Cleopatra – episode 12

The substance kept on vibrating, thd roof start giving out sands, i gasped in fear, I tried to open my window but it was locked
JADA:Cleo? what going on?(she asked in fear)
“I have no idea, i think it’s a mild earthquake”I said
“A mild earthquake?? then we need to contact the Seismology Centre”She said
“i think that’s the right idea, coz, it’s getting worsd now Jada,it’s getting worst”i cried
“it’s okay Cleo, let’s get out of here! let’s check mom and aunt shade”Jada said as we both ran out of my room.

The devastation is really getting worse, the roofs began to fall, soon we saw mom and aunt shade, they were also running towards us, I wonder who did this to us, i wonder who, why?, i cried, we planned on taking the front door, but, unfortunately, a big obstruction came our way, what matters to me is Jada, assuming if she has gone home yester-night, she wouldn’t have met this type of thing, like i said we planned on going through the front door, then a fire blast came our way.

A big mighty plank fell at the door on my way out, i had no choice than to move it away, i tried moving it but, it’s not moving the window was locked also, i began to choke, i’m someone allergic to anything smoke, i began to feel weak, tears slid down my cheek, fire burning here and there, i was hopeless of life, then i fell unconscious, sitting on the floor, leaning my back behind the door

Oh God, please help Cleo, please help her
“Jada, what’s taking Cleo so long, what’s delaying my one and only daughter, Jada please talk”cleo’s mom cried
I was so speechless, i was restless

The Allens were still not yet awake coz, it’s 6am, a guard, came in rushing
GUARD:Young master! young master (refering to Reign)
Reign is seen rushing downstairs with his pyjamas still on, mr. and mrs.allen including Mason came down with Reign, Kylie was also there

MR.ALLEN:What’s the sudden alert
GUARD:(p-nting) sir, ms. Cleo alongside with young miss Jada are in danger

“What do you mean Jada?? how the heck did she get involve in this mess?”mrs.allen asked worriedly

“it was brought to my hearing ma’am, that young miss Jada spent the night with Cleo and her family”the guard said

“we need to end this now, Cleo especially is in danger, i’m outta here”Reign said and ran out holding his car keys, Mason is seen following him.
Mr&Mrs.Allen also left for the scene

Cleo isn’t out yet, the fire extinguishing dept. is here already, i feel so sorry for Cleo and her family whoever did this to her must at any cost
Neighbors are seen to bd gathered around to empathize, Cleo’s mom and her aunt are soaked bitterness, then suddenly, a familiar voice called my name, oh it’s my elder brothers, Reign and Mason, they were still in their pyjamas, I guess thd news hitted them unaware
REIGN:Jada!!! are you okay?
MASON:Is everything okay?
Reign and Mason asked me worriedly, i shook my head with a gesture that means ‘NO’, tears slid down my cheeks.

Reign gave me a hug as i cried bitterly
“Jada… where’s Cleo?”Reign asked with a confusion written all over his face, I was damn speechless as I cried more and more, he hugged me again and tears slid down his cheeks, he released from the hug like he has something urgent to do

REIGN:(shaking his head)No, i’m gonna go find Cleo, nothing is wrong with her, she’s still in there breathing and she need help

JADA:I know you’ll male this decision, brother, i’ll always be proud of you, please be careful as you go in there
(Reign nodded and ran into the blazing building)

(COUGHS!) Oh, i guess, i’m still alive, i have to find a way to move this plank off my legs before the fire reaches me, i have to, oh what a relief someone is calling my name, it’s sounds like Reign, Oh probably not, it’s not him, he’ll never put his life at risk to save me, no, never
The voice kept on calling my name, if truly he’s the one, how is he gonna find me, i have to signal, i really have to do that.

I tried h-rder to push away the big plank, but unfortanely i was unable,fire was across the door i was leanin my back, which causes the wooden door to weaken, soon, i layed more emphasis on the door, and it feel off, I scre-med loudly I could see Reign running towards me, what a relief he found me, the firemen cleared the fire around, Reign lifted up the big plank away from my leg, i was carrif out with a mobile hospital bed, i was given an oxygen inhaler, mom and aunt shade ran towards me, my eyes and Kylie’s eyes met, she was standing behind mrs.allen, she smirked devilishly, I already know what that means, she’s behind it all
Mason, Reign and Jada were in ambulance with me
After 5hrs of resting, all were intact, i opened my eyes, Jada was behind me, she called the doctor, something was not right with me, i know that. The Doc arrived
DOCTOR: Hope no gallop, Cleo?
ME: No, not all.
JADA:Cleo is fond of hiding her conditn, ask her well doc.
CLEO:No, i can’t… just feel my legs


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