Enchanted By A Cursed Prince

Enchanted by a cursed prince episode 13 – 14

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(h¡s personal taste from anoth£r world )

✍️by authoress gabby Daniel ✍️
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Chapter 13&14

✍️authoress gabby pov ✍️

“What’s go!ng on h£re! ” Th£ k!ng growled aga!n. Giselle froze on top of Pr!nce Norman not do!ng what to do

h£r h£art started rac!ng rapidly and $h£ knew th¡s was wouldn’t turn ©vt well

Pr!nce Darrel and Pr!nce Rex stood still, try!ng to capture what was happen!ng

Giselle stared at Pr!nce Norman and th£ir eyes locked up with each oth£r. $h£ swallowed [email protected] and looked away

“Has everyone suddenly turned deaf! ” K!ng Jasm!ne yelled mak!ng Giselle jumped off Pr!nce Norman

“I’m sorry my k!ng…… It…. It was….. a mistake ” $h£ said trembl!ng

“Amaz!ng……… j√$t !n a day you wanna mess yourself with my son. Do you th!nk h£’s your type??………. Why will you dare come close to my son not alone [email protected]|| on h¡m………. ” K!ng Jasm!ne yelled and pr!nce Rex rolled h¡s eyes

“fath£r……….. $h£ j√$t said it was a mistake. Why mak!ng a big deal ©vt of it…………. Not as if you ¢ar£ for Norman” Pr!nce Rex chipped !n. Th£ k!ng turned h¡s attention towards h¡m and gave h¡m some deadly glare. if only glare kills, Pr!nce Rex would have been dead

“j√$t be quiet…….. How could you talk to fath£r !n that manner…… ” Pr!nce Darrel said and Pr!nce Rex rolled h¡s eyes

“h£re Comes th£ fath£r boy…… I hate !nterfer!ng !n oth£rs bus!ness…… So please, stop try!ng to stick your nose !nto m!ne” h£ muttered and smirked

“You fv¢k!ng a$$ h0l£!” Pr!nce Darrel snarled

“Th¡s is j√$t so amaz!ng……. Now my son talk [email protected]¢k at each oth£r….. j√$t because of a girl ” K!ng jasm!ne yelled and throw h¡s [email protected] !n th£ air

h£ stared [email protected]¢k at Giselle and smirked. “I’m gonna make your life miserable ” h£ thought still hav!ng th£ smirk on h¡s face

“Don’t even th!nk of mak!ng h£r life miserable or you might j√$t end up hurt!ng your own self” Pr!nce Norman who had been watch!ng th£ wh0l£ scenario spoke up

“Common Giselle…… Run along” Pr!nce Norman said mak!ng h£r wondered how h£ knew h£r name

$h£ stared at th£ k!ng and th£n gulped d©wΠ

“leave now that I ask you to…… I might change my m!nd and let h¡m br!ng h¡s thoughts to reality” Pr!nce Norman said

“If you dare walked ©vt on me th£n I’m not k!ng jasm!ne ……..Sullivan ” k!ng jasm!ne said as h¡s eyes darkened

“dar!ng me is th£ last th!ng you could th!nk of do!ng fath£r…. ” pr!nce Norman muttered and took s1©w steps towards Giselle

h£ got to h£r, star!ng at h¡s fath£r h£ took a hold of h£r [email protected]

“Geez!! ”

“busted! ”

“oh m!ne, oh m!ne!! ”

Th£ maids started wh¡sper!ng among th£mselves as pr!nce Norman walked ©vt of th£ir pres£nce with Giselle

“Amaz!ng…….. Norman had bitten m©r£ h£ can choose! “K!ng jasm!ne said and stormed ©vt

“I have lost my prey aga!n…… ” Pr!nce Rex muttered and lean on th£ wall

Pr!nce Darrel sigh£d and left th£ scene


“you are safe now……….. Do well to avoid th£ k!ng…… My fath£r” h£ said to Giselle immediately th£y got to a corner.

“Thank you” Giselle muttered, dropp!ng h£r face

“I should be say!ng thank you….. For h£lp!ng me th£ oth£r time..” h£ said and Giselle [email protected]

“I thought h£ didn’t recognize me” $h£ said !n wardly

“of course I did recognized th£ voice……..i saw you th£ oth£r day wh£n I treated your wound….. It only took some hours to know it’s truly you! ” h£ muttered and Giselle nodded, star!ng at h¡s purple eyes

Th£re…. Th£re was j√$t someth!ng ab©vt it, someth!ng that doesn’t seems right.

How can someone be bl!nd at day and sees only at night

“That’s why I’m cursed” Pr!nce Norman replied h£r thought mak!ng h£r gulped d©wΠ

“You got to know my secret too……. Keep it safe away from fath£r…….. h£’s gonna hurt you if h£’s aware you know” h£ said and hold h£r wrist aga!n com!ng so close to h£r…… j√$t a !nch for th£ir b©dy to slammed aga!nst each oth£r

$h£ stared at h¡m unable to m©v£. Th£y both stayed like that for long

“My pr!nce…… ” Giselle called s1©wly

“Your [email protected]” $h£ said and pr!nce Norman stared at h£r wrist h£ was hold!ng. h£ saw th£ red mark on h£r wrist and h¡s h£art started rac!ng immediately

h£ started breath!ng h£avily and one could h£ar h¡s h£artb**t loudly

“it can’t be…… Royalty? ” h£ called gripp!ng t!ghtly at th£ red mark on h£r wrist

“my…… Pr!nce…. You’re…. You’re hurt!ng me! ” $h£ managed to speak ©vt

“Oh!, I’m sorry” h£ said quickly and rem©v£d h¡s [email protected] from h£r wrist

“I should get go!ng! ” h£ muttered and walked ©vt

“Weird! ” Giselle mumbled and walked ©vt. $h£ got to h£r room and opened th£ door to it

$h£ shut it beh!nd and turned j√$t to see th£ girl $h£ met earlier today !n h£r b£d

“What are you do!ng h£re? ” $h£ asked icily

“I saw what happened and had to rush h£re” Hilda replied

“Gosh! You are !ndeed special…… Can’t believe pr!nce Norman actually saved you from th£ k!ng wrath ” Hilda said !n one breath mak!ng Giselle rolled h£r eyes

“h£ saved me…. So what?? ” Giselle asked

“common I’m j√$t try!ng to be nice h£re….. Be!ng !n th¡s palace you need a guidance……. m©r£ like a friend, th!ngs haven’t done h£re th£ way you th!nk” Hilda said and $h£ scoffed

“You wanna be friends with a scar girl?…… That’s so unbelievable ” Giselle mumbled walk!ng towards h£r

“I hate hav!ng friends….. j√$t let me be” Giselle said and climb£d on h£r b£d ignor!ng hilda

“I miss fath£r” $h£ thought and sigh£d

Cel!ne ‘s room**

Cel!ne couldn’t sleep. $h£ kept toss!ng on h£r b£d……its been two days of h£r lock up and yet $h£ wasn’t able to get use to it

$h£ had hope fath£r will have a change of m!nd but h£r thoughts seems abortive

$h£ climb£d d©wΠ from h£r b£d and walked to th£ w!ndow.

It was already dark and $h£’s aware Pr!nce Norman would have been ©vt by now

$h£ really wanna know what it’s happen!ng ©vt th£re but it seems $h£s forever gonna be lock up

“I hate you fath£r…..! ” $h£ uttered

Th£ $h£ h£ard th£ door of h£r room and sigh£d

“go away…. I don’t wanna see anyone ” $h£ mumbled

“Even your favorite broth£r? ” $h£ h£ard th£ voice of whom $h£ had br!ng dy!ng to see
$h£ turned immediately and ran to h¡m

“big broth£r!!! ” $h£ s¢r**med jump!ng on h¡s [email protected]¢k and placed h£r m©vth on h¡s neck

“No! No!! No!! ” pr!nce Norman s¢r**med but it was too late as Cel!ne klzzed h¡s neck, giv!ng h¡m some hickey

Gosh Cel!ne! I hate you” h£ uttered

“fv¢k!ng love you broth£r! ” $h£ s¢r**med and pr!nce Norman had to dipped h¡s f!ng£rs on h¡s ears

“are you aware it’s late? ” h£ asked and $h£ giggled

“Come d©wΠ already! ” Pr!nce Norman snarled

“you’re lazy…… You can’t even carry me for an hour”$h£ said jump!ng d©wΠ

“You are like an ant on my [email protected]¢k. I can’t carry for a wh0l£ day if I like” h£ blurted ©vt

“liar!! ” $h£ s¢r**med and throw th£ pillows at h¡m

Pr!nce Norman giggled, runn!ng round th£ room


Tanisha h¡ssed and cursed as $h£ clean Elder Kay b©dy with a w€t napk!n…. Like giv!ng h¡m a semi bath

“I hate you Kay…….. Death would have been th£ best option” $h£ said and scoffed

“I hate clean!ng you up but what can I do……. You’re gonna smell and I don’t want th£ air I breath£ !n to be polluted” $h£ mumbled

“if I knew I’m gonna suffer with you th£n I wouldn’t have agreed to marry you……….. j√$t stop breath!ng and die Kay…………. Giselle has left and it will be much better if you leave too but to th£ land of no returns. I hate you!!! I fv¢k!ng hate you” $h£ growled and slapped th£ napk!n on h¡s b©dy

$h£ [email protected] and walked ©vt of th£ room

Audrey stared at everyth!ng, not know!ng if $h£ should be sad or happy

Th£ PALACE……….

Queen Emily woke up at th£ middle of th£ night to see h£r husband not on th£ b£d

$h£ stood up and wore h£r diamond sl¡ppers before walk!ng ©vt of th£ room

“wh£re could h£ have gone to? ” $h£ thought walk!ng through th£ hallway

$h£ kept walk!ng and suddenly stopped wh£n $h£ saw a door opened

It was a door to room wh£re th£ royal family pictures has been kept

Its been ages s!nce anyone came h£re…… “Who could possibly be h£re?? ” $h£ thought and ©vt of curiosity $h£ ₱u$h£d th£ door opened

“Norman….. h£ caused your death. ” $h£ could h£ar th£ fa!nt voices of th£ k!ng

“j√$t h¡s first day on earth h£ brought pa!ns to me…….. Tak!ng you away from me was th£ best punishment I could pay for my s!ns” K!ng jasm!ne voice could be h£ard

Queen Emily got to wh£re th£ k!ng is and stood beh!nd h¡m

$h£ saw h¡m touch!ng th£ picture of th£ late Queen. Th£ woman who birth£d th£ Triplet

$h£ died immediately pr!nce Norman came ©vt. Yeah! Queen wasn’t th£ir moth£r, $h£ was only Cel!ne’s moth£r

But of course none of th£ pr!nces were aware……. Th£y all thought $h£ was th£ir real moth£r and th£ k!ng had kept it away from th£m

“Jasm!ne…….. Stop blam!ng Norman. Th£ boy never did anyth!ng wrong. h£ wasn’t th£ caused of h¡s moth£r death…… That’s how fate want it” Queen Emily said calmly

“To h£ll with it……… Norman is cursed and accord!ng to th£ revelation h£’s bet on br!ng!ng pa!ns to me….. h£’s gonna be my end! ” h£ flared up

“Why do you ¢ar£ ab©vt h¡m so much…… h£’s not even your son. Stop try!ng to j√$tify h¡s evil dest!ny and looked after your daughter !nstead” h£ yelled

“Cel!ne should be only priority…….! ” h£ muttered mak!ng h£r gulped d©wΠ. $h£ felt a tears escaped h£r eyes…… even if th£ triplet wasn’t h£r son, $h£ had always loved th£m

K!ng jasm!ne cursed and walked ©vt. $h£ touch£d th£ picture of th£ late Queen and smile
“I promise to protect your children…… especially Norman ” $h£ muttered

Th£ NEXT DAY********

Silver looked ©vt of th£ w!ndow as Pr!nce Darrel drove h£r to th£ hospital.

h£r b©dy still ach£s and $h£ needed treatment. $h£ was so angry ab©vt last night

$h£ still couldn’t believe Pr!nce Darrel had ignored h£r j√$t because of a scar girl

“I’m sorry”Pr!nce Darrel said

” I hate h£r…..I’m gonna kill you if you dare give h£r a stare” $h£ growled

“Can’t even believe it……. It’s j√$t so unbelievable. Do you even value me at all?? ” $h£ asked and rolled eyes at h¡m

“I had said sorry countless times….. It’s never gonna happen….not aga!n ” h£ muttered star!ng at h£r and not focus!ng on th£ road

“Geez!! ” Silver suddenly s¢r**med

“What!! ” pr!nce Darrel asked

“Th£ road”$h£ replied shak!ng. Pr!nce Darrel turned h¡s gaze [email protected]¢k to th£ road and saw a little boy try!ng to cross over

“oh my God!!! ” h£ s¢r**med and immediately match£s h¡s Blake. Th£ car abruptly stopped and silver h£aved deeply

“That was closed” $h£ mumbled touch!ng h£r ch£st.

Th£ little boy has [email protected]||en d©wΠ on th£ road due to shock. Pr!nce Darrel immediately came d©wΠ from th£ car and walked towards th£ little boy who was cry!ng by now

Silver also came d©wΠ from th£ car and walked towards th£m

“h£y little guy….. Why were you try!ng to cross th£ road….. Wh£re’s your parent” h£ asked after ¢rov¢h!ng d©wΠ to h¡s h£ight

“you s¢ar£d th£ shit©vt of me Cal…… You couldn’t have run ©vt that way ” Pr!nce Darrel could h£ar a thick voice

h£ raised up h¡s h£ad and saw a man who looks older than h¡m

“Thank you so much sir….. You don’t know what you have done for me” Larry said

“Momma!!! ” Cal suddenly s¢r**med gett!ng up from th£ ground. h£ ran to Silver who was walk!ng up to th£m

“Silver?? ” Larry called doubt!ng

“momma! ” Cal s¢r**med aga!n hugg!ng h£r,

Pr!nce Darrel stood still, dumbfounded. h¡s m©vth dropped as h£ stared at th£ scene


Omo!!!! Person son go cry very soon🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

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