The wolf among us episode 22




Episode 22

✍created and written by. Madu Shadrach

“Hey Emma what are you doing, please calm down okay?” Aaron said with his two hands raised up but Emma was still pointing the gun at him.

“I saved your fucking life and you are here trying to mock me for being afraid!”

“You think that am afraid!? and yet I rushed my life and come to rescue you!”

“I can even kill you myself right here and now!” Emma yelled at him.

While Aaron was breathing heavily with his two hands hanging in the air.

Besides he was supposed to be aware that no matter what.

Emma will never try to hurt him, but he is just too afraid to remember that.

“Alright… I know that I have wronged you but am very very sorry Okay?” Aaron whispered in a low voice.

While Emma stares at him for some seconds and then puts her gun down slowly.

And angrily stepper back into her room while Aaron was sitting at the parlor.

And as soon as she left, Aaron breathes down immediately.

“Hmm” Aaron groaned with his hand placed on his chest.

And then he sat for some mm minutes sitting at the parlor while waiting for Emma to show up.

But it has been a long now and Emma did not show up.

He looks at his wristwatch and discovered that the time is going.

And then he stand up from his seat and tried to step into the room in other to check what Emma is doing in there.

But just as soon as he was standing, Emma walked out of the room.

While Aaron smiled with the hope that Emma have returned to assist him on the journey.

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“Oh thank you so much!” Aaron said to Emma with a smile.

But Emma did not really get why he is smiling, so she folds her arms.

“Thank you for what?” Emma asked.

“I mean for finally agreeing to follow me together hunters home”

“Come on be quick let’s go already before it will be too late”

Aaron said as he stands up and started moving towards the door in other to open it for them to step away.

“Hold on!” Emma said making Aaron pause from moving forward.

Aaron paused and looks at her waiting to hear what she has to say.

“Sorry… I don’t Denver telling you that I have agreed to follow you to the forest” Emma said and then tries to walk away.

“Wait…” Aaron tried to call her back but she refused to turn back.

And then Aaron ran after her and grabbed her hand and dragged her backward.

Making her move backward meet Aaron with force.

And then they stare into the eyes of each other as if they are about to fall in love.

But in a minute, Aaron got himself back and looked away from her eyes.

So as she also got herself immediately and looked away too.

“So Emma you truly want to do this right?” Aaron asked with a low and calm voice.

And Emma reacted badly because it was like ad if Aaron is trying to make her a bad person.

“What do you mean by that? I mean what was that supposed to mean!?” Emma yelled at Aaron.

While Aaron stares at him silently and both of them stay silent at each other.

In a minute, Emma stand up and wanted to leave their presence silently but Aaron interjected.

“You are just wicked!” Aaron said as Emma stands paused from moving forward.

But she stands still staring at the ground with her arms folded.

And then Aaron kindly stands up from where he was sitting and steps closer to her.

“Yes, you are wicked, and am ready to say that over and over again!” Aaron whispered to her in her ear.

And then takes a breath as he followed her side and walks to her face.

He stood in the middle of her face and insert his two hands inside his pocket.

“I wonder why you would seal your heart and tell me to leave them to die!”

“I mean…” Aaron said as he takes a breath and blinks his eyes.

And then he looks away and returns to look at her face to face as he waves his head side to side.

“What could be your gain if you allow them to die, I mean what could be your selfish interest…” Aaron was still saying but then Emma interrupted with a loud and got a voice.

“My selfish interest!?” Emma said pointing at herself while Aaron nods.

And Emma gives out a painful smile as she looks up at Aaron and waves her head.

“My selfish interest is that am trying to save your life”

“My selfish interest is that am trying to keep you safe from the hunters”

She said as she unfolds her arms and closed her eyes tightly.

And then lines of tears flow down from gee eyes.

While Aaron was only silently looking at her without making any move to prove whether he is satisfied or not.

When Emma opened her eyes she used her right hand to clean off her tears.

And then moves forward to Aaron and held his two hands as she looks direct into his eyes.

“Come on Aaron, How many times will I tell you this, come on”

“How could you ever think that I would do what will hurt your feelings!” Emma said.

“But you are doing it already!” Aaron said as he removes his hand away from Emma’s.

He then shifted backward and creates a little space between Emma and him.

He then folds his arms as he smirks while he was missing his head like he is dancing to music.

“Aaron I did that to protect you, you see…” Emma said as she takes a breath.

“I need to explain something to you…” Emma said as she kindly walks back to her seat and sat down gently.

“But before I start explaining that to you, come on you will need to have a seat”

Emma said as she smoothly hits her hand beside her on her seat.

Which was indicating nothing less than she was telling Aaron to cone and seat beside her.

But Aaron stares at her for some seconds and then kindly walked to the other seat and sat down there.

He refuses to sit beside her because he is just too upset at the moment.

“Aaron you see… The people you thought that they gave been kidnapped”

“How sure are you that they have been really kidnapped?” Emma asked.

While Aaron goes silent for some seconds as he was staring at the ground.

And in no due time, he looks yo sharply and faced Emma.

“Are you trying to call me a fool? Like I don’t really know what am doing or what exactly are you trying to say?” Aaron was saying in an angered voice.

But then Emma started interrupting, although she was trying to calm her down.

Because she knew that Aaron’s anger is already trying to get out of hand.

“Aaron I never thought of any of these that you are mentioning”

“I just asked a question, okay, so you will have to calm down,” Emma said placing her hand on her chest.

And then Aaron calms down as he goes silent and then started replying with a cool voice.

“You see I left them at Josh’s house and before I could return they were nowhere to be found”

“And I found the footsteps of the hunter’s car at the compound”

“Minus that I can scent it very well that the hunters took them away,” Aaron said as he takes a breath.

And then Emma breathes out too as she turned her face and looks at another place.

“Look Emma,” Aaron said as he places his hand on top of Emma’s kneel.

But although Emma refuse to look at his face she was busy looking away.

But however, that did not actually stop Aaron from saying what he is saying.

“Am very very sure that the hunters kidnapped them”

“If not at least Juan alone could have been looking for me everywhere in this town!”

Aaron said and paused and then he get up from his seat.

And kindly knelt down in front of Emma with his two hands put together.

“Please Emma, just help me out I don’t want to lose them” Aaron pleads with his two kneels on the ground.

“Listen to me, Aaron…” Emma was saying but it is obvious that with the way she started, Aaron already knew what she gonna say next.

So just immediately after she said that word Aaron kindly smirked and then stand up and sat back in his seat.

He did it in a way that proves that he is not ready to hear what she has to say.

But that did not however stop her from saying what she is already ready to say.

“Aaron I will help you!” Emma said as Aaron looks at her surprisingly.

“What… Are you being serious right now? You will help?” Aaron said as he stands up from where he was sitting.

And then steps closer to Emma and knees before her as he smiles happily.

“You will?” Aaron asked.

While Emma nods happily as well as she gives out a smile also.

“Oh thank you so much,” Aaron said as he tries to hug her.

“But on one condition, I will help you only on one condition,” Emma said as she was pointing put his index finger.

“Tell me whatever it is I will do it for you as far as you are gonna help me,” Aaron said.

“Okay seat up then” Emma ordered and Aaron quickly stands up.

And sat beside Emma, even sat closer than expected making Emma smile unlimitedly.

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“So what am trying to say, is that I would like to advise you”

“But after the advice and you wish to go, there is, no problem, I will let you go then”

“And I will equally show you the Way,” Emma said as Aaron nods accordingly her words.

Which means that he is hidden from her words right now.

He can now understand whatever she will explain to him.

“Aaron to me, I will advice you not to go,” Emma said and Aaron frowned his face.

As he looks away and folds his arms looking like he is no longer interested in what she saying.

“Calm down okay, just hear me out, then you can choose to do whatever you like,” Emma said.

And then Aaron concentrated back on what she is saying.

“You see… This is the reason why I wouldn’t like you to visit them for now” Emma said.

And then Aaron calms down so that he could get the real reason while Emma was so determined that he should leave Juan and co to die.

“It may be planned up to get you,” Emma said as Aaron stares at her.

Aaron gives out a precious smile as he waves his head and while Emma tried to continue what she is saying Aaron interrupted.

“Juan can ever plan such against me,” Aaron said and Emma interrupted quickly.

“The same Juan that called the hunters for you!?” Emma asked.

“Oh, that..” Aaron was still about to reply with a harsh voice when Emma interrupted.

“Enough okay, am kit here to argue with you. Just let me talk”

“When I finish talking you can still make your choice because I know that I cannot convince you,” Emma said.

And then Aaron calms down as he breathes in and out and then holds his peace.

“You see this is either it has been planned and perhaps remember”

“That Juan was the one that called them for the first time, so there is no how they would arrest her too”

“That is the first sign to show you that it is a plan work”

“All these are tricks, all they want is just to get you by all means”

Emma said and it appears that Aaron is now getting her words and that must have been the reason why he kept silent all this while.

“To me…” Emma continues explaining.

“To me… I would suggest that you should wait for at least a day or two”

“If they did not show up then you can look for them, am done speaking and advising you”

“It is time for you to choose,” Emma said as she stands up from her seat and look directly at Aaron.

“Do you still want to go or..?” Emma asked

…….To be Continued…