Enchanted by a cursed prince episode 13 – 14


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Chapter 13&14

✍️authoress gabby pov ✍️

“What’s going on here! ” The king growled again. Giselle froze on top of Prince Norman not doing what to do

Her heart started racing rapidly and she knew this was wouldn’t turn out well

Prince Darrel and Prince Rex stood still, trying to capture what was happening

Giselle stared at Prince Norman and their eyes locked up with each other. She swallowed hærd and looked away

“Has everyone suddenly turned deaf! ” King Jasmine yelled making Giselle jumped off Prince Norman

“I’m sorry my king…… It…. It was….. a mistake ” She said trembling

“Amazing……… Just in a day you wanna mess yourself with my son. Do you think he’s your type??………. Why will you dare come close to my son not alone fall on him………. ” King Jasmine yelled and prince Rex rolled his eyes

“father……….. She just said it was a mistake. Why making a big deal out of it…………. Not as if you care for Norman” Prince Rex ch¡pped in. The king turned his attention towards him and gave him some deadly glare. if only glare kills, Prince Rex would have been dead

“just be quiet…….. How could you talk to father in that manner…… ” Prince Darrel said and Prince Rex rolled his eyes

“Here Comes the father boy…… I hate interfering in others business…… So please, stop trying to stick your nose into mine” He muttered and smirked

“You f-cking ass h0le!” Prince Darrel snarled

“This is just so amazing……. Now my son talk back at each other….. just because of a girl ” King jasmine yelled and throw his hands in the air

He stared back at Giselle and smirked. “I’m gonna make your life miserable ” He thought still having the smirk on his face

“Don’t even think of making her life miserable or you might just end up hurting your own self” Prince Norman who had been watching the wh0le scenario spoke up

“Common Giselle…… Run along” Prince Norman said making her wondered how he knew her name

She stared at the king and then gulped down

“leave now that I ask you to…… I might change my mind and let him bring his thoughts to reality” Prince Norman said

“If you dare walked out on me then I’m not king jasmine ……..Sullivan ” king jasmine said as his eyes darkened

“daring me is the last thing you could think of doing father…. ” prince Norman muttered and took slow steps towards Giselle

He got to her, staring at his father he took a hold of her hand

“Geez!! ”

“busted! ”

“oh mine, oh mine!! ”

The maids started whispering among themselves as prince Norman walked out of their presence with Giselle

“Amazing…….. Norman had bitten more he can choose! “King jasmine said and stormed out

“I have lost my prey again…… ” Prince Rex muttered and lean on the wall

Prince Darrel sighed and left the scene


“you are safe now……….. Do well to avoid the king…… My father” he said to Giselle immediately they got to a corner.

“Thank you” Giselle muttered, dropping her face

“I should be saying thank you….. For helping me the other time..” He said and Giselle gasped

“I thought he didn’t recognize me” She said in wardly

“of course I did recognized the voice……..i saw you the other day when I treated your wound….. It only took some hours to know it’s truly you! ” He muttered and Giselle nodded, staring at his purple eyes

There…. There was just something about it, something that doesn’t seems right.

How can someone be blind at day and sees only at night

“That’s why I’m cursed” Prince Norman replied her thought making her gulped down

“You got to know my secret too……. Keep it safe away from father…….. He’s gonna hurt you if he’s aware you know” He said and hold her wrist again coming so close to her…… Just a inch for their body to slammed against each other

She stared at him unable to move. They both stayed like that for long

“My prince…… ” Giselle called slowly

“Your hand” She said and prince Norman stared at her wrist he was holding. He saw the red mark on her wrist and his heart started racing immediately

He started breathing heavily and one could hear his heartbeat loudly

“it can’t be…… Royalty? ” He called gripping tightly at the red mark on her wrist

“my…… Prince…. You’re…. You’re hurting me! ” She managed to speak out

“Oh!, I’m sorry” he said quickly and removed his hand from her wrist

“I should get going! ” He muttered and walked out

“Weird! ” Giselle mumbled and walked out. She got to her room and opened the door to it

She shut it behind and turned just to see the girl she met earlier today in her bed

“What are you doing here? ” She asked icily

“I saw what happened and had to rush here” Hilda replied

“Gosh! You are indeed special…… Can’t believe prince Norman actually saved you from the king wrath ” Hilda said in one breath making Giselle rolled her eyes

“he saved me…. So what?? ” Giselle asked

“common I’m just trying to be nice here….. Being in this palace you need a guidance……. More like a friend, things haven’t done here the way you think” Hilda said and she scoffed

“You wanna be friends with a scar girl?…… That’s so unbelievable ” Giselle mumbled walking towards her

“I hate having friends….. Just let me be” Giselle said and climbed on her bed ignoring hilda

“I miss father” she thought and sighed

Celine ‘s room**

Celine couldn’t sleep. She kept tossing on her bed……its been two days of her lock up and yet she wasn’t able to get use to it

She had hope father will have a change of mind but her thoughts seems abortive

She climbed down from her bed and walked to the window.

It was already dark and she’s aware Prince Norman would have been out by now

She really wanna know what it’s happening out there but it seems shes forever gonna be lock up

“I hate you father…..! ” She uttered

The she heard the door of her room and sighed

“go away…. I don’t wanna see anyone ” She mumbled

“Even your favorite brother? ” She heard the voice of whom she had bring dying to see
She turned immediately and ran to him

“big brother!!! ” She scre-med jumping on his back and placed her mouth on his neck

“No! No!! No!! ” prince Norman scre-med but it was too late as Celine k-ssed his neck, giving him some hickey

Gosh Celine! I hate you” He uttered

“F-cking love you brother! ” She scre-med and prince Norman had to dipped his fingers on his ears

“are you aware it’s late? ” he asked and she giggled

“Come down already! ” Prince Norman snarled

“you’re lazy…… You can’t even carry me for an hour”She said jumping down

“You are like an ant on my back. I can’t carry for a wh0le day if I like” he blurted out

“liar!! ” She scre-med and throw the pillows at him

Prince Norman giggled, running round the room


Tanisha hissed and cursed as she clean Elder Kay body with a w-t napkin…. Like giving him a semi bath

“I hate you Kay…….. Death would have been the best option” She said and scoffed

“I hate cleaning you up but what can I do……. You’re gonna smell and I don’t want the air I breathe in to be polluted” She mumbled

“if I knew I’m gonna suffer with you then I wouldn’t have agreed to marry you……….. Just stop breathing and die Kay…………. Giselle has left and it will be much better if you leave too but to the land of no returns. I hate you!!! I f-cking hate you” She growled and slapped the napkin on his body

She gro-ned and walked out of the room

Audrey stared at everything, not knowing if she should be sad or happy


Queen Emily woke up at the middle of the night to see her husband not on the bed

She stood up and wore her diamond slippers before walking out of the room

“where could he have gone to? ” She thought walking through the hallway

She kept walking and suddenly stopped when she saw a door opened

It was a door to room where the royal family pictures has been kept

Its been ages since anyone came here…… “Who could possibly be here?? ” She thought and out of curiosity she pushed the door opened

“Norman….. He caused your death. ” She could hear the faint voices of the king

“Just his first day on earth he brought pains to me…….. Taking you away from me was the best punishment I could pay for my sins” King jasmine voice could be heard

Queen Emily got to where the king is and stood behind him

She saw him touching the picture of the late Queen. The woman who birthed the Triplet

She died immediately prince Norman came out. Yeah! Queen wasn’t their mother, she was only Celine’s mother

But of course none of the princes were aware……. They all thought she was their real mother and the king had kept it away from them

“Jasmine…….. Stop blaming Norman. The boy never did anything wrong. He wasn’t the caused of his mother death…… That’s how fate want it” Queen Emily said calmly

“To hell with it……… Norman is cursed and according to the revelation he’s bet on bringing pains to me….. He’s gonna be my end! ” He flared up

“Why do you care about him so much…… He’s not even your son. Stop trying to justify his evil destiny and looked after your daughter instead” He yelled

“Celine should be only priority…….! ” He muttered making her gulped down. She felt a tears escaped her eyes…… even if the triplet wasn’t her son, she had always loved them

King jasmine cursed and walked out. She touched the picture of the late Queen and smile
“I promise to protect your children…… especially Norman ” She muttered

THE NEXT DAY********

Silver looked out of the window as Prince Darrel drove her to the hospital.

Her body still aches and she needed treatment. She was so angry about last night

She still couldn’t believe Prince Darrel had ignored her just because of a scar girl

“I’m sorry”Prince Darrel said

” I hate her…..I’m gonna kill you if you dare give her a stare” She growled

“Can’t even believe it……. It’s just so unbelievable. Do you even value me at all?? ” She asked and rolled eyes at him

“I had said sorry countless times….. It’s never gonna happen….not again ” He muttered staring at her and not focusing on the road

“Geez!! ” Silver suddenly scre-med

“What!! ” prince Darrel asked

“The road”She replied shaking. Prince Darrel turned his gaze back to the road and saw a little boy trying to cross over

“oh my God!!! ” He scre-med and immediately matches his Blake. The car abruptly stopped and silver heaved deeply

“That was closed” She mumbled touching her chest.

The little boy has fallen down on the road due to shock. Prince Darrel immediately came down from the car and walked towards the little boy who was crying by now

Silver also came down from the car and walked towards them

“Hey little guy….. Why were you trying to cross the road….. Where’s your parent” He asked after crouching down to his height

“you scared the shitout of me Cal…… You couldn’t have run out that way ” Prince Darrel could hear a thick voice

He raised up his head and saw a man who looks older than him

“Thank you so much sir….. You don’t know what you have done for me” Larry said

“Momma!!! ” Cal suddenly scre-med getting up from the ground. He ran to Silver who was walking up to them

“Silver?? ” Larry called doubting

“momma! ” Cal scre-med again hugging her,

Prince Darrel stood still, dumbfounded. His mouth dropped as he stared at the scene


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