A Little Too Late

  • A little too late – Final episode

    LIST OF COMPLETED STORIES A Little Too Late (episode 10) Last episode! Defeat is a bitter experience no one wishes to encounter because it usually cripples it’s victims. Only the brave can survive defeat and still come out with renewed enthusiasm to do better. The moment a person realises that they’ve lost something or someone valuable due to their carelessness,…

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  • A little too late – episode 9

    A Little Too Late (episode 9) Second-to-last episode There’s nothing more shameful than trying to get back with someone you turned down when the going was tough, only because life smiled at the person later. A gold-digger title isn’t the best of titles so I believe no one ever wants to be perceived or referred to as such, but in…

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  • A little too late – episode 8

    A Little Too Late (episode 8 ) So many people have found themselves in serious life problems that could have been avoided if they simply listened to their heart and followed their instincts. When you always find yourself doubting someone’s character, listen within you, there’s always a tiny voice trying to stop you from investing so much feelings and emotions…

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  • A little too late – episode 7

    A Little Too Late (episode 7) There’s a popular saying that when life gives you lemons, make lemonades off them. Instead of wallowing in self pity and rejection; Nathan channelled the pain he was feeling due to all the constant setbacks in his life, into something productive and it resulted to a great outcome. No one has the power to…

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  • A little too late – episode 6

    A Little Too Late (episode 6) There’s no bitter regret than that of “Had I known”. It’s sad that so many people still make the mistake of judging a person’s future by their present situation. If only our eyes could see the future then so many regrets would be contained, but I guess God limited us in that aspect so…

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  • A little too late – episode 5

    A Little Too Late (episode 5) A wise person once said, there’s no better satisfaction than being financially secured on your own without depending on anyone; with that way, you’ll hardly get excited about material things or anything in general anyone offers you in the bid to get you into their lives. When you’re contented or successful on your own,…

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  • A little too late – episode 4

    A Little Too Late (episode 4) There’s no better feeling in life than being in a relationship with an honest person who loves you more than any temporary comfort of lies. Most people admire the container in which something is packaged, more than the content. Not all the beautiful things of life comes in a flashy way. Some have less…

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  • A Little Too late – episode 3

    A Little Too Late (episode 3) Rejection is one pain no one craves to ever experience. Do you know how hurtful it is to be turned down from having something or someone you want and love with all your heart? That’s another level of heartbreak and believe me when I say, no one deserves to ever feel that way. It’s…

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  • A Little too Late – episode 2

    A Little Too Late (episode 2) The worst thing you can do to a promising potential relationship, is to build it on a foundation of lies. Not all truths are pleasant to the ears but it’s better to come clean with the truth than stand boldly on lies. Nathan’s revelation of being a struggling driver at that stage in his…

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  • A little too Late – episode 1

    A Little Too Late (episode 1) Patience is a good virtue not everyone possess. Some beautiful things of life takes a little time before they happen and are mostly worth the wait. A happy ending isn’t always the case in many relationships today simply because, most people lack patience and don’t see the need to go through the refining and…

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