Who Am I?


By KingWax Oluwadamilare 

Few hours later, I was a passenger in his car- he chatted away his life. He kept calling me an angel, something I could never be. Maybe before I left Harry, my ex-husband, one could say I am an angel, but not after. The police said they found Harry’s car at his garage, but he was never found. He just disappeared.

Henry was already making me feel loved and I wondered if that was my last stop in my ever revolving world around my past. For months, I have tried to live a decent life as I move from one city to the other- changing names and assuming identities.

Harry left me with massive wealth that could last me for a lifetime. But he disappeared and was never found. Neither his flesh, nor his bones, ever resurfaced.

Harry was a jerk who would beat me at every opportunity. Once, I was left w-t, at a c*cktail party, after he threw the champagne in his cup, in my face and emptied a wh0le bottle on me by breaking it on my head, just because another man complimented my beauty and I smiled. He was jealous but influential, so, he usually got away with everything, every offence he had ever meted to me.

I had been called many names for not leaving him, but little did they knew that if I did, I would be left with nothing. I would be poorer than the historic church rat and would have to look over my shoulders as I move.

When I was twenty one, Dave, a detective, arrested me for robbery and the victim wife was all ready to ensure that I rot in jail. Especially since I rendered her husband, whom I shot at the back, spineless and confined to the wheel chair.

Pablo had introduced me to car hijacking. It really did help paid for my new apartment and a fair lifestyle of luxury. I was always the bait. We used so many tactics, ranging from hitch-hiking to acting like my car broke down. Pablo and his guys would then pounce on the unsuspecting driver and BAAAM…. There goes his car. We never fired a single shot, even though our guns were always loaded.

One day, we ran into a problem- we snatched a car belonging to a badass police officer, who fought back. Suddenly, bullets began to fly. The police office and his wife had the upper hand. They shot down three guys and made Pablo beg for his life. The wife, also a police office, suggested that they arrest him, but the husband wanted instant justice. He was sure, one of the historic bad cops. He said they would claim Pablo was shot during the gun battle.

I cowered by the side of my car, hoping to remain unnoticed. I held on to a gun, but couldn’t fire a shot. Nobody taught me to. I listened the couple argue about Pablo, but it appeared the husband, who insisted on shooting Pablo, was not ready to shift his stand.Pablo started rambling in Spanish- telling me how a coward I am. He said I should do something and save him because he saved me from being hanged, back in Mexico. I wasn’t thinking, I sprang to my feet and started shooting in all direction. Both hands on the grip, eyes closed. Suddenly, there was a hærd punch to my head, and I passed out.

I woke up in the cell, with Dave frowning down at me.

‘You’re a tough Dam, you know?’

‘Where am i?’ I asked as my head hammered.

‘Look around, I think your guess couldn’t go wrong. You did realized you shot a police officer, right? You should be thankful that his wife was a nice lady. I would shoot you dead. You’re still gonna spend a lifetime in jail, anyways.’

‘Where’s Pablo?’ I asked as I sat up in my cosy cell.

‘You mean the guy who tried to run when u started to shoot? He’s dead.’

My life flashed in my eyes in seconds. I would definitely rot in jail.

Luckily for me, Dave and Harry would always play poker every weekend; while at the game, Dave talked about the pretty blonde being detained, ready to be charged to court. Dave thought Harry could press some buttons in high places due to his high influence, to secure my release.

Harry came to the precinct the next day and I could swore over and over that he was wowed. I stood with all elegance, holding the iron bars as he walked around like a lion would, around his prey.

Then, he began to ask questions- and since Pablo was dead, I was clear to lie as much as I could. I said, Pablo was holding my mom as a hostage in Mexico, and she would stay alive as long as I play ball and assist in car hijacking.

Harry knew I was lying- I knew that with the way he chuckled. But he wasn’t bothered. He said that Dave said many things about my beauty, and he had to come to the precinct to see for himself. He wasn’t disappointed. But what Dave didn’t tell Henry was that he has been having s€× with me in his car for almost a week, ever since I was slammed against the bar. He wanted Harry to secure my release, so that he could continue.

Dave had come to me, the second night I was locked up and took me to his car to talk. He promised to help me out if only I would allow him have s€× with me and if only I promised to always allow him continue, even after he influenced my release. I agreed and we always had s€× every night in his car, until I got fed up and said if he wanted more, he should get me released. I knew he had been stalling my being charged to the court by claiming that investigation was ongoing, even when the bullet matched the number from the gun they got on me!

I told Henry where to stop.

‘You stay in a hotel?’ Henry asked as I asked him to pull over.

‘Yes.’ I replied, unfastening the seatbelt.

‘Can I come in?’ He asked.

I flashed him a fierce look that could have killed him instantly, if it were to be a spear. I knew he wasn’t expecting a ‘No’ for that.

‘No.’ I replied and tried to open the door.

He pulled me back with my arm and smiled. ‘I insist.’ He said.

I was silent, but was already angry. My heart beat fast like a deer on the run, and my breath, hot as a furnace. He must have took that for fear. They all do, but I only didn’t want to hurt him like I did Harry and the rest. I looked at his broken nose and smiled.

‘No.’ I repeated.

His nails dug deep into my skin. I closed my eyes and enjoyed the pain. I wanted him to hurt me, so that I can every reason to hurt him h-rder. It always feel good if they are bad and it makes me guilt-free. It was already dark and the parking lot was des**ted- I could get hurt. I opened my eyes and smiled again,

‘Okay. But you cannot stay for the night.’ I said. Hoping that he grabbed the bait. He did.

‘Thank you.’ He said, and released my arm.

He opened the gloves compartment and brought out his gun. He tucked it into his trouser and smile.

‘Just in case you are thinking of acting funny.’ He smiled again and I smiled back. ‘I saw what you did to that big guy at the bar. You are beautiful, but I won’t be taking any chances.’

‘Henry, you don’t need to bring a gun and order for s€×- if you want it, all you gotta do is ask.’ I tried to ease him up before he lost his control.

‘Nay, I order and take it by force. It’s like a hobby for me. You won’t understand.’

Oh, I did- you are a psychopath. I said within me. A serial abuser, a rapist and …

‘You know, I visit places like the beach, restaurants, zoos, and so on, to pick up lonely girls. I always ensure I have my way. Some, they agree, some, I force.’

‘You ever killed anyone, Harry?’

‘The name is Henry, b***h.’ He said. ‘And yes, I have, but not in this town. You realized I have to move from one town to the other.’

‘So do I.’ I tried to remain calm as we climbed the stairs to my apartment.

We walked the stairs in silence. I took the time to reminisce more about Dave and Harry.

…To be continued

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