Dusk Till Dawn

Dusk till dawn episode 9




🌻 Julia’s POV 🌻

“Why are you staring at me like that? Is something on my face?….. Or did you I say something wrong?” I asked but he didn’t say anything

He looked lost while staring at me and I could see the tears welling in his eyes

“Mr James?” I called as I tapped and he flinched

“Are you okay?”

“Yes….. Yes it’s….it’s nothing” he said nervously and I nodded

“If you say so” I said with a shrug

“Can I ask a question?” I asked after few minutes of silence

“What’s it?”

“Who is Andrea?” I asked and he hesitated

“She….. She’s someone” he said and I nodded

“I guess you don’t want to talk about her so I won’t push it but can I ask another question?”

“Am sure you’ll still go ahead ask anyway” He said and I smiled

“That man that came, I recognized his face on TV, he’s the Managing Director of Whistler’s Enterprises, Michael Whistler and he is your brother and your name is James Whistler too so it means you are also the son of the multi-billionaire, Mr Whistler right?”

“What’s the point of asking, you seem to have already made your conclusion” he said and I smiled slightly

“Then let me ask you this question instead, what’s up with you and your brother, why’s there so much cold blood between you two?”

“I…. I kinda did something really bad to him in the past and he hasn’t forgiven me for that yet” he said

“What did you do to him?”

“I wasn’t there for him when he needed me the most” he said sadly

“Then shouldn’t you be trying to earn his forgiveness?”

“I am, am trying to but he totally hates me now and that’s why he’s trying to hurt you too because he thinks you and I are close”

“Close? How? We only have a student-teacher relationship” I said and he nodded

“Yeah but Michael doesn’t know that”

“I mean, why will he ever think of such a thing in the first place?! Does this mean that he’s never going to release us from this place?”

“He can’t keep us in here forever” he said

“And I don’t want him to, I want to go back home tomorrow, I have a family that will be worried if they don’t see me tomorrow”

“You are right, I’ll get you out of this place by tomorrow, I promise” he said and he stood up

“What are you doing?”

“Am entitled to one call upon my arrest so am gonna call someone that can help us” he said….

🌻 Rachel’s POV 🌻

“Bring another bottle!” I said to the waiter after finishing one bottle of champagne already

I was so drowsy and tipsy but I didn’t want to stop drinking, I need to drink to forget James

My phone rang and I checked the caller, James

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🗨️ “Hello, Rachel” he called as I picked it up “I need your help Rachel, Michael got me and one of my student arrested, I need you to help me convince him to release us, he will definitely listen to you, please Rachel” he said and I laughed hysterically

🗨️ “Rachel, are you okay?”

“Of course, why won’t I be okay? You….. You know James, I was so happy when Stefan told me he was going to set a date between us, I was finally going to spend some romantic time with the man I love but what did you do? You left without even caring about how I felt, you’ve never cared about how I felt, you only remember me when you’re in trouble and you need my help, that’s what I am to you, just someone to help you solve your problems, I’ve been your problem solver for years just to get you to notice me but it never worked cause your head is still filled up Andrea and all you just do is hurt my feelings, I even had to put up with Michael’s whining just for you, am done helping you, find yourself another problem solver and don’t ever call me again you stupid, unfeeling and unapologetic asshole!!!” I yelled as I ended the call and drank more champagne

My phone rang again and again but I didn’t bother to check the caller

Minutes later, someone ran up to where I was sitting and I looked up to see you

“Rachel? What’s wrong? I’ve being trying to reach you but you weren’t picking up, I got so worried that I asked a business associate of mine at the security company to help trace your cell number, I was so worried Rachel, immediately I got your location, I started running here, what’s wrong? Why are you drinking so much?” He asked and great

It’s sad that the one that you want to look at you always looks the other way and the one that you’ve always neglected is the one looking at you
Why can’t James look at me this way? Why can’t James care about me this way?

“Rachel” Michael called softly as he moved closer to me and held my hand “What’s wrong Rachel, you are mess, you never drink so much so why now?” He said and I jerked my hand away from him

“Stay away from me!” I yelled and he flinched

“Why do I have to always be stuck between you two brothers! One won’t look at me even though I want him to and though is always looking at me even though I don’t want him to”

“Rachel, you are drunk, I’ll take you home” he said as he held my hand and helped me stand up

He took me to his car and he drove off

We got to my place and he opened the door with my keys

He tried to drop me on the couch but we both fell on the couch instead with him on top of me and I chuckled as I noticed his cheeks going red

“You like me don’t you?” I asked as I looked at him but he avoided my eyes

“I don’t know why you would drink so much….” He said as he tried to stand up but I held him back by placing both my arms round his neck and he looked at me fluttering his eyelashes nervously

“You and James have the same eyes” I said as I looked into his eyes and moved closer to him


I moved my face closer and kissed his lips and stood transfixed

“Your lips taste like cherries” I said while Michael blinked nervously and he quickly stood up

“You…..you kissed me” he stuttered

“You didn’t like it?” I asked and he hesitated

“I loved it” he muttered and I smiled

“It would have been nice if it’s you am in love with but too bad it’s James I love and am only acting as your friend as a favor to him” I said as I suddenly felt light-headed and I laid on the couch, sleeping off…..

My head felt really heavy as I opened my eyes

“Where am I?” I muttered as I sat up

I looked around and realized am in my room but how did I get here?
I remember going on a date with James but he stood me up and…. And I started drinking, then James called…

“Oh my God!” I exclaimed as all the memories came back in a flash

I…. I kissed Michael
I gasped as I remembered that moment

“Oh my God Rachel, why did you have to drink so much Rachel!” I mentally slapped myself

I went to the sitting room by Michael was no longer here, he must have gone back home

I quickly went to take my phone and I called him
I need to apologise for all that happened last night and to also plead with him to release James

I called severally but he didn’t pick up, that’s strange, Michael always picks up my calls

And I remembered the last thing I told him before passing out last night


“It would have been nice if it’s you am in love with but too bad it’s James I love and am only acting as your friend as a favor to him”

*******End of Flashback*******

“Oh no! He must be so angry with me now and James is alone in a police cell” I quickly rushed to the bathroom to have a shower

I must get James released today by all means…..

🌻 James POV 🌻

Sitting on the hard cold floor throughout the night wasn’t really comfortable so I didn’t sleep much but Julia seemed to be sleeping well

I had noticed dozing off so I placed her head on my lap and covered her with my jacket
I stared at her as she slept for the whole night, she bears striking resemblance with Andrea and with the way she speaks sometimes, I think she might be Andrea but then again Andrea died in my arms so that’s not possible

Then Rachel crossed my mind, I called her for help last night and her reply struck me, she has done so much for me and I have never cared about how she felt
I actually suspected that she might like me and that was why I always pushed her away but did I overdo it and hurt her feelings??

“Mr James!” Someone called and I looked outside the cell to see Linda

“Oh my God, what happened? Why are you in there with Julia?” She asked

“Shhhh” I motioned placing a finger over my lips

“Julia is still asleep don’t wake her up” I said and she slowly nodded

“James!!” Rachel called loudly as she ran to the front of my holding cell and Julia started waking

“Did I…..did I sleep on your leg the whole night?” She asked and I nodded

“Why didn’t you wake me up, I must have been so heavy” she said while Linda and Rachel just wanted watched outside the cell

“You were as light as a feather” I said and she chuckled and then she looked outside

“Linda!” She called excited as she saw Linda and went up to the cell’s door

“Am so sorry Julia, I caused this” Linda said and I went up to meet Rachel

“Rachel I….”

“Who’s she?” Rachel asked

“Julia, one of my students” I said and she slowly nodded

“About last night….”

“Forget about last night, am going to get you out of here” she said

“Did you speak with Michael?” I asked

“Well I…..”

“Michael” I called as I saw Michael walked into the station and Rachel turned to look at him

Michael ignored us and walked up to counter

“Release them” I heard him say and cop at the counter came to open the door for and Michael walked out of the station

“Thank you so much Rachel, you must’ve convinced him last night” James said and I shook my head

“Excuse me!” I said and I ran after Michael

“Michael!” I called after him but he didn’t stop

“Michael” I called as I grabbed his hand “I’ve been calling you, why didn’t you stop?”

“Why should I?” He asked and I sighed

“If this is about last night, am really sorry for all I….”

“You don’t need to apologise for anything, you made me see the truth yesterday and I thank you for that, I have loved you Rachel but that was a mistake, I have always relied on you but that was a mistake too, you were never really my friend, you were only doing a favor for James by staying at my side”

“No Michael…..”

“You made me realize that love makes people weak, I have once loved James and it ended badly, I love you but look how it ended, my love for you is a thing of the past now Rachel, we are no longer friends, now I will become just like my father, I will make myself so unfeeling that no one can ever hurt me again” he said as he turned to leave but I held his hand again

“Just one question, why did you release James, I mean you’ve always wanted to punish him for what he did to you”

“But now he’s not the only one I want to punish, you are now included Rachel and for me to achieve my aim, I can’t continue keep James locked up, brace up yourself Rachel, your broke my heart now I will break yours” he said and got in his car, then he drove off in a high speed

I sighed and walked back into the station

“Social services heard about my case and came to meet my uncle this morning, they said they’ll be checking on us from time to time and if they ever hear any report of maltreatment again, they’ll get him arrested” the girl they call Linda said

“Thank you for everything you did Mr James” Julia said as he hugged James and I stood surprised and watching from behind

James has never let anyone touched him this closely, I’ve never even hugged James, he has always kept his distance from everyone so who’s this Julia? And why’s James letting her break the walls that even I have failed to break for the past 12 years…..

…….to be continued…….


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