The wolf among us episode 28




Episode 28

✍created and written by. Madu Shadrach

“Hmmm… Nice then…” She said as she drew out her dagger.

And the dagger keeps reflecting over the lamb as she kissed it.

And then started coming after Aaron with it.

But just getting closed she paused and started looking at Aaron.

She then waves her head and keeps the dagger at her side.

And then walk close to him and sat besides him and started looking at him silently.

And then bent down slowly and put her mouth on his ear and whisper to him.

“Am so sorry baby” She said as she then gets up and picks up her dagger.

And looks at Aaron again and then returned her dagger to the cave.

“Am not meant to hurt you because I still love you” she said as she takes a breath.

But then she realized that Aaron is already giving up.

The poison is still killing him inside his body and she just don’t want him to die.

But there is nothing she could do at this moment.

This really got her restless as she started walking up and down.

She started thinking of what to do at the moment to save Aaron from dying.

“Oh my gosh…. What… What have I done?” She asked herself as she puts her two hands on her head.

It was just like something just left her and she realized herself.

“Hmmm…. He is going to die! There is nothing I can do at the moment!” She said as she felt so tired.

And then she just sat at the corner of the bed looking at Aaron.

And then an idea hit her.

“Wow…. That would be a nice thing to do” She said as she gets up from where she was sitting.

And started walking up and down thinking of how to accomplish it.

“But that is only if Aaron can stay till the next morning, but he obviously can’t”

She said as she steps closer to Aaron again and started checking out his condition.

And as she can see Aaron is not someone that can stay alive till the next morning.

Anna then place her right hand in her eyes as tears flows down from her eyes.

She doesn’t know what to do, or she should just leave him to die like that?

“No I don’t have to sit and watch him die, that would be very bad of me” She said to herself.

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“If Aaron die I will never forgive myself” she said and then she picked up her wrapper and used it to cover Aaron’s body leaving his head behind.

And then she quickly undressed and started wearing her normal cloth.

“I just have to visit Audrey right now to see if she can be of help” she said and then she is already done wearing her trouser.

And she picked her top and wear it as well and then picked up her dagger and hide it under her shirt.

“At least am aware that she has no idea of the new me” She said as she then steps out of her hut.

And just for her to take few steps forward.

“Boss?” she heard her name called by a member of the hunter and she paused and stand still for a few seconds without looking at her back.

And then she turned to look at her back and it was the formal boss of the hunters.

“What?” She asked him.

“Where are you going now?” He asked as he puts his gun on top of his shoulder and then started coming closer to her.

While Anna folds her mouth and looks at the ground thinking of what to say.

After looking at the ground for a little while she then looks up.

“Am heading out to get more werewolves down this night” She said to him.

And then she turned and tried to start walking away.

“Without your uniform?” the hunter asked as she paused again and bite her mouth in anger.

And then turned angrily but rearranged her face to look like as if she is happy.

“Well… I did that in other for them not to suspect me that am now a new hunter” She said with a smirk.

While the hunter also smirked and by then he is already closed to her.

And then he started walking around her and finally ended on her back.

And them placed his mouth on her ear and whisper in her ear.

“And you don’t want me to go with you my queen? You need another hand?” He whispered romantically in her ear.

“Actually no, I feel like going out for this night all alone” She said with a none smiling face as she was waving her head with her finger raised up.

But the hunter keeps insisting and at the same time trying to romance which she obviously don’t like.

And the guy is as well wasting her time from accomplishing her mission on time to come and save Aaron.

“Don’t worry another day I will go with you but as for today?” She says as she swallowed her saliva.

“No you can’t go with me tonight, thank you” she said as she turned and started walking away.

But then the guy still interrupted him again.

“Wait a minute!” He said as Anna paused and then he reached her out.

But then Anna is becoming so annoyed that her eyes is equally changing to black already.

“What about the guy Aaron?” the hunter asked.

And then she takes a deep breath as she was kindly holding her anger.

“Don’t worry about the guy called Aaron I have handled his case okay?” She said with a fake smile.

While the hunter smiled as well as he started torching her hair softly.

“I trust you my lady!” He said as he kissed her on her neck.

While Anna closed her eyes as she is already getting annoyed.

But yet the hunter did not stop there he kissed her on her cheeks again.

“Alright” she said with a low and angry voice as she opened her eyes.

And just for her to discover that the hunters mouth is already coming for her mouth.

And she angrily punch him on his lips making him to fall backwards.

“Ah!” He screamed in pain as he falls back on the ground.

And then stand up and cleaned up his mouth and looks at Anna.

“What are you doing!?” The hunter said to Anna while Anna walks to him and grab him on his neck.

“What am doing is that you should never try to enjoy me without my permission” She said as she landed another hot punch on his head.

Which made him to fell on the ground groaning in pain.

But then he still stand up looking at her.

“Now get back to your duty right away!” Anna commanded with an angry voice as her eyes goes darker.

“Yes boss” the hunter said as he crossed his hand in his chest and bowed.

And then gets up and went to pick up his duty from where he stopped.

And then Anna closed her eyes for a few seconds and opened it again.

And it returned back to normal and then she kicks on her journey.

Besides Juan was shown as she was sleeping on top of Josh’s raps.

And was sleeping while Josh was now the one that is no longer sleeping.

★Fruit Forest★

It was midnight when Anna arrived at the fruit forest.

The fruit forest is very beautiful at night, most especially when getting close to the Audrey’s house.

She used bulbs of light to design the fruits, it was just like a Christmas tree.

Besides there are some other fruits that are giving out lights by there selves.

There lights are shining so bright, their stems are glittering and the leave as well.

Which made the forest to be more beautified.

“Wow… This place looks just so beautiful” Anna said when she got to the forest with her car.

And then her eyes met on the glittering blue stem of a fruit.

She was so amazed that she stares at it for some times.

“Hmmm…. What kind of fruit is this?” She said with a low voice understanding that this is a night as well.

Then she stepped out from her and tried to go close to the fruit.

But then she discovered that she is here for a serious reason.

So she quickly changed her direction and started walking to Audrey’s house.

When she got to the house she knocked at the door steadily.

But she received no answer from anyone.

“Anyone here!?” She said as she knocks over and over again.

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But then she still got no answer and then she angrily started bouncing hits in the door angrily.

But yet no one showed up.

“Oh no! ” She said as she sits on the floor looking so frustrated.

Because it is obvious that it has been clearly seen that Audrey is not actually at home.

After sorrowing for a few minutes she then managed to get up from the ground.

And then started walking to her car looking so tired.

She got to her car and just as she was opening it her mind thought her something.

That she had to try to see if there us any way she could get into the house and get the medicine that makes the werewolves to heal instantly.

Which she must be aware that, that very medicine is inside this house.

So she closed her car door and switched back to the house.

And while returning back she bring out her dagger which she was hiding under her shirt.

She struggles to get into the house but she managed to get into the house using the window.

But when she break down the window she discovered that every light inside the building was shining so bright.

“How come?” She whispered to herself in confusion because it was really confusing.

The house looks like some one is inside the house.

But she still did not mind so she jumped into the house.

And just as she was landing a gun shot was heard.

“Ah!” Anna screamed as she fell down on the corner and started breeding.

And then Audrey was shown as she ran out from the corner and came to point her gun on Anna’s head.

But then she discovered that it was Anna and she has seen her here before.

“Oh my gosh…” Audrey shouted when she discovered that it was Anna.

She picked her up and take her to her clinic immediately as Anna is already dying.

And then she used the medicine on her but it has to take time before it could start performing.

So Anna have to be decided by her fate, if she dies before the medicine start manifestingm

That means it can no longer work on her because the medicine does not raise the dead.

And besides Audrey started blaming herself because she could have checked who it is before attacking.

But it is not her fault, she is being disturb by criminals and other rogues most of them time at night.

Which is the reason while she does no longer accept knocks on the door at night.

And Anna worst the case by trying to jump in through window which made her to believe so well that it must be a dangerous person.

So while Audrey used the medicine on her she then stay besides her waiting to hear from her.

★Next Morning★

The hunters was shown as they are walking around at the top of the mountain.

“Where is the boss?” One of the hunters asked and the former master answered.

“She went for hunt, I believe that she will be back very soon” The master replied and the others nods.

“And besides she said that she have dealt with the guy, Aaron”

“Just go into her hut and bring him out! Let’s go throw away his dead body, am sure that he must have been dead by now” the master said to others.

They did as he ordered but when they went in they came out empty handed.

“What’s wrong?” the master asked with shock.

“The guy is not dead, his heart is still beating” they said to him and he nods.

“Then go in and waste him with your gun, then just get his body out let’s get rid off him” the master ordered again.

“Okay” The hunter replied and then went in to kill him.

….To Be Continued….