t remember to tell them.
She woke up from sleep to hear distant voices. Though she was less exhausted but felt her head aching. Nobody was around the room, she walked out to see Dave standing at the parlour window. Without calling on him, she quietly went to him and stood beside him. Both glanced at each other.
“Good morning” she greeted with another glance.
Dave didn’t respond rather returned the glance again. His mind had been filled with many thoughts. He didn’t know the one to think but one was at the peak; Rose’s death. He looked at her.
“Hope you are fine”
“I’m better”
“Dave?” Rose called after some series of quietness. “Have you seen the next to die?” she asked staring at his l-ips.
The question alone raised his heartbeat, so he did nothing but to stare back. How would he tell her the truth? It would just break the innocent girl into two.
“I have not seen anyone” he replied dryly and looked away from her.
“Is it possible?”
“It is sometimes”
Rose remained quiet once again but she suddenly spoke up saying, “I know you’re lying to me. You can keep the information to yourself” she turned to go. Just then, Olivia walked in a hurry then both directed their eyes to her.
“Rumors are saying there are strangers on the land” she broke the silence.
“Yes, I forgot to tell you guys” Rose replied.
“Who are they?”
“They are…” She became interrupted by the presence of Kacee who also entered with a mini bag made of local fabric. He handed it to Olivia.
“That’s the powder, but there is a problem” All waited for him to continue. “We caught two people last night a male and a female..”
“They are the ones I was about to tell you” Rose interrupted, looking at Olivia then kept quiet for him to continue.
“..they are decendants of Beshia but captain had locked them up warning us never to disclose it to any person” Kacee concluded.
“It can’t be!” Dave surprisingly exclaimed as he stepped forward. All his mind was Rose wasn’t gonna die again if someone of Beshia had been found. “Why would captain Joe give such an order?” he asked.
“I have no idea” Kacee replied.
“That’s why I told you he has a skeleton in his cupboard” Olivia chirped in.
“Now I believe my captain is up to something” Kacee began as an after thought. “We really have to get them out of the cell then present them to Defity as the last sacrifice before she comes for Rose’s life” ha added.
“Wait” Rose looked at them. “What do you mean by ‘before she comes for my life?'” she curiously asked.
Kacee looked at Dave. “Haven’t you told her?” he returned the question to him.
Rose understood what they were saying, so she walked to Dave with tears running down from one of her eyes and slapped him before leaving the place in a hurry back to her room thereby generating emotional quietness. Only then did Kacee understood what happened.
“I’m sorry, I never meant..”
“Is okay” Dave interrupted him. “Now what’s the plan?” he asked.
“We have to secretly mobilize other villagers before confronting captain” Olivia suggested.
“Yes, but we should not put all our hopes on the strangers. We have to also plan on how to kill Defity with the powder if captain doesn’t release the strangers” Kacee concluded.
Dave had to meet Rose later to apologise to her but she didn’t give him attention. She wept continuously not because she was lied to but because she has seen her death with her eyes. Dave let her be alone for the moment since she didn’t want to give him attention.
Two days later after Diego and his girlfriend had been starved, Captain Joe added a poison to their food which he was about to give them. He called on Kecee to take the food to them but he was nowhere to be found. Sooner did he hear noises from outside then went out to know the cause. He saw almost all the villagers shouting to release the strangers to them otherwise cause violence.
They had been mobilized secretly as planned and Kacee, Olivia and Dave were at the war front. Only then did Joe realize that he had been betrayed. Though not all his men joined the villagers. People like Edra, Kacee’s second in command, were on his side wh0leheartedly, all positioned very well to fight for him.
“Captain, you need to release those strangers of Beshia for the last sacrifice before Defity returns again” Kacee spoke out loudly.
Joe smiled, “Is that why you all are here?” Why don’t you allow me to feed the strangers first before you take them?” he ordered Edra to bring the food he had poisoned. When it was brought to Diego and Elizabeth, they grabbed it without wasting time coz they were very hungry.
Seeing that, Captain Joe smiled. “Now, if you have the guts, come and get them” he drew out his sward ready to cut into two any person that comes closer.
Olande whistled when he saw that and went to the back. Mendel followed him immediately. Also, Rose watched from one of the windows from Olivia’s house.
“Is better I wait for my turn to be taken by beautiful Defity than die in the hungry sward of almighty captain Joe” Mendel stressed.
“The sound of the sward alone can send someone to his early grave” Olande supported.
“If you enter into a grave now, you didn’t enter early”
Olande disdained him for the statement and said, “You are an old fool!”
Meanwhile, the fight had started with Dave being the first to run to fight captain Joe. He was cut opened by one of his men before he even got to him. Rose gasped from the window.
Kacee and others came to help him but Joe fought bravely until they retreated. By then, many of them had been killed, so they had no other option but to retreat.
The wounded ones like Dave had to be treated immediately. He laid in Olivia’s house receiving the testament by a female first aider while Rose knelt by his side holding his hand warmly. She was in tears.
Kacee began to leave the place angrily but Olivia followed him.
“What are we gonna do next?” She asked him.
“Prepare for another war” he replied.
“We don’t have enough men, and captain is so strong. I suggest we let him be and focus on the plan B with the powder”
“Alright, but Rose and Dave have to be around for the plans coz we aren’t going into the inner gate but have to wait when Defity will come for her life, then we strike. Even at that, we still need to Prepare strong men, Joe must be killed” he concluded and left the building.
At night, Captain Joe checked on the strangers to see them dead as planned. He ordered Edra and other men to go dispose their body outside the walls of Jezra. They did as he instructed but something happened after that; late at night, Elina Celina appeared before the dead bodies….

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