Just For Love

  • Just For Love – Last episode

    Just for love Episode 5 Fiona POV after explaining everything to them grace seemed to be sad but she faked a smile knowing her for so long I knew she was not happy with my news but didn’t want to press on about why she wasn’t happy for me unlike glad son who kept on smiling giggling and congratulating me…

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  • Just For Love – episode 4

    Just for love Episode 4   Fiona POV Was it just me or was d night too fast after talking to Jeremy I slept off I dreamt of d kiss we were still kissing wen my stupid alarm started ringing meaning it was time for school I stood up half awake half asleep I went to d bathroom turn my…

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  • Just For Love – episode 3

    ♥just for love♥ Episode 3 continuation fiona pov I really needed someone to talk to and jeremy was there I am grateful to have a best friend like him although I really love him I couldn’t tell him so dat our friendship would not be ruined and it also seems unproper for a girl to confess to a boy I…

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  • Just for Love – episode 2

    JUST FOR LOVE♥ episode 2 the principal called all d participants in d competition out to d stage (including fiona and i) wen we all went there he told d students 2 clap for us dat we did very well everyone soon started clapping including teachers we were very happy d principal congratulated us 4 our great performance n wished…

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  • Just For Love – episode 1

    AUTHOR:Benjamin Ojika STORY: JUST FOR LOVE  EPISODE 1 waking up by d sound of my alarm clock ringing was so annoying because it woke me from my dream which was very annoying especially wen I was dreaming about fiona I was about to kiss her wen d alarm woke me I was so pissed off dat I throw d alarm…

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