Hidden Scar

Hidden scars episode 30

💔Hidden Scars💔
(Pain within😭)
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_____Authoress Kamara✍_____
😍Episode 30😍
“Mmm … This is definitely heaven”. I moan as I finished eating the absolutely delicious cotton candy Reece bought for me and throw the stick in the trashcan.

“Nat, i don’t think you should make those kind of sounds around me”. He sends me a warning glare.

I raised an eyebrow. “Why?”.

He smirked. “Make the sound again and I’ll show you why”.

I didn’t even get what he was talking about and what sound he’s referring to.

He looked at me with disbelief once he sees my confused expression.

“Gosh, you are too innocent for your own good”.

What the hell is he talking about? Maybe I should just do this again.

I made the same similar sound earlier and I noticed his eyes has a different expression and have darkened somehow.

He twitches for a moment as he stood and my eyes roam his body for a moment. The bulge growing in his pants doesn’t go unnoticed by myself.

I smirked. “So thats what you’ve been trying to hide?”.

His face flushed with embarrassment and this is the first time I have ever seen Reece blush.

He holds my hand. “Come on, Nat. Lets go try another ride”.

“You are just saying that because you need to ease__”.

He quickly clamps his hand over my mouth so I don’t complete my sentence. I bit his palm and he removes it while I chuckle.

He then placed his hand around my waist and leads me to a huge and scary roller coaster.

I stopped. “There’s no way I’m going on that”.

“Come on, Nat”. He persuaded me. “Its really fun if you try it”.

“But I don’t wanna try it”. I whined.

He frowned. “You are being a baby right now, do you know that?”.

“But I’m scared”.

“I’m here with you, Nat”.

I sighed staring at him. “Okay fine”.

“Really?”. His eyes lightened.

“But promise you won’t leave me?”. I asks hopeful.

He smiled. “You know the answer, Nat”.

We went to the really big roller coaster and get in. As it then begins to start, I leaned into Reece’s arm immediately holding close to him.

He quickly stared at me looking slightly surprised. “Are you scared?”.

I nodded slightly. “I’m not really a fan of heights”.

He holds my palm intertwining our fingers and squeezed my hand with his fingers that are laced through mine.

It makes me feel so much better so I lean closer into him.

I tried to ignore the jolts of electricity being shot from my hand and through my entire body.

I sit quietly with the blush still lingering on my cheeks and wait for the ride to start.

After a while on the ride, we got down but not after Reece made us ride it again twice, he’s crazy. The roller coaster was an entire amazing experience for me and also a first one.

As Reece takes me through every place in the park, i stopped seeing a photo booth.

“Do you need anything, Nat?”. He asks.

“Lets take some pictures, please”.

“I don’t really like smiling for the camera”. He tells me truthfully.

“Please”. I pouted. “For me”.

He sighs and takes me there after the whole payment and stuffs. We get in and take some photos with Reece being reluctant at first but then he adjusts to it.

I laughed lightly. “Oh My Gosh!! Reece, thats not even a style”.

“Alright then, lets see yours”.

I stuck my tongue out for the camera as it flashes, Reece takes the picture out and oh my wow.

He smiled genuinely. “You really look cute in this picture, Nat”.

“Awww”. I cooed. “Thank you”.

He tries to take his own picture and I grab his burger from him taking a bite out of it.

I moan softly feeling the sweetness of the hamburger. I could literally taste the grilled bun.

I finish the hamburger in time to see Reece staring at me, his eyes darkened as they roam over my body.

I giggled softly. “Whats wrong when I make that sound? Is anything wrong with me trying to express the sweetness of the burger?”.

“Gosh, Nat”. He touches the bridge of his nose.

I chuckled as I took yet another picture with another different style.

“And we are done”. I took the pictures. “I think we should go, Reece”.

I stood up to leave the photo booth but he pulls me back quickly with me sitting on his laps awkwardly.

I felt a feeling of his manhood slightly rising against my ass increasing underneath me and I quickly stood up a bit embarrassed.

He smirked. “Now do you see why I said no making funny sounds?”.

I stared into his golden brown eyes, looking at it melts me inside.

He tucked my blonde hair behind my ears as he pulls me close to him. “Do you want to know what I really think of you, Nat?”.

I stare at him intensely a little bit nervous, just standing with him alone here seems to tingle me a lot.

“Natasha, you are the most beautiful girl I have ever seen”. He whispered.

This is kinda the first time he’s calling my full name tenderly other than the other time he was angry.

The way my full name sounds in his lips is really endearing. I glanced at his face, my gaze going to his pink soft lips immediately.

I placed my hands on his chest nervously, I can’t believe i’m about doing this.

I put my arm around his neck puling him closer as our faces are inches away. I lift my lips to his slowly.

I hope I don’t regret what I’m doing now but he doesn’t kiss me back so I pull away.

“I’m sorry”. I mumble. “I was just caught up in the moment and__”.

He quickly shuts me up with a kiss, its slow at first before he pulls away staring in my eyes asking for permission to continue.

I didn’t hesitate before kissing him again, he pulls me closer holding my waist firmly.

He kissed me tenderly at first allowing me to do the kissing before he brings up the pace as he dominates the kiss so easily.

He increases the kiss which makes me feel a whole lot difference. I feel like i’m on a different planet, on cloud 9.

He bit my lower lips as he kissed me the more asking for entrance. Fuck!! This isn’t just kissing anymore, we are making out.

He squeezed my butt lightly and this made me gasp, he slid his tongue in me kissing me with passion.

My hands move towards his dark hair and I ran my fingers through his hair. This is just so amazing.

He started kissing my jawline, my ear while his one hand on my thigh and the other on my waist.

He placed his lips on mine again and I couldn’t help it any longer.

“R-Reece .. “. I moaned while kissing back.

After a deep kiss, he drew back and rested his forehead on mine as we both panted breathing heavily.

“Reece .. “. I whispered.

He cupped my cheeks tenderly looking into my eyes, there was something different in his eyes which I couldn’t comprehend.

A whole new feeling, the way he was staring at me makes me love myself so much.

“This is the best kiss I have ever had”. He stared into my eyes. “You don’t know for how long I have wanted to kiss those pink lips of yours”.

He kissed my lips shortly as I inhaled. I remembered what Harley said, that he has been waiting since freshman year.

I smirked. “Let me guess, since freshman year”.

He smiled as he pulled away from me. “I guess we are done here”.

I giggled lightly. “Harley told me about it”.

“Did she .. umm tell you anything else?”. He asks nervously.

“Yes”. I lied.

“What?!! She promised not to tell”.

I bursted into laughter at his reaction just right now. He frowns a little seeing I had tricked him.

I grabbed the pictures that we had taken and noticed that other pictures were taken too, pictures of us kissing.

Reece takes them. “I think I’ll keep this”.

“Pervert”. I teased him.

He smirked. “But you seem to like this pervert”.

I blushed slightly as he says that and takes the pictures from him silently.

We soon head out of the photo booth as he held my hand, our fingers laced together.

“So where do we go from here?”. I asked him.

He made to answer but he’s interrupted by the phone ringing. He took out his phone and glanced at the Caller I.D.

He turned to me. “Do you mind if I take this call?”.

“Uh, sure”. I nodded.

He gives my palm a small squeeze before going to answer the call. I look as he walk away, he answers the call frowning.

I looked around the amusement park as I admired it but stopped seeing Jeremy.

Whats he doing here? He was laughing with a group of guys as he walked closer to me.

He stopped seeing me and says something to the boys before walking towards me.

“Love”. He smiled. “What you doing here?”.

“I came with someone”. I replied him.

“I’ve been worried sick about you ever since you didn’t show up in school today”.

“Oh that”.

“What happened?”. He asked worried. “I asked Harley and also Reece but the only thing they said was that you were fine”.

I gave him a faux smile. “I am fine”.

“And beautiful”. He added.

I smiled at him. “So what are you doing here?”.

“I came with some friends, guys from the team”. He told me.

“And here I thought you were on a date”. I teased him.

He chuckled lightly. “Who could I possibly be on a date with?”.

“Maybe Bella”. I teased him further.

“She’s not my type, not at all besides I have a girl in mind”.

“Who?”. I asked curious.

“If she knows then you’ll know”.

“Come on, Jeremy. Who’s the girl?”.

He smiles a little. “Do you really wanna know?”.

“Well yeah”. I said eager to know.

What he did next stuns the hell out of me totally. He lowered his lips onto mine immediately not even giving me a chance to comprehend on whats going on.


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