Deep Affection

Deep Affection – episode 50

Written by Humble Smith
what was pain to compare to what David and Richærd was feeling at the moment, all over their body was covered with bruises and cut, Joy on the other hand was stripped off before being flogged mercilessly with a wh¡p, she was unconscious and she layed on the floor with blood oozing out of her body, Sandra and Cole was not left out, they were battered severely with different type of tools, everyone one was lying motionless waiting for death which they knew would come in no distant time,
Chief Gabriel and Dr Mike has their face exuding an evil smile but Angela wasn’t that elated, she was still nursing a feeling for Richærd, she still love him and wish she could save him, she was stranded and confused as she stared at Richærd who layed on the floor writhing in pain, she felt her heart ache,
Just then, Chief Gabriel’s phone rang, he took it and glanced at the screen, it was Rex, he quickly picked it,
“Hello man” Chief Gabriel said into the phone,
“you and the others should leave this building now, I had just fixed an explosive device all around it” Rex voice sounded
“what?? why?” Chief Gabriel asked in grimace
“that is our only option or else the cops would get to find out your secrets” Rex said
“uhmm, okay but have you find out the people behind this attack against me?” Chief Gabriel asked again
“yeah..I am really surprised, the person behind this attack is Clara my student, the assassin I sent to carry out the job you sent to me” Rex explained
“ can’t be serious, omg!!”
“but don’t be afraid, I’ve brought her down…let me ask you, what do you think would make her to launch an attack on you??” Rex asked
“emm, I don’t know of anything” Chief Gabriel replied shooking his head,
“okay bye..find a way and leave this building quickly, you have only 30 minutes” Rex said and hung the call,
“Hey..make sure none of them leave here alive” Chief Gabriel said to the men who nodded their head immediately,
Chief Gabriel stood up,
“we are leaving here now, this building would blast in Mi distant time” Chief Gabriel said to Dr Mike and Angela making them stood up in haste,
“what about Sandra’s mother?” de Mike asked,
“that’s not a problem, she is already close to this place, we would meet her along the road then force her into signing the doc-ment, we would then tell her to come here in this building to meet her daughter and son then all together in,side this building they would be blasted, they would all die in this building by the explosive device” Chief Gabriel narrated with a gloating smile
“a nice plan” Dr Mike mumbled with a wide smile
Angela was really restless, she was very much unhappy with what Richærd was passing through, all she was thinking of was a way to help him out but there wasn’t,
In not less than three minutes, Angela, Chief Gabriel and Dr Mike was in,side a SUV jeep driving out of the building through a secret entry just the same way clara and the other had passed through,
They were almost out in the major road when Angela sighted Chief Daniel some metre away, this left her awe, what could have been his reason of being here was what she couldn’t tell,
She scratched her head rapidly as she thought of a way to make Chief Gabriel halt the car, not long after, a thought creeped into her mind,
She brought out a jotter from her back and secretly flinged it out through the window,
“Hey Gabriel you got to halt the car my jotter just fell off from the car through this window” Angela whined making Chief Gabriel parked the car beside the road,
Angela came down immediately and ran out without saying any other word to anyone, she ran far away in great speed without looking back, all that was in her thought was to save Richærd at all cost, she kept running until she reached where she had seen Chief Daniel,
“What are you doing here?” she asked Chief Daniel immediately she saw him,
Daniel stared at her in shock, how far Christ sake could Angela be in a place like this,
“I’m the one supposed to ask u that question, what are you doing here?” Chief Daniel asked while Paul and Marie stared at her with an arched brow,
“Angela!!” Paul called her making her turn to his direction,
“Paul so you are also here..okay Daniel, I don’t know you are in this place but let me tell you this..I want you all to please go in there and save Richærd for me please” Angela said making Chief Daniel and Marie w¡den their eyes in shock
“what Richærd are you talking about?” Chief Daniel asked befuddled
“Richærd may not know him but please do this for me Daniel, plz you and Paul have to go into that building in,side this bush and rescue Richærd before he dies out of severe torture” Angela pleaded with tears as she turns her eyes backward occasionally to know if Chief Gabriel was coming,
“you mean Richærd is in,side a building in,side this forest..what torture are you…”
“please go before it is too late please!!” Angela yelled
The trio looked at eachother with a confused look, the day was dark if not for the street light which brightened up the road, but in,side the forest was dark and scary as ever, how could a building be in,side this thick bush was the question that left them confused,
Just then, a car drove to their direction,
“hide!!!!!!” Angela scre-med to Daniel and the others, she knew quite well that if Chief Gabriel and Dr Mike gets to meet her here there would be a big trouble that would cost the life of Chief Daniel his wife and Paul,
“whar are you doing here all alone?” Chief Gabriel asked as he came out of the car moving to Angela who had her gaze to the bush..

feel sick” she quickly lied and walked into the car hastily while Chief Gabriel stared at her confusedly..
Immediately Chief Daniel and the others noticed that the car that just drove in has zoomed off, they scurried out of their hiding place,
“let’s go in quickly” Chief Daniel beckoned jumping into the bush swiftly, he was totally determined to save Richærd his only son, someone he would never want to lose…
Clara layed on the floor motionless, all over her body was covered bruises and deep cut, she was in the pool of her own blood and nothing would make any human thought of her as someone alive,
Clara found her self going down, she found her spirit leaving her body, all her body was full of excruciating pain, her breath was glitching and she knew that in no distant time she would give up the ghost,
Her eyes was shut and her memory was blank, she felt dead and gone but just then something crept into her blank memory, the face of a guy in pain, she couldn’t recognize who it was for some minute but later on, the face got clearer and she saw it to be David, the sound of his wailing kept resounding on her head, she could figure him being hitted continuously, she could see him lying on the floor with his eyes on her, his eyes was filled with lost hope, she saw him dying..then just like a loud bang his voice came
“Clara save me”
“save me”
“don’t die and leave me”
“I love you”
his voice kept resounding in her ear making her wh0le body revebrate,
Not long afterward, it stopped and she felt herself dying again, then just abruptly his face reappeared, this time it was like a scene,
all her past with him kept reappearing,
“ermmm, I don’t know how to put it but let me say…clara since i was born, my life had always been upside down, i had never had time to think of my future all I do is killing for my uncle, I had never had the chance to think of my future, to be sincere, i was one of those guy who solidly doubted love especially the one’s at first sight, I never for once thought in my life that It ever existed talkmore of being a victim, what I’m trying to say is that, at my first sight on you, I felt my heart limp,i felt it deep down In my heart that I’m in love with you, Clara I know this may sound weird or crazy but it is sincere, tell me what would be your reply if I ask us to enter a relationsh¡p?” this word David had said to her came again into her ear, it was as if he was saying it continuously, this made her eyes drop out tears and just then, some kind of power and strength eloped her wh0le body,
someone had loved me the way I am..
someone had cared for me not minding the fact that I’m ruthless..
someone had taught me what true love is..
he is in need of my help..
I can’t lay here like a weakly and watch my love dies..
This was what Clara uttered into her spirit and just then her eyes fluttered and opened…
Everywhere was dark but still she could figure out the sounds around her, she could feel it that her boss was still around her..
just as she made to stand up someone turned sharply at her and pointed a torch to her body,
Rex had already finished ins**ting the explosive device all around the building and was preparing to leave, the men engaging their selves in a gun fight had suddenly stopped, every where was calm and Rex had decided to leave that moment, he felt really full of himself for defeating Clara, he was sure she was dead but even if she wasn’t, before she would gain the strength to stand up, the building would have already explode. he was really feeling all smile,
Just as he was done arranging his bag and was about to leave, he had heard a creaking sound coming from where Clara laid, at first he never wanted to believe it was made by Clara but after hearing it twice, he switched on the torch he was holding and shone it on Clara where she laid,
To his dismay and utmost surprise, he saw the Clara he thought was dead standing up slowly with her eyes closed, her hair was shattered all over her face making her look more like a demon, she had her fist tightened tightly with her veins visible all over her hands,
Rex really found it hærd believing his eyes,
how could she regain enough strength at this little maximum of time, it really seemed mysterious to him, but just then, he let out a smirk,
“I can see you are bent on fighting me with the last drop of your blood..uhmm okay let’s see” Rex said and switched off the torch,
Clara’s eyes was shut tightly with all her sensitivity directed to her ear..
Rex who thought she was lost rushed behind her with a rod but to his greatest surprise, Clara raised up her hand and caught the rod in the air,
Rex eyes was w¡dened as he wondered how Clara was able to figure him out in the dark, he tried dragging the rod off her grip but it couldn’t not even an attempt, he tried all he could but couldn’t,
He left the rod and made to launch a heavy blow on her face but surprisingly again Clara seized his fist with her left hand, this left him befuddled, he made to hit another blow on her face with his left hand but before he could, clara had gave him a headbutt which made him stagger backward, his head pounded him furiously making him wonder if it was just a headbutt or he was hitted by a metal
His vision was blur and that made him not to see an uppercut which was coming from Clara, the blow made him lose three of his teeth instantly, blood was rushing out from his mouth and his jaw was really in great pain
Clara leaped up in the air and gave him a double kick straight to his chest making him fall down hærdly on the floor in a loud thud,
Clara rushed at him with and raised him up with his shirt, she made to give him a headbutt but he quickly placed his wrist across making her hit it, she felt a sharp pain in her forehead, what she hitted was not just his wrist but was something metallic and that made her knew he had something around his wrist,
She stood at a s₱0t for some seconds trying to absorb the pain but just then, a kick landed on her chest, she staggered backward without falling, pain rushed down her spine making her weak but just then, she heard the squeal of pain made by David upstairs and that made her enraged,
Rex thinking she was lost rushed at her with another kick targeted on her face but less did he knew that what he did was a grave mistake,
Clara grabbed his leg up the air in a swift manner making him crash on the floor hærdly, she w¡dened his leg immediately and stomped her sole in between his thighs so much hærdly that his testes cracked,
There and then, Rex’s eyes bulged out with force and he immediately went limp and died at the s₱0t…
Clara dropped his legs and wiped off the sweat on her forehead before turning to the stairs with her wh0le body deeply in severe pain,
she climbed up the stairs slowly helping herself with the protector, the pain all over her body was intensed that she felt like giving up but with all her strength she moved on, she hastily entered the room where Richærd and the other were,
what she saw really shocked her, everyone was lying on the floor motionless in pain,
five huge body men were hitting each of them continuously,
without wasting a second, clara took out her gun and shot down the men before rushing to where Richærd layed,
“Richærd, you have to be strong or else all you planned for your future would be tarnished, you can’t lay here like a weakly while Sandra dies, stand up like a strong man which you are and save your love one before it becomes too late” just as Clara said those words to Richærd’s ear his eyes fluttered open abruptly and he leaped up immediately, all the pain in his body vanished temporary, what was in his mind that moment was to save Sandra,
“clara please tell me that Sandra isn’t dead” Richærd said tearfully as he struggled to untie the shackles around her body,
“release her quickly so we would leave this place as soon as possible” clara said to Richærd..
“David, you are the man of my heart, the only guy that I truly love, I’m Claea talking to you, please come back and stay strong so we can be together, you can’t lay here motionless because I’ll be heartbroken..i love you deeply in my heart…”
“really?” David’s voice sounded
“yes stand up let’s save lives” Clara said with a k-ss on his l-ips which made him strong,
he stood up immediately and released Cole..
Clara carries Joy on her shoulder, Richærd carried Sandra while David carried Cole as they all scurried their way out of the building..
Clara was bringing down any men who tried stopping them..
just as they were few metres away from the building, the building exploded with a great vibration which really shook the ground making them all fling in different directions faraway from each other..
Richærd stood up from where he layed all alone, his wh0le body was in excruciating pain, the force at which he landed on the ground really did well in bringing up all the pain in his body. he was weak and really felt like dying but as he turned his gaze sideways. he saw Sandra lying beside him still limp and motionless, this made him jolt up immediately and carried Sandra ignoring the severe pain all over him, all he had in mind was to save Sandra, he carried her in a bridal style and tried finding his way out but just then, he bumped into someone. looking up. it was Paul with a pistol pointed at him..
“Hey Richærd long time..i can see you’re with Sandra and that is the best opportunity, I’m gonna shoot you down and take Sandra away from you” Paul said with a smirk..
“No Paul u can’t do that, Sandra here is dying and we need to save her life as quickly as possible please” Richærd pleaded with tears
“we?? uhm not we but I will save because am bringing you down now, you can’t take Sandra away from me never!” Paul said and c*cked his gun..
“Paul you can’t…”
a bullet which shot out Paul’s pistol made Richærd’s voice hitched as he fell on the ground in a loud thud..

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